Best Juicer By Consumer Reports in 2023

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Best Juicer By Consumer Reports Buying Guide

If you are an avid juicer, you know there are probably hundreds of juicer models in the market. They all range from very expensive to affordable models, and there is something for everyone. If juicing has been your thing, you know the dos and don’ts of juicers and what to look for.

As a rookie in the juicing journey, you probably have zero ideas what to look for, and this is where consumer reports come in.We have chosen three top-rated juicers by consumer reports to guide anyone venturing out to buy one can use. As a veteran, you may also want to upgrade your juicer, so this guide will also be of some good help.

Omega NC800 Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System

The Omega NC800 is an excellent start for any rookie and a perfect upgrade for the veteran juicer. This top-quality and multi-functional juicer comes with a 15-year warranty. The NC800’s stylish design should not fool you into thinking any less of it.

It is a powerful machine weighing 20 pounds and measuring 14.5×6.5x 15.5 inches. It has various attractive features like a low-speed RPM (Rotation per minute) and a dual-stage extraction system with five adjustable settings for more juice yield.

The juicer has an automatic pulp eject system that allows for continuous juicing. The auger system is powerful enough to extract all juice and leave a dry pulp. This model comes with two juicing screens and six nozzles that make it possible to use the juicer for making a variety of juices and snacks.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

This Breville Juice Fountain Plus packs a power of 850W and is recommended for any serious juicer. This model is one of the best dual-speed and multifunctional centrifugal juicers in the market. It has a pretty powerful motor that allows you to juice both soft and hard fruits and vegetables.

The Breville Juice Fountain’s design has a patented system that extracts as much juice as possible and has a large pulp collector container. It comes with an overload protection system to guard against motor overload and overheating. This juicer has a small footprint and measures (length, width, and height)13 1/2 x16 1/2 x18 1/2 inches, weighing 4.5 kgs.

When you buy the juicer, included is a dish washable 1-liter pitcher with a foam separator, self-cleaning brush, and a filter basket. Of the two settings, the lower speed is for soft produce and the higher one for harder produce. You can quickly fill an 8 oz glass in 5 seconds.

This juicer wins in that it has an enzyme protection system that prevents heating over 1.8 degrees F. This means the juice does not heat and oxidize, destroying the enzymes. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

With so many high-end juicers from well-known brands, you would think a humble juicer like Aicok cannot have any wins. As it turns out, the Aicok has a few surprises tucked away despite its affordable price.

The Aicok is a masticating juicer for the average person who loves juicing. Its 150W motor packs a powerful punch and is suitable for continuous juicing. The best part about this juicer is its seven-segment spiral that squeezes the very last drop out of any fruit or veggie.

The auger spins at an unhurried pace of 80RPM (rotation per minute) to give you the highest juice yield. The slow speed means there is no heat generation, and no oxidation occurs, leaving your juice full of its original nutrients and enzymes.

The reverse function ensures the juicer never clogs. The noise level is at an all-time low of under 60 decibels. This noise level is low enough to make a glass of juice in the dead of night, and no one will hear a thing.

Like most masticating juicers, the cleaning is a bit involving, especially the filter. However, assembling and disassembling it is a breeze. This juicer is worth every penny spent on it and is excellent with both soft and hard produce. A three-year warranty makes it worth your while, plus a lifetime of technical consultation.

Best Juicer By Consumer Reports Buying Guide

Before committing your hard-earned cash into buying a juicer, consider a few factors and then decide. Here are some of the few considerations for a juicer that will serve you for a while.

Juice Yield

It would be best if you considered how much juice the blender yields for specific produce. Masticating juicers have the most yield as they squeeze the produce very slowly. Centrifugal run at high speeds and yield less juice, but faster. A juicer that works via pressing instead of grinding is a high-yield juicer.


Masticating juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers. However, the slower the juicer, the better the quality. The low speeds ensure the fruit or vegetable is squeezed correctly and the pulp comes out dry.

This speed also ensures the juice quality is higher and it retains all nutrients. If you need to make juice on the go, a centrifugal juicer is better, but if you have time, consider a masticating juicer.


When your juice is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes. The juice is still good for drinking but loses its taste and nutritional value. A masticating juicer spins slowly, and the juice does not deteriorate. With most centrifugal juicers, the high speed may cause oxidation.

Heat Generation

Slow juicers do not generate heat which destroys the juice’s enzymes. A masticating juicer does not generate heat due to its slow speed, but a centrifugal juicer spins at very high speeds, which may cause some heat.


Masticating juicers are generally harder to clean compared to masticating juicers. Look for a juicer that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. With some brands, you can clean without disassembling the juicer. You only need to pour in water and press the reverse function to unclog the juicer.

Final Thoughts

This review presents you with some meaningful information that will guide you in choosing a juicer. Most brands have several juicer models so that you can explore that while on your search.

Check their differences and similarities vis a vis your requirements. After noting down the comparisons, make your choice. The perfect juicer cannot have everything you need, but at least it should tick most of your boxes. Happy hunting!