Chefman Air Fryer How to Use

Air Fryer Beginner Guides: Chefman Air Fryer How To Use

Today we are going to be exploring the Chefman air fryer how to use. Congrats on purchasing your very own Chefman Air Fryer. How to use it may be one of the e first questions that come to your mind. But if this is true in your case, this post was written specifically with you in mind.!

Using your Chefman air fryer after taking it out the box can be an exciting and imitating feat. I can still remember how it felt to unbox mine. You’re moving with precise care as you don’t want to damage it. Then when you get it out, paranoia sets in that your first meal will be a soggy mess. Luckily, you can take a breath and relax! I have already made those mistakes, so you won’t have to.

The Benefits of Using Chefman Air Fryer

Since there are several Air fryer ovens available in the market, let us tell you how the Chefman Air fryer oven stands out from the rest.

Chefman Air Fryer Turn and Flip Indicator

The special feature that has been added to some Chefman air fryer is the Turn and flip indicator. Now the user need not to constantly check the food inside and keep track of time as to when to rotate or flip the food, with this smart feature the Air fryer oven will illuminate the TURN symbol on the screen to indicate that it’s time to flip the food or toss it.

6 in One Air Fryer Oven

The Air fryer oven is designed with six smart cooking features:

  • Air Fry
  • Roast
  • Broil
  • Bake
  • Reheat
  • Dehydrate

Each of these modes has its default cooking time and temperatures which can be adjusted using function keys. With its one-touch technology, the unit can be switched to one mode to another easily.

Rotisserie Cooking

The feature that is making the most buzz among the Chefman users is the special basket that can be fixed to cook rotisserie chicken. It keeps the rotating chicken on the rotisserie rod while it is cooked evenly from all the sides. The Chefman heating mechanism provides heat from the top and cooks the meat down to every grain while giving a crispy layer on the outside. With Air fryer oven now, you don’t need to set up a BBQ grill to roast a whole chicken, you can do that right in your kitchen.

Energy and Time Efficient

The Chefman air fryer cook’s food by creating a hot vortex of air inside the oven. This means that no overcooking, burning, or undercooking of food. The heating element is fixed in the upper portion of the oven, uses 1500 MW of power. The direct and even heat saves both time and energy; and cooks food quickly.


Unlike other electric ovens, you will find Chefman Air fryer oven much capacious and suitable to cook large serving sizes, whether it is a whole chicken or duck, so you can easily put them on the rotisserie rod. The interior of the oven is large enough to carry a rotisserie basket and large-sized baking pans. The sizes vary for each model; you can get from 7 to 10 quartz of the Chefman Air fryer oven as per your need.


There are no rotating dials or complex mechanisms to control the functional and operational keys of this oven. The control panel has the program’s keys and the keys to adjust the time and temperature. The user can change the settings by a single press of the button and can also go for the default setting of each program

Advice On The Chefman Air Fryer How To Use

To ensure that you get the most there is to get out of your new Chefman Air Fryer, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. These include:

Try Not To Overpack Your Air Fryer Basket!

This tip goes hand in hand with the to we mentioned above. If you are already familiar with how a fryer typically works, this is something you would already know. But I didn’t. So, my very first-time air frying pizza pockets, I threw them all in for my entire family in one batch. In my defense that was exactly how I did the fries and those work perfectly with just shaking.

With most other foods, however, if you pile them on top of each other what will happen is that the other sections will crisp, and the parts layered on top of each other will steam and become soggy. Trust me this is not what you want.

How To Use Chefman Air Fryer Basket Correctly

To avoid this, it is recommended that you pack them in your fryer in a single layer. That way the hot air that circulates throughout the air fryer will be able to go through your food effectively. The more room that you leave for the air to travel through the air fryer, the crispier whatever you are cooking will be!

If you are cooking for the whole family or in bulk, it is better to plan out more time to cook them in batches instead of over-packing the fryer basket.

Never Forget To Shake Your Basket!

If you have experience with deep fryers, then you are already leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I began. When you fry food it is important for you to allow whatever it is that is cooking it, (whether oil in the case of a deep fryer or hot air from the air fryer) to pass through each product on all sides.

To do this, it is recommended that you shake your basket or flip your food items at least once (mostly mid-way in most recipes) throughout the cooking process to ensure that your food cooks properly. As I said when I began, I didn’t know this so my first batch of fries was more a French Fry cake. Side note: I still ate it with pride, but I learned from that mistake and now, you will too.


Under the right conditions, your Chefman Air Fryer can carry out multiple cooking functions. It can roast, bake, dehydrate, and, of course, air fry to name a few. So don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild!

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