How to Cook Quiche in Air Fryer

If you are searching for how to cook quiche in an air fryer, then search no further. Below, we will discuss how to cook quiche easily in an air fryer.

The quiche is a popular French tart that consists of the pastry crust and its filling consist of savory custard, slices of meat, cheese, seafood, etc. This is a unique delicacy that is now also becoming popular in other countries. You can find it in grocery shops in ready-to-cook form. There are various ways to cook the quiche. But how about an air fryer?

The good news is you can employ an air fryer to cook the quiche. It allows you to easily prepare the food within the shortest time. Keep going through the below details to find out how to utilize the air fryer to cook the quiche.

Why You Should Cook the Quiche in An Air Fryer?

The air fryer allows you to cook the quiche within the shortest time. It allows you to cook the food better compared to the other variations of the cooking. Moreover, you can prepare the quiche at a controlled time and temperature. That means there are very low chances of failure when you select an air fryer for this dish.

Moreover, while cooking the quiche in the air fryer doesn’t require close attention. All you need to do is put the quiche in the air fryer basket and the device will do the rest of the work for you. You don’t need to keep waiting until it is done as the machine will automatically stop the cooking after a certain period.

There are a lot of other benefits of utilizing the air fryer for this cooking. The air fryer doesn’t create a mess like a stovetop. It doesn’t leave much mess. As a result, you don’t need to go through the mess when the cooking is complete.

How to Cook Quiche in Air Fryer

The air fryer allows you to easily prepare the quiche within the shortest time when compared to the other ways of cooking. You can even make the quiche at the home and then cook it in the air fryer. On the other hand, the air fryer also allows you to cook the store-bought one nicely. In this article, we will discuss how to make and cook the quiche in air fryer. You can also utilize the steps for cooking the purchased one.

Step 1

As we discussed earlier, the quiche usually consists of the crust and some fillings. For the fillings, you can select anything you want. It can be some vegetables, or meats or seafood, or any other thing. Moreover, you can use different variations of cheese to make things far better. Prepare all the ingredients as for filling as you desire.

Here are the other ingredients you will require – egg, heavy cream, cheddar cheese.

Step 2

The next thing you need to be aware of is the custard which we will create from the egg. Begin with cracking one egg in a pitcher and then add the cream to the same jar. Then whisk them properly to combine. You may add some seasoning of your choice such as salt and pepper for the taste.

The next thing you will require doing is adding the preferred ingredients of filling. Simply cut them into smaller slices and put them in the custard you have just prepared. After that, you will require adding the cheddar cheese. You should pick the blend or shredded cheese as it can melt easily.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to turn on the air fryer. First, put it in the correct place and then connect to the electric plug. That’s it, your air fryer should turn on and be ready to cook. Note that you don’t need to preheat the air fryer for this recipe. Once after turning on the air fryer, open up the basket and then add the jar containing the quiche. Make sure to use a suitable jar while cooking to get a beautiful shape and avoid unwanted issues.

Step 4

Now put back the air fryer basket in its compartment. The next thing you should do is to set the temperature for the cooking. The recommended temperature is 325 F while the cooking duration is 10 minutes. Note that the cooking duration might vary a bit. So, make sure to check frequently when you reach near the recommended duration.

Once after putting them inside the air fryer and beginning cooking, there is not much of the work left for you. Simply leave the air fryer and wait for the timer to alert you. Once you hear the timer, you should open the basket to check how much they have cooked. If requires, put back the basket. Else, take them off. Make sure that you are not overcooking the food which might not give you the best taste.

Step 5

If you find the quiche ready, take them off from the air fryer. Carefully hold the basket from the handle and take it off to put on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t put it directly on your countertop as the basket will be very hot and it can even burn, break or crack your countertop. Also, make sure that you are not touching the food or the jar as they will be very hot. Simply wait a while and then carefully take them out to enjoy.

Once you have removed the quiche jar from the air fryer, add some seasoning on top of the quiche to make it look and taste better. You can simply go with salt and pepper. Besides, you may also add chopped parsley which will give you a beautiful appearance.


As we discussed above, you can easily cook the quiche dish in the air fryer within the shortest time with the least effort. If you want to make the dish home, follow the above steps. If you have bought them from the store, you can also cook them following step 5.

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