Best Blender for Van Life in 2023

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Find the Best Blender for Van Life

Do you live in a Van or love camping? Are you eager to know about the best blender for Van Life? Well. You’re in the right place. With the most recent details, we’re going to give a comprehensive product list in this article. In addition, there’ll be several sections that’ll guide you to the ultimate blender product.

First, let’s talk shortly about van life and blenders. The perfect blender for Van Life would have versatility and a high range of portability. Hence, blenders that are small and compact are the best choice. However, other typical criteria and functionalities of blenders are things to consider.

However, this article will provide the following. At first, there’ll be a product review section. The section will contain the reviews of the three best blenders for Van Life with the necessary features and specifications. Then, a buyer’s guide will follow with the quality factors of a good blender. Finally, we’ll give an ending section with a video suggestion for more insights on blenders.

The Ultimate Pick 3 Best Blender for Van Life

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach brand has designed several personal and portable blenders. However, the 51101V model is our pick.


The blender comes with a 14-ounce travel cup and lid, much preferable for van life. Furthermore, five color options are there for user choices. The colors are available in black, blue, white, raspberry, and green.

In addition, two jars come with the blender. Anyone can prepare a variety of recipes with one-touch blending. The recipes include smoothies, salads, juices, etc.

However, the motor is efficient with 175-watt power. So, the blades run faster and provide a smooth blending process.


  • Fast and precise operation
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Easy assemble of parts


  • Can’t handle heavy food loads

NutriBullet Pro Plus Blender

The blender is from the NutriBullet brand. The product has a mixture of different housing materials and uniform in size.


For the ultimate convenience of users, there’s a pre-programmed pulse cycle. Hence, it allows an automatic switch-off feature. The components in the package are two lip rings, one flip-top lid, and a user manual

However, there’s a one-pocket nutritionist as well. The blender has a high torque power base.

The product’s color is black, the size is 12.05 x 11.81 x 12.99 inches, and it has a weight of 8 pounds. In addition, the capacity of the jar is 32-ounces, and motor power is 1200 watts.


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Easy to store
  • High power motor


  • No extra components

MULLI Portable Blender

The Mulli’s portable blender runs on a rechargeable battery. It comes with multiple features and components for the ultimate convenience for users.


The material of the blender is PCTG food-grade bottle. Moreover, the blender is environmentally friendly due to the BPA-free housing materials. There’s a juicer cup that comes with six pieces of stainless steel blades.

With a full battery, the blender can handle more than 15 operations and last for 3 hours. The size and structure of the blender are small, with a weight of 1 pound only. Hence, it’s much easier to carry along.

For security purposes, there’s a self-cleaning mode and a light emitter to indicate the product is okay and ready to use.


  • Safe and secured
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Lightweight product


  • Not for medium or large-sized servings

Brief Buyer’s Guide for the Best Blender for Van Life

So far, we’ve discussed three different blenders compliant with van life. However, there are some criteria or quality factors of a typical blender. It’s best to consider those factors while buying. Hence, check further for those criteria.

  • Functionality

A blender product should be versatile. That means it should handle a variety of recipes. A blender typically has grinding, blending, mixing, and ice-crushing capabilities. Hence, look out for versatility in functions when buying a blender.

  • Construction Material

The durability of a product is an essential factor. But, the durability is dependent on the quality of the housing materials. If a blender is built with high-quality raw materials, the product will last long without any concerns.

  • Power

For small-sized servings, the motor power is better in the range of 175-300 watts. However, for big or medium-sized servings, the range should be from 400-1000 watts. However, the best blenders will have stronger blades to blend through hard ingredients easily.

  • Multiple Accessories

Some examples of spare parts can be a container cup, extra blades, jars, pitchers, etc. Hence, choose blenders that come with some additional components.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s time for users to choose and buy. We’ve given a list of three blenders with their most recent updates and relevant information. The showcases of each product will help everyone to visualize a brief overview of products.

Before the product review section, there’s a short table consisting of three blenders. So, there’s everything necessary for anyone to have a decent idea about a blender. Those who’re looking for a quality blender for van life choose blenders with a portability factor.

So, let’s not wait anymore and pick an excellent blender to prepare the following exquisite and appealing smoothies. However, it’s better to keep in mind all the necessary factors of a blender. A good blender product will last for a year without any maintenance concerns. So, choose wisely. There’s one more thing. Check the video below to get more details on the blenders for van life.