Best Blender For Juicing Celery in 2024

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Celery juice contains a high nutritional value especially when celery is all blended with a perfect blender. It is a marshland plant having long stalks which are fibrous and taper into leaves. Celeries have a low glycemic index while being enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Celery juice can be the sole source of several vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and vitamin K. It is a tasteful vegetable with low sodium, and eating the same also provides you the healthy minerals like folate and potassium. If you use a nutrition-extractor blender for juicing celeries, it can be an alternative to eating them.

Best Blender For Juicing Celery Product Review

Celery extract is a multi-benefit healthy intake to be surely added to your daily diet. It prevents inflammation and cancer risk as well as jaundice or bronchitis. That also helps you avoiding asthma and skin disorders. Clearing acne, reducing blood pressure, and helping weight loss are a few other benefits of celery juice.

Celery contains typical leaf-type stalks, juicing which can be a challenge if you use some ordinary machine that is not capable of dealing with that type of veggies. Following review will help you a lot with having an idea that what blender can be best for your kitchen to juice celeries at home.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

A wonderful blender combo by Nutribullet is our first pick for the round-up which comes to you with a single-serving juice cup in addition to a 32 oz jar. You can use either according to your blending needs.


The model features a three-speed setting to choose from according to your favorite precision level. Because of the simple operation, you are just one click of switching between the pulse feature and the in-built extraction program.

Moreover, a 1200-watt motor is incorporated therein which blesses the machine with ultimate strength to offer you consistent celery juicing for your family and friends.

Similarly, the easy-twist stainless steel blades are scratch and dullness-resistant because of the cyclonic action they are designed with. The pitches and additional cups both are made of heavy-grade plastic to be durable. Do not worry about the purity of your juice, as they are completely BPA-free.

Furthermore, cleaning the machine is a breeze as you just need to put and rinse the cup and jar in the dishwasher safe and you are all done. You can wash the blades with water and soap in seconds.

The best part of the story is that it is backed with a one-year limited warranty so that you remain assured of getting what you have paid for.


  • 1200-watt motor
  • Multi-serving jar
  • Single-serving cup
  • Tamper included
  • 2 to-go-lids included
  • Easy cleaning
  • One-year warranty cover


  • Comes only with a US standard 120V plug

Oster Blender Pro 1200

With this model, you are going to feel the convenience at its best. You get a 10-years limited warranty with the model that ensures the durability which is promised.


Oster Pro 1200 provides seven-speed controlling options which include 3 preset programs for different tasks. You will not need to go beyond level 2 for juicing celery as the machine is backed with a 1200-watt powerful motor. While crushing ice and frozen ingredients it performs with 900-watt power for quick results.

Similarly, When you turn the pulse function on, it behaves aggressively to convert your celery into a smooth and healthy juice with a silky texture. The blades are 50 percent larger than the previous option from the brand. The model features a dual-direction working of blades that enhances the cutting capacity and speed of the blades.

Moreover, the juice jar can accommodate equally to six cups quantity to blend for the whole family at a time. You can juice directly in a 24 oz smoothie cup which is included in the deal so that you can carry your juice with you directly from the blender. The jar is long-lasting and durable as well as it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The model incorporates a centralized blending system that pushes the ingredients towards blades to ensure a perfect crushing and a smoother output.


  • Six cup Boroclass jar
  • 24 oz to-go-cup
  • 7-speed control
  • 3 pre-programmed speed settings
  • Pulse control
  • Two-way blade spin
  • 10-years limited warranty


  • 16 inches length need to store in a larger cabinet

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Let’s wrap up the discussion with another classic blender that offers you the freshest and nutrition enriched celery juice within no time. Probably, you have seen this blender brand in some largest juice bars around the world.


Blendtec Total Classic blender is equipped with 80 percent stainless steel blades with wings that are 10 percent strong than others. You get an exclusively smooth drink on a quick blending from your celery or other ingredients.

Moreover, the model includes an extra-large BPA-free 75 ounce jar. Either you put hot items in it or some frozen ingredients, you do not need to worry about mixing unwanted elements from the jar walls and you get the pure drink from your food.

This model is a self-cleaning machine. Putting some warm water with washing soap and blending for a while will wash it all clean in a matter of seconds. Your machine is quickly ready for re-use.

The best part of the story is that because of its automatic pulling technology, there is no need for a plunger or tamper, as it compels the food itself towards the blades so that nothing can be left untreated.

The model is perfect for making pancake batters, soups, salsas, and all types of smoothies in addition to juicing the celery perfectly while keeping its nutrition threads intact so that you can enjoy a healthier fresh juice.

Furthermore, there is 10 incremental speed control for blending according to your taste along with a pulse control for the final punch. The LCD keeps you informed about the remaining time of operation.


  • High-quality durable machine
  • No plunger or tamper required
  • 80 percent thicker stainless steel coated blades
  • BPA-free large juice jar
  • 2-years warranty cover


  • It may be slightly heavy on some budget ranges

Final Thoughts

If you have already added celery juice to your daily diet, that is good news. You just need to add the best blender to your kitchen now. And if you have not yet added celery to your diet plan, do it now along with adding NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z to your kitchen items purchase list.

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