Best Juicer on a Budget in 2024

Best Juicer on a Budget Review 

Budgets are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes we have so much to do and too little money, and we have to make do with what we have. If you want to go on a juicing diet or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, did you know you can still get a juicer on a budget?

The beauty of options is that you can get high-end juicers if you can afford them, but there are also cheaper models in the market that work just as well! You need a durable juicer that can comfortably make your juice daily or once every few days. We shall look at the top three best juicers on a budget and what to look for to avoid getting a poor-quality appliance and get one that is worth its value.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact

The Breville juice fountain is a compact centrifugal juicer that packs a punch. The juicer takes up very little space on your countertop. Its 3-inch-wide chute is perfect for juicing whole fruit and shortening the juicing process.

The Breville has a unique juice extraction system and a 700W, 110-120V motor. The juicer has a titanium-reinforced disc and a micro-mesh filter basket made from stainless steel that ensures you get the most juice yield with  most nutrients intact.

The in-built froth separator in the juice jug ensures you pour less froth into your glass. The juicer’s compact design means it is easier to store, and you can wrap the power cord neatly around its base.

The accessories that come with the juicer are a 25 fl oz pitcher and a pulp container that can hold 1.6 qt. This juicer spins at high speeds and is quite noisy.

MAMA’S CHOICE Centrifugal Juicer

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get fresh homemade juice. MAMA’S CHOICE is a centrifugal juicer that packs an 800W motor power.

The 71mm-wide chute allows you to juice whole fruits and veggies without cutting them up beforehand. The juicer has 3-speed modes. 1 is the lowest, runs at 12,000 to 15,000 RPM (rotations per minute) and suitable for soft fruits or vegetables.

Speed 2 runs at between 15,000 to 18,000 RPM and suited for harder produce like apples or carrots. P is the highest and fastest speed. It immediately reaches the maximum speed and slows down when you release the button.

The MAMAS CHOICE juicer has an anti-drip spout that prevents juice from dripping on your kitchen counter. The non-slip rubber feet are perfect for stabilizing the juicer while running. A safety locking arm ensures the appliance cannot run when the juicer is not adequately secured. The overheating protection system protects the motor from damage due to overheating.

All the detachable parts are safe for dish washing, and the juicer is easy to assemble. Cleaning is easy, with a cleaning brush included for cleaning the filter.

Juicer Machines FOCHEA Centrifugal Juicer

The FOCHEA centrifugal juicer comes with a powerful motor and an efficient stainless-steel blade. It has 3-speed functions, “Ⅰ” being fast speed for softer fruits and vegetables, “Ⅱ” being for harder fruits and veggies, and “P” being the quickest speed for unclogging the juicer.

It comes with non-slip feet to keep it stable and safety mechanisms like a safety locking arm and overheating protection system that turns off the juicer if it overheats.

The juicer’s 65mm chute juices whole fruits, and it is easy to use. Cleaning is easy, and you can wash all removable parts with water. Included brushes make it easier to clean the filter and other hard-to-reach places.

Best Juicer on a Budget Buying Guide

To buy a juicer on a budget, here are some of the things to look out for.


The speed of a juicer depends on whether it is a centrifugal or masticating juicer. A centrifugal juicer runs at extremely high speeds and gives you juice in seconds. A masticating juicer is also called a slow or cold-press juicer. It runs at low speeds and takes longer to extract the juice. Depending on your needs, choose the speed you prefer.


If you do not want to cause an uproar in the morning while everyone is asleep, go for a masticating juicer. Most of these juicers run at under 60 decibels and silent enough for you to make a glass of juice without waking everyone up.


Ensure the juicer you buy has fewer detachable parts. These parts should be dish washable, and a brush should be included for washing the filter and blades.


If you have a small kitchen, the juicer’s footprint should be compact, making it easy to store it away when not in use.

Cord Length

Ensure the power cord will reach the outlet. However, this is only important if the juicer will sit permanently on your counter. If you store it away after use, you can use it anywhere there is a power outlet.


Ensure the juicer’s housing unit and parts like the jug are made from durable material. Check that it is not made of cheap and fragile plastic that will break within no time.

Ease of Use

You will presumably use the juicer a lot, and the one you buy should be easy to use and assemble. A juicer with too many detachable parts is one to steer clear of. How many functions does it have? Is it something you can learn in a day, or a beginner can learn to use with ease?

Bottom Line

Buying a juicer on a budget does not mean you purchase substandard appliances. There are numerous affordable, yet value for money juicers in the market. Some cheaper models will give you the same functions as a high-end juicer.

If the juicer promises the world and under delivers, you will feel cheated. Go through user comments on the manufacturer’s website and check for complaints, if any, and then choose accordingly.


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