Best Juicer With Dry Pulp in 2024

Top 4 Best Juicer – Easy to Juice and Clean

The slow presser or masticating juicers are specifically designed to minimize hand squeezing for a healthier dose of rich nutrients. Masticating juicers not only reduce human efforts while juicing but it helps in producing juice with a handful of minerals. The cold pressers are slower in extracting juice, but they extract most of the juices from vegetables and fruits and produce dry pulp for easy discarding. If you are looking for the best juicer with dry pulp, you are at the right place. Boost your immune system with juices and a healthy diet rich in vitamins.

Are you planning to control your weight? Does your gym trainer emphasize daily juice intake? I am narrowing down the list of the best juicers with dry pulp. Nutrition freaks widely appreciate dry pulp juicers due to the easy discarding of pulp and yield extra juicing from raw ingredients. Juicers. Selecting the right juicer for daily needs isn’t an easy task due to the availability of a wide range of brands claiming to be the best among others. If you are confused in selecting between centrifugal and masticating juicers, I recommend you to buy the masticating juicers due to low food waste and increased fluid full of vital minerals and vitamins for intake.

Juicing is in demand due to its nutritional values but the modern lifestyle needs precision, accuracy, and a time-saving approach in daily tasks. Some of the best dry pulp juicers are reviewed below.

HP Hurom Slow Juicer Review

Refine your juicing journey with Hurom HP slow juicer. It is, in fact, a reliable partner for you to be healthy and fit. The fun thing about the Hurom juicer is that you need not worry about cleaning after you take your daily dose of nutrients. The dry pulp is easy to discard and clean. Are you worried about time consumption? The powerful 43 RPM motor not only squeezes the veggies and fruits at a faster rate in comparison with other slow juicers but also yields more juice. The best thing about this powerful device is no hefty noise, irrespective of the powerful motor. The assembly of the Hurom HP juicer is very easy. If you want to extract extra juice out of your fruits, cut into small parts and put it in your Hurom slow juicer.

Our Verdict

Try Hurom for sure if you need an efficient, quiet, and easy-to-use juicer. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, with no time wasted on cleaning and more juicing yield.


Very quiet and free of noise

Very easy to assemble and disassemble

Dry pulp with easy waste discarding without messing your kitchen

Extracts maximum juice from the veggies and fruits

It doesn’t require much space on the countertop


You need to cut fruits and veggies into small pieces for extra yields and smooth functioning.

The price is a bit competitive, but it is quite reliable and affordable when considering the performance.

AICOK Cold Presser Review

Are you looking for a budget-friendly but efficient slow-pressing juicer? I recommend you to look at AICOK masticating juicer. Aicok is ideal for those who love to eat green veggies due to the highest yield. The Bidirectional switch allows the spin to run in both directions. The reverse order helps clean the machine. It is, in fact, a powerful but ideal juicer because it produces no noise while juicing, giving you a peaceful environment. It squeezes most of the fruit, vegs like lemon, apple, and leafy green vegetables.

You can assemble AICOK in seconds and disassemble it fastly. Cleaning is easier and overall use is also easier. Another great thing is the juice and pulp separation option available for an easy juicing experience and low waste ratio. Make your juicing exciting with more volumes of liquid rich in nutrients.

Our Verdict

Reliable, easy to clean, quiet, and bidirectional for more juice yield. Take your juicing experience to another level with reliable body parts


Built with BPA free Plastic material ensuring complete safety

Easy cleaning with dishwasher.

Maximum juice yield with advanced seven steps spiral system

The parts are built with quality material for lifelong juicing experience.


You have to pay extra money for replacement parts

You need to be careful in juicing hard substance like coconut and other nuts

Omega Nutrition Centre Juicer

Are you worried about crushing nuts in your juicer but like to eat nut butter a lot? Omega nutrition center gives you relief by crushing and grinding the nuts. Omega, with 15 years of brand recognition, stands among the other competitors due to its functions. The slow masticating juicers produce very little heat while juicing retains the maximum nutrition variety of the food content. The less oxidative heat not only preserves all the precious enzymes but taste also. If you want to obtain maximum yield from your celery, carrots, or even pineapple, you should try omega.

Our Verdict

Recommended for vegan diet, quiet, inexpensive, and powerful machine for routine juicing diet. Strict to your diet plan with ease of operating and cleaning.


Powerful 80 RPM single auger motor

Very easy to clean and finishing your juicing in minutes

Long lasting parts with the satisfaction of thousands of customers around the globe


Assembling is not easier in fact you need to watch videos for correct assembly but once you have done it you are good to go


Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar  Comprehensive Review

Do you enjoy juices and sauces in your daily routine? I recommend you to try the Tribest slowstar cold presser machine with its dual juicer and mincer option. You can extract 100% from your fruits and vegetables. Tribest Slowstar is another efficient machine for daily juicing needs with a dual blade for fast and major juicing yields. It operates with negligible noise giving a peaceful juicing experience. You can continue your juicing needs with comfort as the juice caps minimize the possibility of a leakage when the machine is operating. The plastic material is 100% BPA-free and is manufactured according to the food safety guidelines.  The machine is quite powerful but juice extraction takes a little extra time. You can finish the cleaning and packaging in no time due to the dry pulp. The machine operation is way easier and you can set it up without any technical knowledge. If you need any sort of help to operate, call customer support and ask about your problem.

Our Verdict

Easy, quiet, and extra mincer option. Powerful motor, low waste, and dual blade for maximum juice yields.


Maintain integrity and freshness of your juice with 47 RPM Motor

Double blade for fast crushing to yield maximum.

200-watt high torque power with 3 stage speed reduction gear.

Additional Convertible Mincer Attached

No noise during juicing.


It is a bit pricey in comparison with other available alternatives

Final Thoughts

The best thing about choosing the cold pressor juicers is that they require no time in maintenance.  The article summed up the comprehensive reviews of the best juicer with dry pulp and slow juicers are way more convenient than the centrifugal in terms of performance, ease of use, and extracting maximum juice from the raw ingredients. The dry pulp juicers take your juicing level to the next level by reducing human effort and fuel your body with vital minerals and vitamins. HP Hurom is reliable, efficient, and worth considering. AICOK juicer is a cost-efficient model considering the easy-to-use and easy to clean model. Omega has been manufacturing the juicer for the past 15 years and the nutrition center is effective to crush hard nuts and fruits. Tribest SW 2000 slowstar with its additional mincer and BPA free plastic is popular among the public for their routine healthy meals


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