Best Tutorial For Blender Recipes in 2024

A Blender is something that can help you to make your kitchen works a lot easier. It can help you to do a variety of things starting from blending to mixing, crushing, pureeing, and emulsifying foods and substances. Doing these works would be very hard without a proper blender.

If you are searching for some of the best tutorials for blender recipes, keep reading this article. Below, we will let you know about some of the best tutorials available on Youtube. You can utilize these recipes to get a more efficient outcome while preparing the foods.

Check out the best blender recipes from below:

Blender Recipe for Making Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the popular drinks around the globe. And most of us know how to prepare it. But if you want to make the best and smoothest smoothies, then you should consider checking the below video.


The video is titled “The Easy Guide on Making Just About Any Smoothie” is not just another smoothie recipe on Youtube. This is more about how to make your smoothies better in taste and consistency. Whether you are making some traditional green smoothie, or sweet banana or strawberry smoothie, this will be an excellent choice.

This video shows you how to select the right liquid for the smoothies based on your preferred taste. Moreover, you will know how to use the food in the right way for the perfect consistency. As per the video, you should use frozen food for better performance. It also helps to make a nice frosty drink and dilute the flavor better.

Besides, it says that you should add the liquid first and add the fruits and ingredients after that for better blending. You will find some other secret tips to make your smoothies better than ever.

Blender Hacks for Easy Recipe

The video is titled “8 Blender Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner” by Tastemade shows you how to make your blending experience further easier. It starts with showing you how to make juices right into the watermelon by making a simple hole on it. The video also shows you how to present the recipe in a nice way by a9dding a spigot.

Check out the video from below:


Afterward, it shows you how to make a roasted ghost pepper salsa in the simplest way. You will require heating up the vegetable and then make the salsa from them. The next thing it shows you how to make minted whipped cream simply with heavy cream, salt, and mint leaves right into your glass.

The next thing it shows you how to prepare a chipotle in the easiest way. You can make it right into your drinking glass with eggs, salts, peppers, etc. That is not all; you will find plenty of more recipes that you can prepare in the shortest time while ensuring quality. Typically, these take hours to prepare.

Ice Cream Recipes in Blender

Ice creams are something that a lot of us often things about preparing in a blender. Well, you can now really make the ice creams on a blender with the recipes of this youtube video. The video by 3 EASY Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes by Rosanna Pansino shows how to make the best ice creams using various ingredients with your blender.

The first ice cream recipe you will see in the video is how to make dairy-free ice cream. It is a strawberry and banana smoothie but a bit creamier, making it the perfect ice cream for you if you want to go dairy-free. The second recipe shows you how to make the simplest banana chocolate chips ice cream using some simple ingredients.

The recipe requires only a few bananas along with a few drops of banana extract and dark chocolate mini chips. In the third recipe, you will see how to make another simple ice cream using only coconut and pineapple.  Apart from showing you how to make the ice creams, it also shows you how to present them in a nice way.

Give a check to the video and prepare your homemade ice creams easily from now on:

Which Blender to Use for These Recipes?

Below, we will let you know about a blenders that you may consider using for the above recipes.

Hamilton Beach 59765 Immersion Hand Blender

If you want to prepare the smoothies and juices with ease, you should consider purchasing the Hamilton Beach 59765 Immersion Hand Blender. This blender offers you a different level of flexibility. The best thing about the blender is you can utilize it anywhere from a drinking glass to a cooking pot. What it means is you will not require using the included jar for utilizing the immersion blender.

This blender is pretty easy to use with a well-designed handlebar with trigger control. Besides, you can utilize it for a variety of works including blend, mix, puree, chop, and much more things. It also enables you to change between two speeds to get the perfect thickness and consistency.

The blender is also allowing you to clean it easily. All the attachments of the blender including the whisk, chopping bowl attachment, and wand are dishwasher safe. Besides, the parts of the blender are made of quality materials including stainless steel and BPA-free materials.  Overall, it can be an excellent choice for preparing your foods with ease and flexibility.

Some features of the Blender:

  • You can utilize it on different jars; don’t require using the included one.
  • Perfect for a variety of work including mix, blend, whip, puree, and others.
  • Quality stainless steel blades for preparing the right consistency and texture.
  • Include three chopping bowl attachments to work with ease.


In most cases, blending is an easy activity that doesn’t require any sort of learning. However, if you want to take your blending performance to the next level, you should consider checking the above tutorials. We are pretty sure that they will be a great way to enhance your blending skill. And, if you don’t already have a blender, you should consider getting the mentioned one for a smooth performance.

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