How Long to Grill Boneless Pork Ribs?

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Learn about How Long to Grill Boneless Pork Ribs?

How long to grill boneless pork ribs? This is a question that can be answered in several ways. Pork ribs are a delicious dish that many people love to grill for their family and friends. You can enjoy them on the bone or boneless, but you need to know how long to grill them to get that perfect flavor.

In this blog post, we will discuss how long to grill boneless pork ribs along with its recipe:

What are Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs?

Boneless country-style pork ribs are a delicious cut of meat that is not only less expensive than other cuts but also easy to cook. The boneless rib comes from the shoulder end and has a lot of fat between the bones, providing flavor and moisture during cooking. They can be cooked on an open grill or indoors with your oven.

Pork ribs are often grilled because of their low-fat content. But, the boneless variety makes them even better because they can be marinated and cooked to perfection in no time at all. You will see below that it is very simple to cook pork country-style ribs indoors or outdoors on your barbeque grill for a delicious meal with family and friends.

How Long to Grill Boneless Pork Ribs?

Whether you are grilling boneless pork ribs on an open or closed grill, the cooking time will vary depending on how hot your fire is. The meat should be cooked for about 15 minutes on each side using a medium heat source to get that perfect brown crust on the ribs.

Pork country-style ribs need to be cooked longer than other cuts because they are thicker and larger. It is important not to overcook them or end up with dry meat that no one wants to eat. There should still be some pink visible around the bone when they are ready to serve.

Recipe for Grilled Pork Country Style Ribs

Ingredients: boneless country-style pork ribs, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, and black pepper

You can prepare your grilled pork country-style ribs with a simple marinade that will bring out the natural flavors of this meaty cut while cooking.

To prepare a marinade for one pound of pork ribs, you will need:

  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • One tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • A dash or two of salt and pepper to taste.

 Place the boneless country-style ribs in a large bowl and cover with your choice of seasoning. You can let them marinate for 15 minutes on each side, or you can place the meat in a Ziploc bag and pour your sauce on top. You will need to give it at least one hour before placing it onto the grill so that the ribs have time to soak up all of those tasty flavors.

Should I Brine or Not?

You can choose to brine your boneless country-style ribs before grilling them if you want. This is a great option for short on time, but you will need to use some quality ingredients to make the perfect blend of flavors.

A good mixture consists of:

  • One cup water
  • Two cups of salt
  • One cup of brown sugar.

Mix all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl and pour over your pork ribs before placing them into the refrigerator overnight. Brining ensures that you will get flavorful meat on the bone. But, it is important to note that this method does not work for boneless ribs as the meat will not absorb those flavors.

Grilling Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs

It is a good idea to oil your grill before placing the boneless pork ribs on top. This will prevent them from sticking and falling apart as you turn them during cooking time. The meat should take between 20-25 minutes to cook. It depends on if they are placed over an open or closed fire, but make sure to use a meat thermometer to check that your temperature is right.

At around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the meat should look pale and slightly pink as it cooks. This ensures you will not overcook them and leave people feeling like they have been eating dry pork all night. You can brush on any leftover marinade before grilling your boneless country-style ribs if you want, but it is important to note that this will increase the risk of flare-ups on your open fire.

Temperature and Time

To determine how long to grill boneless pork ribs, you will need a high temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit before putting the meat on. If cooking over an open fire, they are turned every 20 minutes to get that perfect color and char-grilled flavor.

You can cook them for around three minutes on each side using a closed grill, but you should check that the meat is thoroughly cooked. The internal temperature of pork country-style ribs needs to be 165 degrees Fahrenheit before pulling them off the heat. Also, allow them to rest for at least five minutes so they can soak up all those delicious juices.

Rub and Sauce

You can add your favorite barbecue sauce to the ribs after grilling them if you want. This is a popular option for those who love sweet, tangy flavors on their meat or simply because they do not have a marinade that works well with boneless pork country-style ribs.

It is important to let the sauce sit on top of the meat for at least five minutes before serving so that it has a chance to sink in. This ensures your dinner guests will not have a big pool of sauce sitting on their plates after they finish eating. Also, you can always brush the pork with more if needed.

Final thoughts

Grilling boneless country-style boneless pork ribs is a popular cooking method. Because they are easy to turn and less likely to stick and break apart as you cook them. You also know now how long to grill boneless pork ribs. Besides that, make sure that your grill is at the right temperature to enjoy a tasty meal with your family.