How Much Charcoal Do You Need To Grill

How Much Charcoal Do You Need To Grill

How Much Charcoal Do You Need To Grill? When you have holidays or fun with your friends, grilled food is a must on those days. The reason is that grilled food is so delicious, smoky, tender, crunchy, and tasty. Whenever you use a grill, outside or inside, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. If you are using a charcoal grill for barbecuing, then we have techniques for you to clean the charcoal grill completely. So, in this article, I am going to discuss how often you should clean the charcoal grill.

How Long Should You Wait Before Cleaning A Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills use coal to cook food. Therefore, in this process, ashes are produced in large amounts. If the ashes are not cleaned from the grilling pot, it will cause the spoilage of the food’s taste. So, it is necessary to clean the charcoal grill after every use to get a better taste of the next food.  

How To Clean A Charcoal Grill 

Cleaning a charcoal grill is different from cleaning a gas grill. A charcoal grill requires more energy and maintenance to clean. So, there are different steps for each to clean the grill both inside and outside. How Often To Clean Charcoal Grill?

Ways To Clean A Charcoal Grill

There are different ways and methods to clean a charcoal grill. such as 

1: cleaning technique with aluminium foil 

2: A simple cleaning method involving detergent and water 

3: Use of a grill grate cleaner 

4: Make use of vinegar 

Cleaning A Charcoal Grill With Aluminum Foil And A Grill Brush

The following are the steps to cleaning your charcoal grill for a better taste of food. 

Step 1: Remove The Ash Tray Or Catcher From The Grill 

Charcoal grills use coal and wood, which makes ashes in bulk. Sometimes these ashes get into the grill tray. So, remove the tray from the grill grate and clean it off.  

Step 2: Take The Grill Grates Out Of The Grill

If it is time for you to remove the grill grates, remove them. When you remove them, start cleaning the grill grates.  

Step 3: Clean The Grates With A Grill Grate Brush

When you remove the grill grates, clean them with a grill brush. Scrub a brush on these grates to remove the debris, etc.  

Step 4: Roll A Piece Of Aluminium Foil Into A Ball

Take some aluminium foil. Then, you have to simply ball it up. Now, it is time to clean the grate. Rub the aluminium foil against the grill grates to remove any food particles that have become lodged in them. 

Step 5: Wipe Down The Bottom And Lid Of A Charcoal Grill

Now, in the last step of cleaning, clean the bottom and the lid of your charcoal grill. Take a bristle brush and scrub the bottom and the lid. Then, take a paper or bag and put this debris in it. If the bottom of the grill grate is too dirty and has many food particles stuck to it, use detergent and water to remove them.   

Step 6: Put The Grill Grate Back To The Place 

When you have thoroughly cleaned the charcoal grill, but all parts are back in place. Now, the grill is ready to grill the next meal for you.  

Cleaning Method Using Detergent And Warm Water

The other way to clean a charcoal grill is with the use of detergent and warm water. In a mixing bowl, put some detergent and warm water. Mix it well to make a paste. Then, remove the ashtray or ash catcher and clean it off. Moreover, remove the grill grates and the lid. Apply the paste of detergent and water to the grate inside, bottom, and lid. Take a grill brush to clean it. Last, rinse the paste under lukewarm water. Let the parts of a charcoal grill dry in the air. When it is dried, place these parts back on the grill.  

Use Of A Grill Grate Cleaner

A grill grate cleaner is used for heavy-duty processes. When you want to clean your charcoal grill, there are grill cleaners for that purpose. So, steam cleaners are best. The reason is that they use no chemicals but steam to clean out the dirt, debris, burnt food particles, etc.  

Unless you are using your cast iron grill for cooking steak, you’ll probably be using it for something else. And, one of the most important parts of cleaning it is getting rid of any food particles still stuck on the grates.

You can do this by scrubbing the grates with a coarse sponge or dish brush before heating them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Once they’ve cooled, use a nylon scrubber to clean off any remaining particles. However, be careful not to use anything hard on the grill, hard materials can eventually ruin your grill, and it won’t stay the same.

Cover Your Charcoal Grill 

To maintain your charcoal grill and enhance its life span, you have to take care of it. For this, clean the grill every day whenever you use it. After cleaning, cover it with a large piece of cloth or cover it like a grill. It will not pose any danger to the weather or the environment.  


The taste of the grilled meat cannot be denied. The grilled food is so amazing and delicious. In contrast, you have to take great care of your grill after every use. Clean out the ashes regularly. Brush the grates, burners, lid, and bowl. And oil the grates. All these tools will increase the life span of your charcoal grill.

If the grate contains minor and noticeable amount of rust than it can be treated and cleaned by a number of methods. If the food cooked a rusted grill is ingested a few times, it may not cause some visible harm for the time being, but if this ingestion is continued and exceeds the count, there is the possibility of potential stomach diseases a person could come across.


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