Can I Air Fryer Crescent Rolls?

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The air-fried crescent rolls can be the new favorite snacks of your entire family. Although you can cook them in other ways, an air fryer allows you to cook them just perfectly within the shortest time. They come out perfectly browned and evenly cooked with the unique hot air circulation cooking method of the air fryer. So, the answer is absolutely positive if you are worried about can I air fryer crescent rolls.

You can easily cook both the freshly made and refrigerated canned crescent rolls in the air fryer almost effortlessly. The device also doesn’t require any oil or cooking liquid to prepare the snack, keeping them entirely healthy. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the recipe.

Why Air Fry the Crescent Rolls?

The air fryer can be the best way to cook the crescent rolls. The device requires only a few minutes to make them ready right out of your refrigerator. Moreover, they come out nicely done with a beautiful texture that is impeccable. Another impressive thing about the air-fried crescent is they also taste perfect although the food is cooked in an entirely different technique.

When cooking the crescent rolls on the stovetop, you need to submerge them in a large quantity of oil. The oil puts additional fat and calories in the crescent rolls which are completely unhealthy. You can cook the rolls in the air fryer with a little or no oil. A few sprays of olive oil cook them perfectly. That means the air-fried crescent rolls are healthier and better.

The air fryer recipe is almost fool-proof. As you are in total control of the temperature and the cooking duration, there is very little chance of failure. Another benefit of cooking in the air fryer is it doesn’t leave much of the grease and residue to clean. That means you will require passing less time in cleaning works. Overall, an air fryer can be the most suitable way to cook your crescent rolls.

How to Cook Air Fryer Crescent Rolls

Once you try the crescent rolls in the air fryer, you will be very impressed with the outcome. And, the entire cooking requires only one ingredient, which is the crescent rolls themselves. Let’s see what you need to do.

Step 1: Prepare the Device

The first thing we will recommend you to do is to preheat the air fryer. This will assure that the exterior of the crescent rolls comes out perfectly browned and crisped. Moreover, preheating will help to reduce the cooking duration. Here is what to do: position the air fryer on a heat-resistant surface and turn it on after connecting to the electricity.

Now you need to set the machine at 360 F for around 2 to 3 minutes. Use the time and temp knob to adjust the measures.

Step 2: Add the Crescent Rolls

Now once the preheating is done, take off the air fryer basket from the device and add the crescent rolls in its bottom. Add as many as you can in a single layer. Don’t overlay them as this will cause uneven and inconsistent cooking. If you need to prepare a lot of crescent rolls at a time, you can consider cooking them in small batches. You will not get the expected result if you try to cook a lot of them at once.

Step 3: Set Them for Cooking

Now slide back the air fryer basket with the crescent rolls in its compartment. Then adjust the cooking duration to 6 minutes and the cooking temperature to 360 F. If you have already set the temperature during preheating, it doesn’t need to be changed. Note that the cooking duration may vary a bit on the variation of the crescent rolls and the air fryer capacity. It is recommended to check frequently to know how they are coming along.

Step 4: Let them cook

As we said previously, cook them for around 5 minutes and then begin checking frequently. If you think they will require a bit more time, you can let them cook for a few more minutes. Once they are perfectly browned and cooked, you can take them off.

Step 5: Take them Out

Hold the air fryer carefully from the handle and then bring it out.  Put it in a heat-resistant surface. You need to do these steps carefully as the basket will be very hot. Make sure that you are not touching the food or the basket in this period as it can burn your fingers. Wait a while after removing the basket from the air fryer, then use non-metal tongs to remove them.

Recipe Tips

Here are some tips that can make your cooking more efficient:

  1. Make sure to adjust the cooking duration if needed. That is because the air fryer unit you are using and the variation of the crescent rolls can make the cooking duration vary significantly.
  2. Typically, it is not that important to flip or rotate the crescent rolls in the air fryer. But you can do this in halftime for a better texture and crispiness.
  3. Make sure to notice the cooking duration of the first few batches and remember the cooking duration of the first batch. As a result, you can use the duration while cooking next time for a successful outcome.
  4. There are different variations of the crescent rolls out there. The nutrition and calorie count can vary significantly based on the variations. So, make sure to give a look at their packaging to know what you are going to get.


The crescent rolls in the air fryer are a perfect snack for the evening or any other time. If you have never tried it in the air fryer, you should begin doing it from now. We can pretty much assure you of a perfect outcome with the air fryer. Make sure to make use of the above recipe to cook the crescent rolls perfectly. If you are trying them anytime soon, please let us know about the outcome.