How To Clean Wood Grilling Planks

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How To Clean Wood Grilling Planks

How To Clean Wood Grilling Planks? There’s no problem recycling the plank as long as there’s still wood remaining and it hasn’t been burnt through. Start by washing the plank with water and a scouring pad without soap—you don’t want the soap to absorb into the plank and remain there. If there’s any stubborn char or food, get a piece of fine sandpaper out and sand the plank until it’s clean.

To avoid mold, it’s crucial to allow everything completely dry before putting it away once you wash it. You’ll like experimenting with the different tastes that planking has to offer. In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting additional planking recipes. Until then, get a fire going, take a plank, and get out there.

Because the heat from a charcoal or gas grill may cause dishes to quickly overcook and dry out, several techniques (such as indirect grilling and establishing a two-zone fire) have emerged to counteract some of these undesirable consequences. Grilling on a wooden plank is one of these methods. If you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably heard of it as a method for cooking fish, particularly salmon. Although a wood plank is ideal for fish, the technique you may use for various other items.

What Is The Process To Clean Wood Grilling Planks

It’s easy to understand how wood plank grilling works. In a nutshell, the plank is placed on the grill, followed by the meal. Because the board shields the food from the fire, it cooks on indirect heat. You don’t have to turn the meal when cooking on a plank. This makes it great for delicate foods like fish, which may easily break apart when turned. After a time, the bottom of the plank will start to smoke, imparting a smoky taste to whatever you’re cooking.

Different Types Of Wood For Plank Grilling

Cedar is the most prevalent type of grilling plank. Alder and hickory are also readily available. Cherry, maple and red oak are other nice options, and a variety pack of planks in several tastes is often available.

The technique is to make sure you’re purchasing grilled planks rather than just pieces of plywood. Construction wood is treated with various chemicals to make it suitable for construction, but when burned, these chemicals emit unpleasant odors and perhaps poisons. Even if you find untreated wood at the hardware store, be sure yours is manufactured expressly for grilling.

The thicker the board, the better, but at least half an inch thick will suffice. How To Clean Wood Grilling Planks? 

Also, ensure that the plank is large enough to allow at least an inch of exposed wood all around whatever you’re cooking.

How Much Wood Do Pellet Grills Use 

It all depends on the grilling time and the heat level that you want to maintain in the grill. However, the standard calculation of pellet consumption on a pellet grill is between ½ to 1 pound per hour on the smoke setting, i.e., light flames setting. It consumes 1.5 to 3 pounds or pellets per hour at high settings. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cook With A Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills are considered to be one of the most cost-effective grills. The reason behind this is their efficient consumption of pellets per hour at all the settings. But if you are looking to compare pellet grills in monetary terms, read out the following details. 

Before we jump to the cost calculation, let’s don’t forget that weather conditions play a vital part in determining the pellet consumption and thus the hourly cost of running a pellet grill. 

A pellet grill costs you around $0.75 per hour during normal weather conditions. These calculations are for the pellet consumption of 1 pound per hour. 

This means that your twenty pounds of pellet bag will last for 20 long hours under smoke settings and for 6 hours for high heat settings. That’s enough for cooking food like ham that takes a day to cook. 

Size And Shape Of Wood Pellets For Grilling

Wood pellets are small in size and cylindrical in shape. Its length ranges from 10–20 mm with, diameters ranging from 5 to 10 mm produced from fine wood fibers. 

Uses Of Wood Pellets For Grilling

The fundamental use it as fuel, by putting them into the burner. However, it is use in residential houses to burn inside small stoves use for cooking or warming purposes. It can be use to replace charcoal, wooden planks, and oil, in different power-producing industries. It is also use in pet beddings manufacturing industries such as in horse stalls, mouse bed pellets, and litters, etc. to hold up their bodies when resting.

Before Grilling, Soak The Plank

As previously told, one of the accomplishments of grilling on a plank is to impart wood smoke flavor to the meal by slowly burning the plank. On the other hand, slow smoldering is not the same as complete combustion. To put it another way, you don’t want the board to catch fire. It’s critical to soak the plank before using it to avoid this from happening.

This is accomplished by simply dunking it in your kitchen sink or a big container and keeping it weighted down to keep it immersed.

Follow the directions that came with your grill planks. However, you should soak the immersed plank for an hour in general. Remove it from the water after this time, drain it, and pat it dry with a paper towel. The board should be slightly moist but not dripping.

How To Grill Fish On Planks Of Wood

Grilling fish on a board is a simple process. Begin by applying oil to the top of the plank (which you’ve already soaked and patted dry). However, do not oil the opposing side (i.e., the side that will contact the grill). Place your fish skin-side down on the plank, brush with oil, then season with spices, lemon juice, herbs, and other ingredients.

Heat your grill before medium-high heat and set the plank with the fish right in the center. The duration of time it takes to cook a two-pound salmon fillet depends on the thickness of the fish and other factors, but it should take around 15 minutes. You may even barbecue a complete fish on a plank, such as a trout.

Other Foods To Grill On A Plank To Clean Wood Grilling Planks

You may cook other items using the same fundamental process as fish. Grilling chicken, pig, and beef on a plank is also an option. It’s worth noting that while grilling a steak, the aim is to get the grill as flaming hot as possible and get the steak on and off as soon as possible, which goes against the plank effect.


Finally, as long as your boards don’t disintegrate from the charring, you may reuse them. Simply clean it with plain water (no soap) and air dry. Also, bear in mind that they will absorb the flavors of anything you’ve previously cooked on it, so you might want to use.