How To Cook Oxtails on the Grill

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How To Cook Oxtails on the Grill

How To Cook Oxtails on the Grill? Oxtails have been used for centuries in cooking. However, it is not a common ingredient in United States cuisine. This is likely because of the cultural taboo against eating the tail of a cow. Nonetheless, oxtails are nutritious and flavorful meat that can be grilled or pot-roasted to perfection.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about how to cook oxtails on the grill. We’ll cover recipes, tips for picking out quality tails and show you how to grill them with confidence. Ready? Let’s get started!

The History Of Oxtails

Oxtails are a type of meat from the tail of a cow. They have been used in cooking for centuries, but they are not commonly eaten in the United States. This is likely because of the taboo against eating meat from a cow’s tail.

Nevertheless, they are nutritious and flavorful meat that can be grilled or pot-roasted to perfection!

How to Cook Oxtails on the Grill

Oxtails can be cooked in a variety of ways: grilled, pot-roasted, and braised. They can also be used to make sauces and soups. The best way to cook oxtails is to sear them first on the grill, then finish them off in the oven or stovetop.

In order to get that perfect sear on your tail, you’ll need to first trim them of any excess fat and skin. After this, season both sides with salt and pepper before placing them on a hot grill. Cook them for 5-8 minutes per side until they are browned and seared.

Selecting Quality Oxtails

Before you start cooking, you’ll want to find the best oxtails for your dish. Check out meat counters in grocery stores or butcher shops in your area. Select oxtails that are cut the same width, and the meat is a healthy pink color with no fatty deposits.

If you are unsure which part of the cow this specific cut comes from, ask your butcher or grocer where it originated. This will help ensure that you select the perfect product for your dish.

To start, you’ll need to prepare your lobster tail for the grill. Get it out of the shell by cutting down the back of the lobster’s head with a large knife. Gently use your fingers to pull off any sharp bits on the skin.

Next, make a slit down the middle of the tail and remove it from the shell. You can either cut them in half or leave them whole, depending on how many people eat with you. Place them on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet before seasoning them with salt and pepper.

Now that they’re seasoned, it’s time to cook! All you have to do is set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the baking sheet in there for 15 minutes. This will prevent any bacteria from forming during the cooking time while also preparing the lobster tails for grilling.

Once they’re done cooking in the oven, let them cool before transferring them onto a grill grate over medium-high heat with some butter on top. Let them cook for about five minutes per side until they’re cooked through—a nice glistening red is what you should be looking for when making sure they’re done cooking.

Three Delicious Recipes

We’ve compiled three delicious recipes that you can grill oxtails for a dinner party or a family gathering.

Grilled Oxtails with Garlic and Lemon Butter: This recipe is best for those who love the taste of garlic. The lemon butter sauce will leave your guests drooling.

Grilled Oxtails with Red Wine Sauce: This recipe is perfect for those who prefer the taste of red wine. It’s hearty, rich, and robust in flavor.

Oxtail Soup: This soup is a good choice for people who want to prepare their oxtails ahead of time because it doesn’t require any grilling time.

If you’re unsure of the best way to grill lobster tails, here are some helpful tips for you.

-Cooking time will vary based on how big your lobster tail is. Most grills cook them in about 10 minutes in total.

-For a more intense flavor, use melted butter instead of vegetable oil when cooking the tails.

-To keep your lobster tail moist, don’t overcook it! You want to turn it so that both sides are cooked, but it shouldn’t be cooked for more than 5 minutes on each side. How To Grill Florida Lobster Tails?

-You can also cook the tails in an oven preheated to 350°F (177°C). The cooking time will be about 12 minutes for this method.

Enjoy this seafood item with your family and friends after cooking it yourself. You can read articles regarding marinating the lobster tails and grilling them to work on the further two elements of the cooking process of lobster tails.

Oxtail Stew To Cook Oxtails on the Grill

It requires:

One tablespoon olive oil

2 lbs oxtails, cut into 2-inch pieces

1 cup chopped onion

Two cloves garlic, minced

Three tablespoons tomato paste

4 cups beef stock or broth

One bay leaf

One teaspoon of dried thyme leaves

1/8 teaspoon ground allspice or cloves

Salt and pepper to taste

Jamaican Jerk Oxtail Skewers To Cook Oxtails on the Grill

Jamaican jerk oxtails are a delicious way to kick off this recipe journey. Take a few hours to reheat your grill and gather the necessary ingredients. This dish is easy to make but needs time to marinate in order for the flavors to really come out.

The spices used in the marinade include onion, scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, thyme, black pepper, allspice berries, salt, and cayenne pepper.

For this recipe, you will need four pounds of oxtails, two tablespoons of jerk seasoning (recipe below), one tablespoon of olive oil, and two Scotch bonnet peppers (optional). The final product will produce about six skewers worth.


Oxtails are a traditional Jamaican dish that’s often served at celebrations. They’re made from the tail of the cow and are prepared in a variety of ways.

If you’ve never prepared oxtails before, don’t worry! This article has all the recipes and tips you need to make them at home.

Oxtails are usually cooked in a stew or braised with vegetables, but they can be grilled too. If you want to grill oxtails, it’s important to select high-quality ones. These should be trimmed of excess fat and sinew, preferably with the skin still on. When it’s time to cook, you can skewer them or lay them directly on the grill grate.

The best way to prepare oxtails is in a stew with vegetables, but Jamaican jerk is also popular. Either way, it’s important to take your time and simmer the meat slowly, so it becomes tender.

Oxtails are a flavorful and unique dish that is easy to make at home with these tips.