How To Cook St Louis Ribs On Grill

Cook St Louis Ribs On Grill

How To Cook St Louis Ribs On Grill? Ribs are considered as one of the most luxury dishes to eat all around the world. They are eaten as grilled ribs, made into ribs curry and even served as ribs food. They are one of the most nutrition food item packed with energy and taste.

Many times, ribs are used as a barbecue item and grilled. This is one of the most traditional and widely used methods to have ribs as a dish itself. There are many other methods to cook ribs too. St Louis ribs are barbecue style ribs which have received their name from their origin which as St Louis area.

St Louis ribs are grilled as a barbecue item rather than being cooked slowly over slow heat or on a stove. You can customise your recipes according to your need by adding various kinds of flavours and utilizing multiple marinating options.

Ways On How To Cook St Louis Ribs On Grill

There are multiple recipes to cook St Louis ribs on grill. You can look for any recipe which has flavours and spices according to your needs and taste. Here is one of the most commonly used recipes to make St Louis ribs on grill.

  • Prepping Time

The prepping time for St Louis ribs is around 10 minutes while the grilling time can range from three hours to three hours and thirty minutes.

  • Ingredients

this recipe you will need four pounds of St Louis style cut pork ribs which are cut into 6 inches, you will require at least four cups of barbecue sauce, melted butter, 5 cloves of garlic and some oil to brush the grill.

  • Instructions

To begin with grilling the St Louis pork ribs, you have to first heat the grill up to 300 degrees. After doing so brush your grill slightly with minimal amount of olive oil or vegetable oil. Next take a metal can with it water and cover with aluminium foil. Make holes in the foil covering and place it on the preheated side of grill.

Next place the ribs on the unheated side and cover the grill for up to 1.5 hours. Next open the grill, flips the ribs on the other side and close the grill again for 1.5 hours. Ribs will be completely cooked once the meat side of the bone shrinks.

Now baste the ribs with barbecue sauce and melted butter containing minced garlic. Grill each side for 2 minutes with this mixture. After doing so, remove the ribs from the grill and serve it with buns or tortillas. Your St Louis are ready to be eaten.

Tips For Grilling St Louis Ribs

You can surely follow the ideal grilling recipe to grill your St Louis ribs and serve them as a main course. However, at times there are some dos and don’ts which you should follow or you can consider some tips to make your dish stand out due to its taste.

Here are the tips you can follow to make your dish standout due to its taste and flavour.

  • Marination

One of the major tips chefs focus on while grilling any ribs is marinating it a day before. You should prepare your ribs a day before. For this you can add your favourite spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper and oil. This will result in most tender ribs while you grill them.

  • Membrane-free Ribs

Before prepping your ribs, make sure that you have cut your ribs properly and set them at least 6 inches apart. In addition to this, do not forget to remove the membrane which surrounds the ribs as this can result in loss of flavour while grilling and can also result in under cooked ribs.

  • Brine The Ribs

It is preferred to brine your ribs in a solution of salt and water. You can also add some volume of vinegar to it. This will result in the most succulent, flavourful and tender ribs. In addition to this, this will also eradicate the meaty smell from your ribs.

Benefits Of Eating Grilled St Louis Ribs

As we are aware that St Louis Ribs are widely eaten as main cuisine and starters as well. This is because of numerous health benefits associated with eating St Louis grilled ribs. Following are the most common health benefits of eating St Louis grilled ribs.

  • Energy Provider

Ribs are a great source of energy provider. They contain sufficient amount of protein and fat which provide instant energy. In addition to this, ribs provide instant energy and also provide warmth to the body.

  • Nutrient Provider

Ribs are a complete source of nutrition as they contain multiple nutrients. Due to this benefit, ribs are used to overcome multiple nutritional deficiencies. Ribs are a source of fats, proteins and minerals. Amongst which zinc is the major mineral. Ribs are also used to overcome protein malnutrition in most of the cases.

  • Immunity Booster

Ribs are also one of the best immunity enhancing foods. Due to their nature of being nutritious they act by blocking or neutralizing antioxidants and hence, enhance body’s overall immunity.

  • Preventing Anaemia

Ribs and lean meat in general contain sufficient amount of heme iron. This heme iron is sufficient in overcoming iron deficiency anaemia which is usually caused due to decreased intake or absorption of iron.

In addition to this, eating ribs also enhances your overall skin appearance and look. It promotes pink flushed look around your face, enhances the synthesis of collagen, and also promotes elastin synthesis to increase the elasticity of your skin.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, there are many ways you can grill St Louis ribs. New methods have also been invented apart from the old traditional methods. In addition to this, you can add up the spice, flavours and sauces according to your needs. The most commonly used sauce is barbecue sauce. However, many other sauces can also be used.

You can follow certain tips and tricks to achieve the best taste. Above stated are the most common recommendations by multiple chefs. People should incorporate ribs in their diet as it is a fully packed nutritious food or meal.

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