How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom?

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom? Complete Solution

You might have come here seeking guidance on repairing a rusted grill bottom. Continue reading to find the solution to your inquiry. The reason being, the metallic area at the bottom of the grill can degrade over time due to the accumulation of grease, remnants of food, juices from meat, and ash.

Cleaning a rusted grill bottom is simple and requires only non-toxic household products like vinegar, salt, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent. But there’s no disputing that prevention is better.

Furthermore, you may replace a rusted grill bottom. However, if the previous one becomes unusable, you must buy a new grill. In no time at all, your grill will be sparkling clean and glossy thanks to the methods outlined below.

Why Does My Gas Grill Rust Out?

First of all, let’s discuss a few reasons that why do grills rust out.

Water: The most common reason for grill rust is dampness. Outdoor grills should be protected from wet weather and snow to minimize rusting. Oil your grill once you’ve cleaned it using water to prevent future corrosion.

Grease: Greases and oils on the grill get burned up at high temperatures, but they can leave a residue that causes corrosion. To avoid such things, wipe down your grills before you fire them up. Also every time after cooking clean with a brush or paper towel soaked in oil to prevent rusting of metal surfaces of your grill.

Oxygen: Oxygen and water cause rusting, so if your grill lid isn’t sealed tightly enough or has a gap between the top and bottom halves of it, oxygen may get in. Also, keep track of whether there are any holes on the metal surfaces which let air pass through them. A closed space with no ventilation for metal surfaces will cause rust.

Food Residue: Food residue or grease on the grill surface can lead to corrosion of your grills. It is advised that before cooking, clean off the food residue from all metal parts using a stiff brush and some hot water with dishwashing soap in it. Then wipe down the outside surfaces of your grill with a wet cloth or paper towel.

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom?

Most grills are usually built of stainless steel to avoid rusting. The bottom of the grill, on the other hand, is where all the meat juices and filth accumulate, making it very susceptible to rust. Furthermore, the degree of damage determines the procedures for restoring a barbecue grill.

Keep your grills rust-free by cleaning them after every use. To prevent moisture, the grill should be completely dry. It is also advised that you oil the grill to avoid damaging it due to saltwater. If you have a garage, keep the grill in there to protect it from rain and dust. A grill cover is also an option. Well, here are a few of the methods to prevent rust.

1- Maintain Grill Grates

Maintaining grill grates is the best way to prevent rusting. After every use, place them over direct heat for a few minutes to burn off any food residue left behind on it. Also, clean with hot water and dishwashing soap if they’re not too greasy. Do remember that non-stick cooking spray or oil should never be used on a grill grate.

2- Grease and Oil Removal

In case the grills are excessively greasy, you can make use of some household products to remove grease from them. The most efficient option is using salt or baking soda with water to scrub off any residue left behind by food particles after cooking. After cleaning it thoroughly, rinse out the grill with water and wipe it dry to prevent rusting.

In case you want some natural items, vinegar is a good option as well. After applying the solution of salt or baking soda on your grills, use an old toothbrush to remove any remaining food residue from there. Then rinse off the surface completely using hot water before wiping it dry.

3- Thoroughly Dry the Grill

After cleaning and removing any rust, you need to give your grill a thorough dry with paper towels. Ensure that the grills are completely dried after washing them off with water before applying oil or grease for protecting them from future corrosion.

To fix the rusted grill bottom, the best option is to use baking soda or salt over it followed by vinegar for cleaning it up completely. Ensure that you are thoroughly drying your grills after washing them off with water before oiling to prevent further corrosion.

4- Invest in a Grill Cover

It is also advisable to invest in a grill cover after every use. A good quality cover will protect your grills from snow, rain, and dust effectively without letting them rust for months together.

5- Store Grill to the Garage

If you have a garage, just store them there to protect grills from rusting by preventing moisture. When they are not being used for long periods of time, keep the grill in the closed position until it is needed next.

How to Remove Grill Rust?

There are various ways to remove rust from your grill. Maintaining the grills properly after every use is an easy way of preventing them from corrosion and damage due to weather conditions like snow, rain, and dust.

The usual procedure for removing rusted bottom in a grill is by using baking soda or salt mixed with vinegar for scrubbing the grills effectively. After scrubbing them, you need to rinse off the grill grate with hot water and dry it well before applying oil or grease for protecting it from future rusting.

If your grill is too greasy after cooking food on it, using salt mixed in vinegar can help remove residual grease as well. Never use non-stick cooking spray or oil on a grill grate as it accelerates the rusting process further by creating an additional layer of grease.

We hope that you know how to fix the rusted grill bottom by now. So take care of your grill by following this guide.


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