How To Make A Brick Oven Grill

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How To Make A Brick Oven Grill

How To Make A Brick Oven Grill?  No one enjoys the long wait for food on a busy summer day. Thankfully, you can avoid this with a brick oven grill.

A brick oven grill is an outdoor kitchen that utilizes natural or electric heat to sear your food. It offers an alternative to your standard charcoal grill and has many advantages—you can cook more than one item at once, it’s easy to clean, and it doesn’t use any gas or fuel.

Learning how to build a brick oven grill may be intimidating at first—but don’t worry! This guide will show you everything you need to know to start your outdoor kitchen.

Benefits Of A Brick Oven Grill

A brick oven grill has many benefits that make it a smart investment for your business. For starters, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require any gas or fuel. This makes it a great option for those who don’t want to worry about refueling the grill.

And while you can cook more than one item at once on a brick oven grill, we’ll show you how to do this in just five easy steps:

  1. Heat your wood chips in a cast iron pan
  2. Place your food directly on the grill grate
  3. Put the cast iron pan on top of the food
  4. Place the lid over the whole thing
  5. Wait 15-20 minutes

How To Make A Brick Oven Grill?

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But why spend money and time looking for restaurants when you can make grilled burgers at home? If you are a bit hesitant, continue reading this article and learn how to grill burgers like a pro. We will also let you know whether to cover the burger like ham and other thick meat items. So give it a read and start grilling!

How To Build A Brick Oven Grill 

A brick oven grill is a device that allows you to cook food without using any gas or fuel. A brick oven grill is perfect for warm weather, and you want to cook outside during the day. 

It can be difficult to figure out how to build a brick oven grill, but don’t worry! This guide will walk you through every step in the process.

We will discuss what type of bricks and mortar are necessary and how to measure and cut them. We’ll then show you how to lay your bricks in a pattern and explain how you can draft an outline of an oven plan. Finally, we’ll go over some of the most popular DIY grills—and share some additional tips on getting started!

Getting The Materials To Make A Brick Oven Grill

The first step to building your brick oven grill is gathering all of the materials you’ll need. You’ll want to get a few supplies, including bricks, cement mix, mortar, sand, stone aggregate (optional), and waterproofing paint (optional).

To build the actual cooking space for the brick oven grill, you’ll need cement mix and sand. You can use either premixed or dry mixes; premixed will be more convenient if you don’t have time to make your mix.

If you’re using premixed cement bags, then all you need to do is combine it with water and sand in a 5:1 ratio. If you’re using dry mixes, measure out 1 cup of cement mix with 6 cups of sand. Use hot water for mixing; this will ensure that everything fully blends.

If you plan on making your brick oven grill outside as I did, make sure to include some waterproofing paint! This will protect it from moisture in the air. Paint three coats on both sides of the bricks before assembling them in place.>>END>>

Preparing Your Site To Make A Brick Oven Grill

Before you can start building, you’ll need to prepare your site. The first step is measuring the space where the grill will be placed. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough room for people to work their way around it.

Secondly, you will need to figure out how high you want your grill to be off the ground. This will depend on how easy it is to access the area where the meat will be cooking. It’s best if your grill is close enough that you can easily reach into it with a long-handled spatula or tongs.

Lastly, ensure that the flooring surface is level by placing a flat board over it. You’ll use this board as a level during your build. Now that everything’s all set up let’s get started!

Building The Base

Before baking anything, you need a base to put the oven on. So start by cutting a hole through the center of your brick and mortar base.

Next, place a steel deck plate on the ground and build a cement pad around it to hold up the oven.

Finally, position your oven on top of that pad and press it into place.

Now, you are ready to cook some delicious food!

Laying Bricks For Your Chimney

The first step to building a brick oven grill is laying the bricks for your chimney.

The chimney should be built about two and a half feet off the ground and at least three bricks wide to support the rest of the cooking chamber. Make sure you leave an opening at the top of your chimney for air to escape.

You can lay bricks in a pattern that reflects your desired design or use an even, herringbone pattern that’s easy to build.

Once you start this process, it’s important not to stop until it’s finished! The next step will involve using a mortar, and you don’t want it to dry out while working on other steps.


If you have a passion for cooking and the outdoors, a brick oven grill might be perfect for you. Follow these steps to create a brick oven grill of your own. And if you are not familiar with the dishes you can make with this grill, make sure you read our other blogs.