How To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails

Grilling 4 Oz Lobster Tails

How To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails? If you see lobster tails in the seafood case, grab a few for a delicious meal. In this article, you will find out how to grill 4 oz lobster tails. Grilling a lobster tail is pretty simple.

Lobster Tails are widely eaten all around the world. Whether it be chicken gizzard steak, beef steak, mutton steak or even pork. Steaks are a nutritious food full of protein and other nutrients. In addition to this, it is raw form of meat hence, it has many added minerals and vitamins too. Apart from just being grilled, steaks are served with steamed vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and many other vegetables too.

Grill is one of the safest options to grill the meat because it allows controlled grill opportunity and prevents the burning of food as well. Through Grill, one can easily maintain the heat transfer from the flame to the food. In addition to this, you can also control the temperature and automatic burning of coal. This indirectly controls the flame which is reaching the food.

To grill Lobster Tail, you can marinate the chicken gizzard overnight. If not over night than you can marinate the lobster tail 2 to 3 hours before grilling and freeze it. Marinating the lobster tail adds up to the flavour of lobster tail and enhances the juiciness too. After marinating you can place the lobster tail on the Grill.

It only takes a grill, some skewers, and a little butter to make this. Read on to find out the recipe in detail.

Step 1. Cut The Herbs Into Small Pieces

Cut the fresh herbs up so that you have 2 tablespoons of chives and 1 tablespoon of tarragon. Chop one peeled garlic clove up as well. Place the herbs and garlic into a bowl.

You can substitute any of your favorite fresh herbs for the chives or tarragon. Parsley or basil would be good choices.

Step 2. Combine The Butter Hot Sauce & Black Pepper

Combine the fresh herbs with ½ cup of salted butter and a dash of hot sauce in the bowl. Season with freshly ground pepper to taste. Use room temperature butter to make it easier for it to blend with the garlic and herbs.

Step 3. Blend The Garlic Herb Butter Until Smooth

Mix butter, herbs, and garlic with a spatula or wooden spoon. Stir constantly until the butter, herbs, and garlic are combined. Then cover it with plastic wrap and put it aside. The butter mixture should be soft enough to scoop with a spoon.

Step 4. Refrigerate Frozen Lobster Tails Overnight To Thaw

Place all frozen lobster tails on a plate and place them in the refrigerator the night before you want to grill them. You can skip this step if you purchase fresh lobster tails.

Step 5. Take Lobster Tails Out Of The Fridge 1 Hour Before Grilling

It’s important to bring the lobster tails to room temperature before grilling them. Put the lobster tails on the counter when you are ready to grill them. Do not leave the lobster tails at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. How To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails? 

Step 6. Cut The Lobster Tails Lengthwise Through The Tops 

Cut through the center of the hard shell with a sharp pair of kitchen shears. You should begin by cutting the lobster tail near the wide end and work your way to the tip. Stop cutting just before the tail’s end. It will keep the tail intact.

Step 7. Cut The Lobster Tail Flesh To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails

Use a sharp chef’s knife to cut along the line you made with the kitchen shears. Start at the tip of the tail and cut through the lobster flesh along the cut line. Make sure not to cut through the flesh all the way so that the tail separates. You should now have a hinge-style lobster tail after cutting.

Step 8. Season The Tail After Opening It To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails

Pull the tail gently open along the line you cut. It should now lay flat like a book. Brush a little olive oil over each lobster’s flesh using a pastry brush dipped in olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you cut the tail and open it before grilling, the tail will cook evenly. 

Step 9. Cook The Lobster Tails To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails

If you’re using a gas grill, turn the burners up to medium-high. Using a charcoal grill, light a chimney full of briquettes. When the briquettes are hot and lightly covered with ash, carefully place them on one half of the grill. Grill temperature should be between 350 and 400 °F.

Step 10. Grill The Lobster Tails From The Flesh Side Down

Place the tails directly over the coals of a charcoal grill. Leave at least ½ inch between each tail. Brushing the lobster tails with oil will prevent them from sticking to the grill grates.

Step 11. Let The Tails Grill For 5 Minutes

Allow the lobster tails to cook on the grill until the flesh becomes lightly marked. The shells will turn bright red. At this point, it should not be completely cooked.

Step 12. Flip The Lobster Over & Brush The Flesh With Garlic Butter

Turn each tail over with tongs after lifting the grill lid. Spread a little of the herb garlic butter over each tail with a barbecue brush.

Step 13. Grill The Tails Until They Reach 140 °F

Grill the lobster tails until they are opaque and bright white. Insert the meat thermometer into the thickest part of the lobster tail. Upon completion of cooking, the tails should reach 140 °F (60 °C).

Step 14. Serve Lobster Tails

Put the tails on a serving platter after they have been grilled. Brush the tails with more herb garlic butter or set them aside. To serve the lobster tails, add lemon wedges and chive sprigs.

You can keep leftover lobster tails in the refrigerator for up to 4 days in an airtight container.


With a chef’s knife, slice the lobster head if you purchased it live. It will instantly die. The lobster will not feel any pain. It will be a humane way to end the lobster’s suffering. If you don’t like the sound of this, you can always boil it for about 4 minutes.

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