How to Keep Burgers from Falling Apart on the Grill

How to Keep Burgers from Falling Apart on the Grill

Sometimes it’s frustrating to cook hamburgers for your guests because they’ll fall apart while cooking on the grill. This is especially true if you’re cooking for a large crowd and need to cook the burgers quickly. 

The best way to keep those classic burgers from falling apart on the grill, no matter how many you’re cooking, is by using a relay pan. This will allow you to cook your hamburgers vertically and horizontally at the same time without any risk of falling apart!

If you don’t have both a grill and a pan, we’ve provided some alternative options in this article. We will also discuss how to keep burgers from falling apart on the grill. So read till the end. 

Why Are Your Burger Patties Falling Apart?

One of the most common reasons you’ll see burgers fall apart while cooking is because they’ve been overcooked. This can happen when you over-thicken the meat or if you’re using meat that’s too lean.

Another reason burger patties can fall apart is if they’ve been over-handled. If you’re using a lot of meat, your hands will be greasy after handling it so much, causing it to stick and not want to roll properly.

How to Keep Burgers from Falling Apart on the Grill

Here are some of the tips you have to follow for keeping the burgers from falling apart. 

1- Chill the Burgers Before Cooking:

Chilling the patties will ensure they don’t stick to each other while cooking. The goal is to have the meat as cold as possible when you cook them so it doesn’t steam or become too warm during cooking, thereby causing them to fall apart. A good way to chill your burgers is to store them in the freezer for about 6-8 hours before cooking them on your grill.

2- Resist the Urge to Turn over:

Patience is key in the art of cooking hamburgers or any other type of meat for that matter. If you try to flip your burgers too frequently, this will cause them to fall apart. You want your burgers to be evenly cooked and the only way to do that is by allowing the top side to cook long enough before flipping it over. This will give you a nice sear on both sides and allow you to avoid sogginess.

3- Make the Right Shape:  

Don’t get caught up in trying to form perfectly round patties or try to make them a special shape. If you’re cooking more than one patty, alternate cooking on the grill or grill pan. It’s important not to cook them on both surfaces at the same time because doing this will cause them to stick together.

4- Use Better Quality Ground Meat:

The best ground meat for burgers is a mix of 80% lean beef trimmings and 20% fat. Ground chuck is better than ground round because the rounds are too fatty and can result in a soggy patty.

5-Make Sure to Use the Correct Temperature:    

Always make sure to use the proper cooking temperature for your burgers. If your patties are too cold, you’ll end up with a hockey puck burger. The meat will stick together and there will be no sear on the surface of the patty. If your patties are too warm, it’ll cause them to melt and get mushy in the middle.

6- Prevent Overheating:

If your burgers start to burn on the grill, turn the temperature down or move to a different part of your cooking area. If you notice them sticking to the grill, move them to a cooler area and let them cook for another five minutes.

How Long Burgers Should be cooked?  

For the cooking time, you’ll want to make sure your burgers are cooked through so they don’t fall apart. It’s important to use a thermometer and determine how long it takes for each burger to reach the ideal temperature.

For a hamburger cooked on a charcoal grill, you’ll want them to reach an internal temperature of 165°F. Aim for this temperature every time so your burgers will always cook evenly and stay juicy all the way through.

Tips to Keep the Patties from Falling Apart      

Below are some tips on how you can keep the patties from falling apart while they’re being cooked so everything stays in place.

  • Make sure to handle the meat gently when shaping it. This will help ensure you don’t accidentally break up the patty while shaping it into a ball.
  • Lightly oil the grate before placing the patty on top.
  • If you’re cooking more than one patty, stagger your grill fires so that the centre of each patty cooks at different temperatures, allowing you to cook them without touching or moving them around.
  • When you’re using the grill, start with hot coals and then move over to medium coals when the burgers are almost done. This will help prevent sogginess and keep your burgers from falling apart.
  • If you’re cooking on a pan, place your patties on a cold fire. Let them cook for ten minutes before flipping. This is especially important if you’re cooking more than one patty.

What to do when you are cooking 2 large burgers at the same time?

Here’s what you should do if you’re cooking 2 large burgers:

Step 1: Place your patties on the grill or grill pan. Lightly oil the grate with a paper towel before placing the patties on top.

Step 2: Place a heavy plate directly on top of one of the patties. Move it around every five minutes or so. Use this opportunity to flip your patties and give them a few minutes on either side, but don’t move them around too much. Try not to touch the plate and patties too often and interrupt the cooking process.


Hope you know about how to keep burgers from falling apart on the grill. Now you can easily grill them without any fear. Enjoy Grilling! 

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