How to Remove George Foreman Grill Plates

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How to Remove George Foreman Grill Plates

How to remove George’s foreman grill plates? Well, this is a question asked by almost every Geroge Foreman grill owner. The George Foreman Grill is generally a grilling machine that has an indoor electric grill for cooking meats and vegetables. This electric appliance may include an upper and lower grilling plate that can simultaneously contact the food to cook from both sides to save your cooking time.

These grilling plates also have grooves in them that are to catch the grease and protect the food from absorbing grease and oils. However, you can easily remove the grilling plates and drip tray for cleaning your Foreman grill.

But the question is how to remove the grilling plates of the George Foreman grill? Well! The answer is not that complex and we will discuss it thoroughly in this blog. We are going to share a complete guide about removing the plates from the Foreman grill.

How to Remove George Foreman Grill Plates?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to remove the grilling plates from your George Foreman grill.

Step: 1 

First of all, turn the grill off by pressing the power button in the middle of the control panel of the grill on its lid. You may see dashes in the time and then temperature displays. Unplug the power cord and then allow your appliance to cool down.

Step: 2 

Lift the front side of the grill and put the dri[ tray under the front two feet. Now push the lid up so that it can stand without closing.

Step: 3 

Drag off the leftover food particles on the grill into the drip tray with the help of the Foreman spatula. Then clean any grease or residue from the grill into the drip tray by using paper towels. Remove the drip tray and clean it into the garbage. Clean the drip tray with paper towels or tissues to remove any oils or remaining food particles.

Step: 4 

Hold the handles on both sides of the top grilling plate in the lid. And pull them both out and remove the upper grilling plate of the grill. After that, pull the two lower handles out in an exact way to remove the grill’s lower grilling plate.

Step: 5 

Now clean the inside and outside of the grill with a warm wet sponge to clean it thoroughly.

Step: 6 

You can wash the upper and lower grilling plates as well as the drip tray in warm soapy water or a dishwasher.

What are the main components or parts of the George Foreman Grill?

Here is the list of all the components or parts of a George Foreman Grill.

Removable Plates

This grill mostly has removable plates that are very easy to clean. As we all know, easy cleanup is important and that is a big relief about removable plates. Because after getting removed, they made cleanliness a lot easier. You can pop the plates in a dishwasher after cooking and then they will be ready to go for your next grilling meal.

Premium Ceramic Coating

Ceramic is the main factor in the improved non-stick coating of the George Foreman grill. Incredibly, it is 5 times more durable, stain and fade-resistant. Along with it, it is also free of PTFE and PFOA.

Fat-Removing Slope

This part is considered as the sure sign of the George grill. You might be surprised to know that sloped grilling surfaces help you in removing about 42 percent of fat from flesh for lean and tasty meals.

Removable Grill Plates

The top and bottom plates of the Foreman grill are completely removable. They also have cool-touch plastic grips that make them easy to grasp and handle.

Drip Tray

The drip tray can collect the excess fat and grease off your meat and food so do not have to do so. These trays are also safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

How to Clean Non-Removable Plates on a George Foreman Grill?

We have discussed that removable plates are very easy to clean by just removing them from the grill and then submerging them in a sink full of warm soapy water. Let the plates soak for some time to loosen the food residues. Then wipe them with a soft sponge, rinse and allow them to dry completely before you have to put them back in the grill.

But how do you clean a non-removable plate on a George Foreman grill? In this regard, we are going to discuss a method for this.

Non-Removable Grill Plates

  1. After grilling the food, unplug your grill. And keep it open for at least 10 to 15 minutes, allow it to cool slightly.
  2. Put various damp paper towels onto the grill and close its lid.
  3. Let your grill sit for a few minutes and then clean it with paper towels.

How can you prevent your food from sticking to the George Foreman grill?

For keeping your food from getting stuck to the grill, cover the damaged grill plates with the help of heavy-duty aluminum foil. This will easily withstand the heat of the grill. It is better to form the foil on the grill plates before heating your grill. Spray the foil generously with edible cooking spray to keep the food from getting stuck.

Is it necessary to spray your George Foreman grill?

This grill has been advertised as an excellent way of cooking meats without fat. But at the same time, you can also cook many other things on your George Foreman grill. So preheat your grill, spray it with non-sticking cooking spray, and make the eggs like usual.

We hope that you know how to remove George’s foreman grill plates by now. Just follow these tips to remove your grill and take care of it properly.