Is It Safe to Use Old Refrigerator

Top 3 Best Fridge Replacements for Old Refrigerators

The majority of freezers and refrigerators remain operational for up to 20 years from their purchase date. Yet, a common concern is if these appliances are both efficient and suitable for contemporary usage. Owning an older refrigerator likely means you’re paying a bit more on your electricity bills than someone with a newer version. Aged refrigerators might lead to an increase of up to $200 in yearly energy costs when compared to the latest models.

Old refrigerators consume at least 1700 KWh or power while new-age models use up to 450 KWh for the same size fridges. If you pay 12 cents per KWh, you can save up to $150 annually simply from upgrading to a new age fridge. Another reason to replace your old fridge is that older appliances require more frequent repairs, which can run into thousands of dollars in the end.

Is it safe to use an old refrigerator? While it may not be a risk factor, there are many disadvantages to using an old unit.

Ultimately, it’s best to purchase a new refrigerator to prevent problems in the long run. If buying a large kitchen appliance isn’t in the budget, there are affordable loans you can use to cover the cost of a replacement like these three listed below.

Galanz GLR16FS2K16 Built-In Ice Makers Refrigerator

The modern and sleek designed Galanz bottom mount refrigerator measures 28.4’’ X 31.1’’ X 70.0’’. This gives it the capacity to store food, soda, beer, and other beverages with minimal energy and without taking up too much space. With a modern, sleek design, this suite of appliances is ideal for your large family.

As a triple door built-in icemaker refrigerator, Galanz comes with a 16.0 Cu.Ft bottom mount fridge with separated compartments for freezer and refrigeration to provide your family with flexible storage solutions. The product has an installed icemaker providing up to 3 lbs. of ice daily.

This refrigerator uses R600a high-efficiency and low-energy consumption compressor. It can cool food quickly with lower energy. It also has an interior light that gives you a better view of the interior. The leveling legs can adjust feet and keep level placement anywhere.

The electronic temperature control allows you to easily change the temperature on this fridge to suit your needs in both the fresh food compartment as well as the freezer drawers thanks to a refrigerator compartment temperature range of 33°F to 45°F and a freezer compartment temperature range of -8°F to 5°F.

The icing on the cake is the removable glass shelf that separates fruit and vegetable or any other types of food. A removable slide-out glass shelf provides more ways to organize your storage needs.

FRIGIDAIRE FFTR1821TS 30 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator 

This is a free-standing refrigerator by Frigidaire comes with an above-average capacity of 18 cu. ft. that makes it possible to install it from the packaging to the garage with minimal stress and no requirement for adaptations. This is a highly recommended refrigerator for your garage made with a built that can fit in small spaces thanks to its 66inches in height, 30W x 32 D, and 205 pounds.

It comes with a top freezer that does not include an icemaker and measures 3.9 cubic feet in space that consists of a single evaporator unit. You can upgrade it to include an icemaker if this is a requirement for your garage refrigerator.

That is not all. This refrigerator features four adjustable pullout shelves split to create enough space for different container sizes, drinks and foods. There are also crisper bins at the bottom of the refrigerator and a meat/deli bean on the upper part that can keep your cold foods at 32degrees.

The lower side of this fridge can be reversed, and it comes with an interior space that has storage made up of 4-tray columns that have the depth to accommodate 2-litre bottles. You will also find a self-contained butter/margarine container that comes with a cover located above the storage space. You can also use the two long storage spaces on the freezer door to freeze your juices or other narrow frozen foods.

The best part is that this is an energy-efficient refrigerator with an annual consumption of $43, which is the average local utility range in local areas. There is nothing not to love about this refrigerator.

Kenmore 50049 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This fridge comes with 25 cubic feet of interior space and adjustable easy-to-clean glass shelving. It also has gallon door bins and a humidity-controlled clear crisper bin to give you tons of storage and organization options inside the fridge.

It has an in-door Dual Pad ice and water dispenser that puts fresh water right in your glass. No button fumbling required. The ice dispenser has a clear built-in window so you can monitor ice levels, while a built-in water filter reduces water contaminants.

The gallon-sized adjustable door bins, a dairy shelf, and tall item accommodation make grabbing commonly-used items quick and easy.

Bright LEDs light up this slim side-by-side refrigerator so you can always find what you need. No need to dig through the fridge for the leftover pie.

The height of the ice dispenser is 6.5”. Height to the water dispenser is 7.5”. It also comes with a dual paddle system, which has a separate dispenser location for water and ice.

What to consider when shopping for a new fridge

The sizing

Having an oversized fridge ends up being a waste of space and energy in your home. For a typical family of four people, you only need 16 cubic feet in fridge capacity and 8 cubic feet in freezer space. This is enough to meet the food and drinks needs of your family.


When it comes to the features in your fridge, you can get fridges with icemakers, water dispensers, and even manual defrost models. The more features a fridge comes with, the more energy it will require to run. Therefore, it is best to ensure you only get a refrigerator with features that will not drive your electricity power bill up.


Generally, refrigerators come in different styles, including French door styles, top or bottom freezer styles, and side-by-side styles. The type you choose should be based on preference and the size of your kitchen. For limited kitchen spaces, a top or bottom freezer fridge is ideal.


When it comes to refrigerators, the term efficiency describes a unit with low operating costs. When shopping for a fridge, ensure you pay attention to the energy star label: the more the stars, the more efficient the refrigerator.

Once you have your new fridge, you can take out the old one for recycling.


Is it safe to use an old refrigerator? While safety should not be a concern, using an old refrigerator is more expensive in the end compared to a newer model. If you have been using the same unit for more than 20 years, it is time to consider changing it for any of the three models featured above.







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