KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine Review

Should you be seeking a dependable, cost-effective, and modern bread machine, the KBS pro bread machine stands as an ideal selection. It is equipped with 17 settings, offering the flexibility to prepare various types of bread right in your own kitchen. This machine enables you to produce bread in three different sizes, ranging from 1 pound to 2.2 pounds. The distinguishing features of this bread maker are its economical price point and the inclusion of a fruit and nut dispenser.

If you are interested in the KBS Pro bread maker, here is everything you need to know about it.

An enhanced design

While it may seem like a simplistic design at first, the KBS pro bread maker comes in a brilliant design. The internal parts are enclosed in a stainless steel housing, making it a long-lasting appliance in your kitchen. This bread maker was created to make your cooking processes easier. You can adjust the heat to support better enzyme reactions. It comes with a patented heater that ensures fast and even distributing of heat for an evenly baked bread.

For the build quality, this bread maker comes in a quality build, which is noticeable from the moment to set your eyes on it. When you touch the machine, you feel the premium design n the curved and edges, which are perfectly done. This speaks highly of the company’s dedications to creating a high-quality, reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliance.

It features a 4.5/R high rotating speed for thorough kneading of the dough. Combined with the ceramic baking pan, you are sure you bake a tasty piece of bread.

This bread maker comes with a single kneading paddle with a hood for easy removal. The best part is that the paddle is dishwasher safe.

The settings

This bread maker comes with more than 15 settings to ensure you can use it for different types of cooking. These include soft bake, sweet bread, natural sourdough, French bread, whole wheat, quick bake, sugar-free, multigrain, milky loaf, cake, raw dough, leaven dough, jam, gluten-free, bake, yogurt, ferment, rice wine, and stir fry.

This bread maker also comes with three crust settings for light, medium and dark and can bake up to three loaf sizes. This makes it ideal for small, medium and large families. This bread maker has a unique heating element that makes it easier to achieve the crust you desire.

Automatic fruit and nut dispenser

This is an unusual addition to a bread maker in the affordable price range. The hopper automatically adds fruits, chocolate, or nuts into the dough towards the end of the kneading cycle. This ensures they are mixed just right, reducing the chances of pulverization when added too early in the kneading cycle.

Most people who have invested in this bread maker have had positive reviews on the efficiency of the automatic dispenser. The ability to bake healthy bread with all the nuts and fruits you desire makes this a worthy bread maker for any home.

The dispenser is detachable and only released the ingredients at the perfect time, which can be observed through the window.

A ceramic bread pan

The KBS pro comes with a ceramic bread pan patented by the company. Based on client reviews, this ceramic pan work just as well as the Teflon coated pan. In the past, people have shown concern over the use of Teflon coated pan because of exposure to harmful chemicals. Therefore, a ceramic baking pan sets this bread maker apart as a healthier option.

Viewing window

The KBS pro comes with a viewing window on the lid and an internal light to make it easy to observe the baking process without interrupting the cycle. The internal light feature is most common in high end, expensive break makers, making it a welcome addition to this low-cost bread machine.

A digital touchpad

The KBS pro comes with a digital pad control panel with 17 settings options, a 15-hour delay timer and a warming option. This way, you can get ready, warm bread waiting for you at the end of a busy day or early in the morning. The touchpad is easy to use with clearly marked buttons, making every baking process a breeze.

This touchpad included an LCD display that shows the countdown throughout the baking process.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bread maker

Countertop space

One of the most important factors to consider is the space you have in your kitchen for a bread maker. If you plan to bake regularly, you need to have a permanent spot on your countertop for the bread maker. Consider the size of your kitchen and the dimensions of a bread maker before investing. When considering the space, consider the clearance needed for the lid to safely open and close.

Delay timer

If you prefer waking up to the smell of freshly baking bread, you need a bread maker with a timer. While all machines come with a timer for the mix and bake features, a bread maker with a dough timer ensures your dough is ready to bake in no time. You simply need to set the timer and let the bread maker handle the rest.

Kneading blades

If you plan to always bake mini loaves with your bread maker, a pone-blade machine would be ideal for your needs. However, if you plan to be kneading a lot of dough for more bread or larger bread, always go for a bread maker with two blades.


While you are on the market for a mini bread maker, it is still important to consider the baking pan’s size. You need a machine that can make mini bread for any recipe. The best choice for a small bread maker would be one that can handle 2 to 3 cups of flour. This ensures you make just enough bread for your small family needs.

The size of the bread maker is determined by the number of people you plan to bake for. Generally, a mini bread maker can make 500g bread.

The controls

Whether you go for a high-end bread maker or a basic one, the best choice should be easy to use. It should come with clearly labelled controls to make it easier for you to use the machine. Always check the layout of the appliance to ensure it is straightforward. Having a complicate machine can make it difficult for you to use.

Bottom line

The KBS Pro stainless steel bread machine is one of the best options in the market for anyone interested in making bread at home. It is also ideal if you are considering taking your bread baking skills to the next level. With numerous features and baking options, there is no reason not to love this bread machine.




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