Best Rated Microwave Convection Oven in 2024

Which Is the Best Convection Oven Microwave

The arrival of microwaves to home kitchens changed how people cook or heat food. In the beginning, microwaves were just additional kitchen appliances that a home could do without. Today, they have become an essential requirement in every kitchen. Over the years, this technology has advanced to offer additional basic cooking functions and include smart settings, convection features, and even voice recognition.

If you are a fan of baking, roasting, steaming and grilling, a convection microwave oven is the best choice you can go for. This microwave does more than just heating, and can even be used as a replacement for standard ovens.

The best rated microwave convection oven should be one that is easy to use. With so many options in the market, choosing the ideal one can be overwhelming. So, which is the best convection microwave oven? To make it easier for you, we have reviewed three of the best convection microwave ovens for below.

Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave Oven with Grill

This Convection Microwave Oven and Grill is one of the best microwave ovens for baking and grilling due to its many outstanding features. It comes in a size, style and smart functions that are an optimal combination, making it a must-have item in every kitchen.

I terms of appearance, this microwave oven is a brushed stainless steel make with the Cuisinart logo. The dark tinted glass window creates a sleek and modern design. For the interior, it is made of stainless steel, removing the possibility of odors lingering inside after cooking. What’s more, the interior is a breeze to clean.

The microwave come with nine preset options for making a number of dishes ranging from popcorn, potato, beverage, reheat to cake, making it a versatile assistant in the kitchen. There are up to 8 other additional function buttons to meet all your cooking needs when you need to Keep Warm, Defrost, Grill and bake.

It uses a built in a state-of-the-art technology Multi Stage Cooking Option. This enables programming to automatic shift functions. Whether you need bake it with microwave at the highest power for 5 minutes, defrost casserole for 10 minutes or grill it for 1 minute, you simply need to set these functions and let the device do the rest.

Samsung Black Stainless Steel Over-The-Range Convection Microwave

During your search for kitchen appliances, you have definitely come across this very populate electronic company, Samsung, one of the best brands in the world. Samsung also makes microwave oven appliances.

This particular model, the MC17J8000CG/AA is made specifically for large households, thanks to the many features it comes with. It is made with a slim fry technology, which makes it unique from other microwave ovens. It has an elegant look and design that is catchy and blends in any kitchen décor.

The Convection oven feature is the main reason to invest in this state of the art equipment. With this, you can Baking and grill different foods with the best-finished results. It has a stainless steel finish and ceramic enamel interior that is easy to clean. You only need to wipe off dirt using a damp cloth for it to be back in its tip-top shape.

The oven measures 31x22x20 with an inner capacity of 1.7 cubic ft. and ten power levels in a 950 wattage capacity.  It also has a three-speed, 350 CFM ventilation system, for easy removal of hot air. All these features are in a compact size microwave oven that will leave more space for other cooking appliances.

Emerson 1.2 CU. FT. 1100W Griller Microwave Oven

This is an electrical equipment made by an American based company. The microwave oven MWCG1584SB model comes with three convection modes for microwaving, baking and grilling. It also has up to 11 power levels running in the 1000 wattages for even heating and cooking.

These convection oven modes cooks your food faster, and burns evenly using the removable turntable plate. For the baking function, this microwave oven comes with pre-programmed power level in the nine cooking option to make baking easy with a single press button.

This microwave oven comes in an ideal size dimension of 21.8 x 21.7 x 13.0 and the inner capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. It is easy to clean because of its stainless steel finish on the front and backside. It also comes with an LED display with touch controls for a smooth operating experience. It also has a child lock option that prevents accidental oven buttons pressing. The optimal time feature allows you to defrost by weight.

What to look for in the best convection microwave oven


Since you plan to bake and grill in the microwave, the size is an important consideration to make. It determines how much food you can place in the microwave at a go. Microwave sizes are measured in cubic food, which can be anything between 0.5 cubic feet to 2 cubic feet. Generally, the larger the number the more food the microwave can hold. It is important to ensure that your current cook wear can fit in the new microwave before you purchase.


Most microwave ovens come with features to make functionality possible. Some feature like presets can be used for commonly used foods like popcorn, potatoes and pizza. Generally, the more presets a microwave has, the easier it is to use.

Racks are also important features to check, especially because you plan to grill in the microwave. They are used to place your food, which makes grilling easier, and allows you to cook more food at once. Child safety lock is also an ideal feature to look out for, as it ensures kids cannot play with the microwave.

The market price

The best microwave oven for baking and grilling usually comes in a price range of between $100 and $200. The higher the price range, the more features and capabilities the microwave is equipped with. Taking your time to choose the best microwave oven gives you a better chance of finding one with advanced features without spending an arm and a leg.

Ease of cleaning

The best microwave oven should be easy to clean. Baking and grilling can leave a lot of mess in the oven, which often can become difficult to clean. Therefore, the best microwave oven should comprise of smooth surfaces with no crevices or holes for easy cleaning. In terms of control features, flush buttons are easier to clean compared to raised knobs. If possible, go for a microwave oven with a steaming/cleaning function to make it even easier to clean.

When cleaning your microwave oven, remember to first let it completely cool down before you start cleaning. Avoid using scouring pads to clean your microwave oven as it can leave scratches, therefore damaging the microwave.

Bottom line

Microwaves come in varied sizes, capacities and power capabilities, making it easy to find a microwave for evert kitchen. Whether you only need to heat food and liquids or do a little more with your microwave, it is important to endure you get the best rated microwave convection oven in the market.



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