Nexgrill Deluxe 5 Burner Review

If you love barbequed food, one of the best investments you can make for your home is investing in the best grill in the market. Nexgrill is a grill model that has been described as one of the best grills in the market. It comes with some of the best grill features in mid-size grills for home use. If you are in the market for a decent grill, you may need to consider the Nexgrill deluxe 5-burner grill.

Five burners

The grill is constructed with 5 burners made from stainless steel material. With these many burners, you can expect even heat distribution and higher BTU delivery per square inch. The cooking area comprises of cast-iron grates that are coated with porcelain enamel material. This protects the iron from rusting and ensures even cooking and better heat retention.

The main burners deliver 55000 BTUs when on the high-temperature range. The side burners produce 12000 BTUs when in use. This ensures you can sear and grill at the same time using your Nexgrill deluxe 5 burner grill. The side burner is a particularly amazing addition but is common with most 5-burner grills in the market. For this cooking space, you can get up to a dozen burger patties and a series of steaks before running out of grate space.

Buying guide for the best Nexgrill deluxe 5 burner review

Going grill shopping can be a fun experience when you know what you are looking for. Being able to finally buy a new grilling machine for your outdoor cooking guarantees to change the way you make food at home. While this sounds exciting, it can also be a daunting task, especially because the market is flooded with options.

There are numerous types of Nexgrill grills in the market. They come with different features, usability, and different brands. If you are concerned about choosing the best Nexgrill grill for your dollar, the Nexgrill 5 burner grills may be ideal. Here is what you need to look for in the best one.

The type of Nexgrill grill 

Nexgrill grills are further classified into two main categories. It is not possible to find a 5 burner grill in small and portable varieties.

Mid-size Nexgrill grills 

These are the most popular types of grills in the market today. They are loved for their numerous features that include all the bells and whistles you would find in high-end grills. They are available for price ranges below $2000. If you have a yard with enough space, you should consider this type of grill. It allows you to grill more with ease.

Large size Nexgrill grills 

As the name implies, these are the largest category of Nexgrill grills. They are perfect for people who host parties regularly and have enough space in their home. They are made of the best quality stainless steel and come with an impressive construction. Most large size Nexgrill grills come with infrared burners and oven features. They can also include side burners for warming ready food as you grill on the rest. These are the most expensive in the category.

The cooking area and warming racks 

When choosing a Nexgrill grill, it is important to consider the cooking area. The best choice depends on how many you plan to use the grill to serve at any given time. If you grill for a few people, a small size cooking area can be sufficient. Large cooking surfaces allow you to grill more in a shorter period. They are the best choice for crowd barbeques and eat outs. The warming rack comes in handy when you are serving more one dish at a go.

The BTUs 

This is simply the amount of heat required when heating something. It refers to the total amount of heat a grill can produce. For faster cooking, the best Nexgrill grill should come with a high BTU. A high BTU ensures even heat distribution in your foods, which ensures the food is ready faster. This is perfect when you do not want to spend the whole evening on the grill.

The build quality 

Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on a grill, it is important to ensure you get one with a good built. Grills made with low-quality material will only last a short while before they need replacing. To avoid wasting money on a low-quality grill, check that you buy one made from stainless steel material or cast iron. These are long lasting and easy to care for.

The ignition system 

A high-quality ignition system will ensure your Nexgrill lights with ease every time. To turn on a burner, a spark is needed for most gas ignition systems. This is why considering the spark generator is important.

Types of natural gas grill ignitions include:

  • Piezo ignition – this single-click ignition system is very easy to use. It is also the most common in medium-range natural gas grills. You simply turn the nob to ignite a spark that starts your grill.
  • Battery-powered ignition – these are the easiest ignition types in terms of use and maintenance. Battery-powered ignitions are easy to fix and require batteries to work.
  • Hot surface ignition – this is the most common ignition type in high-end natural gas grills. They require an electricity source connection to work.

Using a sear station on a Nexgrill deluxe 5 burner grill

  • Using the sear station on your grill is a straightforward process. To do this with success, there are a few steps to follow.
  • First, you have to start your grill by lighting the main burners. Ensure you leave the searing burners off when pre-heating your grill. Close the lid and allow it to get hot. This can take up to 15 minutes to reach temperatures of between 500 and 550F. Once the grill is preheated, you can now turn on the searing station.
  • To properly cook your food, you need to sear each side for at least 4 minutes. Even so, you can experiment with different searing times for the best results. Once the searing process is complete, you can remove the food from the sear station and place it on the grates where there is less heat as you wait to serve.
  • Searing is the best way to give your food brown grill marks. It also gives any food the perfect contrast and texture, making it enjoyable to eat.



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