Why Air Fryers are Bad

Why air fryers are bad? Like all other cooking appliances, there can also be some issues with the air fryer. Keep reading the article to know further details.

The air fryers are like the talk of the town currently. It seems like everyone is discussing this small but useful cooking appliance. It offers a lot of benefits. Such as, you can cook the food faster in the air fryer, it requires less oil, and the cooking is usually effortless in the device. Furthermore, it is also very well known for requiring less cleaning. There are a lot of other benefits of the device.

But what about the drawbacks. Yes, it has some drawbacks too. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about some drawbacks of the air fryer. Along with that, we will also discuss whether it will be a good idea or not to purchase an air fryer.

Why Air Fryers are Bad – Some Drawbacks

In the below part of the article, we will discuss some of the drawbacks of the air fryer that you might not be aware of.

They Can be Costly

The air fryer’s cost varies on a large scale. You will find a decent one under 100$ while some others can cost you up to $1000. Usually, the one that is available in less will also arrive with less cooking capability. Such as, 100$ air fryers are usually designed for two persons. If you have a bigger family, you will require cooking your food in smaller batches. As a result, it can be a bit hassle for you.

If you want a bigger capacity and a versatile air fryer with a lot of cooking modes, you will require going for the bigger ones. The bigger air fryers will cost you a good amount of money. Compared to the alternative deep fryer, they can be more costly.

Possible Health Issues

There have been some discussions about this online although there is no experimental or scientific data to back the discussions. The discussions started after the air fryer manufacturers in California included the prop 65 warning in the device. The warning is about acrylamide, an organic compound that can be produced while cooking some specific variation of the food. Such as the potato, toast, etc. Especially, the chances of acrylamide are higher with the potato dishes.

Note that acrylamide production can happen in all methods of cooking. So, you don’t need to be worried about this especially while cooking the food in the air fryer. Some studies have shown that the air fryer has the capability of keeping the acrylamide lower compared to the stovetop and other ways of cooking.

Require Trails and Tests

One of the issues about the air fryer is it can be pretty hard to come out with a perfect cooking outcome with the very first try. You will require trying the dish several times in the air fryer to get a pleasant outcome. Air fryer’s recipe online usually gives you a specific time and temperature for all the dishes. But there are different models of air fryers from various manufacturers.  Because of the variations, the air fryer might not be able to prepare the cook perfectly in a specific time.

Food Comes Out Dry Sometimes

That is one of the common issues of the air fryer. Sometimes the air-fried dish doesn’t come out as perfect as you will want them to be. That is because of the unique operation of the device. The device utilizes the power of the hot circulating air for cooking the food. As a result, some food may come out dry after cooking them in the air fryer. Although you can easily solve the issue by adding a little water to the food while cooking.

Cleaning Can be Hassle Sometimes

Cleaning an air fryer is usually easy but not always. Especially, when you cook some specific variation of the food, the air fryer basket, and the pan can become pretty messy. As an example, while cooking food that includes heavy fat, your air fryer can become very messily. That is because of the fat falling from the food into the air fryer basket. The same thing goes for the food with loose food particles that can make your air fryer basket messy.

Limited Cooking Capacity

Another issue about the air fryer is its limited cooking capacity. The air fryer includes a basket where you cook the food. Usually, you require adding the food to the bottom of the basket. You must keep the food in a single layer to get a perfect outcome. Overfilling the air fryer basket will cause inconsistent and uneven cooking. As a result, you cannot cook a lot of food at once. Instead, you will require cooking in smaller batches which will be very time-consuming.

Bulky and Require More Space

Although the device arrives with a limited cooking capacity, it usually requires a bit of space. Especially, compared to the cooking surface, the air fryers are pretty bulky and require more space. Especially, when you have a high-capacity air fryer, you will require being aware of the space. That is because they may require the entire countertop which might be an issue.

They Can Smoke and Smell

Another disturbing issue about the air fryer is they can sometimes produce smells and smoke. This is something that you might not want to encounter. If you leave the air fryer basket uncleaned, the food particles in it can cause a bad small smell. Moreover, the device may produce smoke while cooking food with high-fat and some other variations of the foods.


The air fryer is an overall good device with some amazing benefits. But you should also need to be aware of the drawbacks that can impact your cooking experience. While purchasing an air fryer, you should check the advantages and disadvantages to understand how well it can accommodate you. We wish you good luck with your air fryer journey.

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