Best Blender For Indian Chutneys in 2024

India owns one of the most ancient cultural heritage in the world. Being the second-most populous country on the globe, it contains a rich geographical and racial diversity within the borders that makes it the home of food and taste variety.

The flavorsome Indian chutneys are known for their spicy and piquant taste. Throughout the country, there are countless recipes used to make chutney with fruits, veggies, greens, spices, and herbs, etc. The height of diversity is that from region to region, you will find a different recipe for the same chutney. This is called the land of taste.

Best Blender For Indian chutneys Product Review

As there is a variety of ingredients involved in making chutneys, that can be either hard, soft, or leafy, etc. so an ordinary blender gets tired of treating such a large variety of food content. It is the job of something powerful which can perform a consistently perfect and smooth blending so that you can keep enjoying your favorite Indian chutney recipes without worries.

There is a large range of blenders available in the market with several pros and cons, out of which choosing the best for you is a hard job. The following comparison of some top blenders, depending on their features, durability, and other shopping aspects, will make your job a bit easy.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Let’s start with a multi-task blender machine that is perfect for domestic needs. It is a combo of necessary features, ultimate power, and budget-friendliness so that you can invest in your kitchen with convenience.


Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender is a two-in-one machine. It is a blender cum chopper in one appliance. Its dual performance capacity makes it the best Indian chutney as you can chop the ingredients in the required quantity before blending them and it also saves you pre-cutting time.

Similarly, the model includes a 3-cup chopper along with a 40 oz blending jar, which is more than sufficient for standard family needs. Notably, the jar is featured with a mess-free spout with a cap to make the pouring easy.

The best part of the story is that the model features a wave action spinning, which, unlike other blenders, pushes the ingredients towards the blades. The feature ensures that no part of the ingredients is saved from its sharp treatment. As a result, you get an evenly blended smooth texture of your favorite Indian chutney.

Moreover, you enjoy total control over the powerful functioning of a 700-watt motor through its 12 blending options. You can select between the blending function using the four-button controlling panel.

There is storage for the cord, in the base apartment, so that the cord can be saved from random damages while the machine is not in use. The model comes to you with a 3-years limited warranty cover.


  • Two-in-one appliance
  • Large capacity blending jar and chopping cup
  • Revolutionary wave action
  • No mess pouring spout with cap
  • 12 blending options
  • Cord storage
  • 3-years warranty
  • Toll-free customer support


  • Operates Louder while chopping

NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

Are you tired of traditional black and white kitchen appliances? Let’s add some color to your beautiful kitchen with this high-speed blender machine. You can choose the best suitable for your kitchen interior by paying a few bucks more or less.


The current model is powered with a 900-watt motor that can treat a variety of herbs, spices, leaves, and other ingredients of Indian chutney as evenly as is needed. Its nutrient extraction-oriented blades shake and blend the toughest ingredients through their cyclonic action and offer you a silky texture therefrom.

The package includes a durable BPA-free 32 oz jar along with a lid and a handle-attached lip ring. The cup and blade are easily detachable for quick cleaning. All that you need to do is to twist off the blades. Rinsing the blades with warm water and soap cleans all the mess from them. The cup is safe to put in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Moreover, the model carries a compact design. The smaller footprint is perfect for narrow counter spaces and smaller cabinets for usage and storage. If you like the simpler operating system, this one is for you.

That’s not all, but buying this model will provide you a free membership to a recipes site where you can contact the expert dietitians directly in addition to learning several recipes.


  • Nutrient extractor
  • Intuitive designing
  • Quick processing
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easy cleaning
  • BPA-free parts
  • Color options
  • Free membership to a recipe site


  • Running it for more than one minute continuously is not recommended

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

Would you like to know about something super-powerful? Here is our last pick. You can not find content which it con treat according to your requirement. If you have frozen your extra ingredient in crushed shape for future blending, this one will help you blend them without waiting to melt.


The model is engineered for a heavy-duty professional-level performance in no time. It is featured with an Auto-IQ feature that works like a smart appliance. The preset auto-blending programs eliminate the guesswork and your machine know how much work is required.

The model includes an extra-large blending jar which allows treating the larger quantities as much as 72 oz at a time. You can work on larger batches without any hassle and repeated emptying work.

Similarly, it features the pro extractor blades which are sharp enough to pulverize the ingredients saving their nutritional enzymes alive. As a result, you get a well-treated smoother output from your favorite chutney ingredients.

Moreover, a powerful 1200-watt is housed in a durable base of this machine which ensures ultimate powerful performance. There are multi-serving ninja cups included in three sizes along with the sip and seal lid.


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Intelligent blending program
  • Nutrition extractor blending
  • Total crushing technology
  • Extra-large jar


  • Dishwasher washing is not considered safe for this model

Final Thoughts

Indian chutneys are not delicious and tasteful, but these are also considered a rich source of vitamins and other nutritional benefits through the right season. If you have decided to add a few Indian chutney recipes to your dining table, we suggest you make a one-time investment in buying Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender for a long companionship.

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