Best Blender for Nut Butter in 2023

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Top 3 Blenders for Nut Butter

Peanut butter isn’t the only nut (technically a legume, but no one is being picky here) in town anymore with a buttery brand. You now have healthy nuts like; almonds, walnuts, and cashews with their version of buttery goodness which, you both crave and love. The best part of this is you can now make this creamy delight from the comfort of your home. No more brand buying; you can now do this with just the right tools.

The question on your mind should be, “How then can this creamy-delight be made from my home?” Don’t worry. This guide is here to answer the question. (At least one of them). What Blending machine is best for turning those hard nuts into the creamy paste you love?

Vitamix E310 Blender


The Vitamix E310 Blender is a revival of the classic of the Explorian series brand. It works well with old C-series and G-series accessories. One reason to get this blender is it’s the cheapest series in the line of Vitamix blenders.

The Blender has a staggering 10-speed dial you can choose from to blend a simple thick-textured soup or Chucky-smoothie or even your beloved creamy nuts.

The 48-Ounce pitcher allows a medium batch of nuts to be blended at once and stored for later use.

What also makes the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender exceptional is the stainless steel blades designed to handle hard ingredients and this particular case, the tough nuts. The blender is a sure way to keep your kitchen clean, and after use, pour some soapy-warm water, blend for thirty-sixty seconds and then rinse.

The Vitamix E310 also has an in-built cooling system meaning you don’t have to worry about your blender getting overheated when blending the nuts.



  • The blender is louder than other Vitamin brand blenders.

Ninja Blender.


The Ninja BL770 is a classic in the real sense. This blender which has stood the test of time, was launched eight years ago and remains relevant and well searched for today. We are even doing a review on it as a nut butter blender. If the Vitamix E310 blender is given credit for its flexibility because of its speed dial, then the Ninja BL770 Blender should be praised for its various functions. And the many accessories that come with the blender.

Ninja BL770 is a good choice for you butter nerds. The additional pitchers are used to blend small quantities of nuts to suit your cravings quickly and fast.

You can opt to use the Main pitcher, which can hold as much as 64 ounces if you some extra butter to store for those rainy days.

The blades on the Ninja BL770 are made from steel (unlike its other parts made of plastic) and are very sharp. The six-curved and long blades can rotate at up to speeds of 4,500 RPM (Revolutions per minute), and at their lowest 3,200 RPM will make those nuts feel the burn and get crushed under four minutes of intense spin.


  • It is your best buy if you are on a budget.
  • Dishwater safe.
  • Multiple uses.


  • It is bulky to store.
  • It is deafening.

Vitamix Blender


Vitamix A2300 is a blender known for its technology. One of the biggest highlights of the Vitamix A2300 blender is its wireless connection features which give access to up to seventeen added pre-installed functionality with over 500 plus recipes on the Vitamin app. But what truly sets this apart is its timer feature that allows you to be aware of what you are blending.

When it comes to blending your nut butter, timing is key to consistency and the texture of the butter.

Having a timer ensures you can get the best possible texture you desire while not standing with the blender and manually adjusting the speed dial every minute. This feature also allows for flexibility, and it doesn’t even stop here. Vitamix A2300 comes with the self-detect technology feature that allows the blender to automatically set the maximum time an item can blend depending on the pitcher used. This option makes sure (with the right pitcher) you don’t even have to be there once the blender is well set.

The Vitamin A2300 runs at a maximum speed of up to 22400 RPM displaying the sheer power at which its four-steel blades rotate, meaning; it will dice our nuts in less than 4 minutes.


  • Wireless connection and access to Vitamin app
  • The digital timer.
  • Self-detect technology.


  • It’s steep in price compared to other brands of blenders outside the Ascent series.


Which is Better for Making Nut Butter, Blenders or Juicers?

This question is a frequently asked one. It is better to use a blender when making nut butter. A blender gives you the free reigns of control over the texture and consistency of the butter. And you know how important texture and consistency are when making nut butter.

Can all Blenders make Nut Butter?

While using a blender is better than using a juicer, it is good to note that not all blenders can properly make nut butter. The reason is not all blenders are designed to make nut butter. You can’t use an inexpensive bullet-type blender with a small motor to properly blend nuts into butter.

Are Immersion Blenders Good for Making Nut Butter?

Immersion blenders are also called stick or hand blenders and are a hand-held version of the traditional blenders. Immersion blenders, unfortunately, do not have the required motor power to make nut butter.

Bottom Line

All the blenders featured on this guide all have their good points. If you want something easy, classic, and simple to use, the Vitamix E310 is your best bet. If you feel combining your tech-savviness with your kitchen skills (and don’t mind the price), then the Vitamix A2300 Ascent Smart series is your choice, and if looking for something easy to use, cheap, and can at least get you those nut jars of nut butter then Ninja BL770 is your bet.

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