Best Blender For Oats in 2023

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Top 3 Blenders For Oats

Oats have been a staple and popular choice when trying to lose those extra pounds. Oats are so rich in fiber and vitamins that it is easy to see why it’s a popular healthy option to stay fit or lose weight. Of course, oats aren’t only might for those looking to shed those extra pounds or keep fit but is also a delightful treat when mixed with other fruits.

This statement is especially true when oats are blended either into a smoothie (with other ingredients) or Oat flour which is then used to make bread, pancake, and other healthy forms of confessionary.

Today, this guide seeks to help you choose the blender to delight yourself with this healthy treat.

Vitamix Blender


When assessing the popular high-quality Ascent series blenders, the Vitamix A2300 is the best when it comes to value for money. Not as pricy as its other Ascent series but has a similar or almost equal function. What makes Vitamix stand out is its wireless connection to the Vitamix store, where you can easily access the many oat recipes the blender can prepare.

Vitamix A2300 blender is a good choice whether you want the oat flour or a lumpy smoothie texture as the timer. (Which is one of the stand-out features of this blender). It can be set to grind and pound to your desired puree. The good news regarding the Vitamix A2300 blender is it doesn’t stop here, as it has a self-detect feature that allows it to adjust the maximum blending time according to the pitcher used. This self-detect feature will make it possible to put in your oats and blend to the desired texture without being present. (The primary pitcher is the only pitcher sold with the blender, and any other of its seven pitchers will have to be purchased separately.)

The power released by the motor of the Vitamix A2300 varies between the max output of 22400 RPM (Revolution per minute) and the minimum output of 1400 RPM; it can serve you well for either a refreshing oat smoothie or a fine and smooth oat flour.

Beginners are not left out, as they can decide to buy the Vitamin smart scale, which works with the Vitamin application. There will be no guesswork as the scale will help to measure the exact quantity needed for your oat recipes.



  • The Vitamin App can take a while to access and take some time to get your head around it.
  • It’s expensive when compared to alternate blenders outside its series.



Cranddi Quiet Shield Blender is one of the best commercial blenders out there. It has a pitcher that can hold 80 ounces worth of oat-filled smoothie or fine-oat flour. This large serving can serve four to six and fill up 8-normal sized cups. A powerful and highly recommended one if you are blending for family and friends.

The high-speed motor is powerful with a maximum speed of 38,000 RPM with a six-point stainless steel blade designed to crush, grind and powder those oats to a creamy paste or fine flour in less than 4 minutes. It also has a 15-speeds control to regulate the speed and intensity of the machine.

The Crannddi Quiet Blender is also not noisy (as the name suggests). And therefore, it a product you can blend your favorite oat-filled smoothie or grind the uncooked oat to a fine flour at any time of the day (talking to the 4 am early risers) without necessarily troubling anybody. The noiseless blender also ensures no splatters or stains in your kitchen because of the tight lid that doesn’t allow the blended contents to escape.


  • Quiet blend technology.
  • The large size of its pitcher makes it easy to serve a large group of people.


  • Its large size means it may be hard to store.



Ninja Foodi Blender is the most popular blender among the Foodi series. It is the first blender released by SharkNinja that includes; an in-built heating element that allows the blender to boil soup. In theory, this should mean you should be able to cook your raw oats into oatmeal. (Didn’t find any proof of this online, and we won’t advise you to try it either).

One powerful feature of the Ninja Foodi is the automated setting called “Auto IQ technology.” It is pre-programmed cycles that involve continuous blending, pulsing, and stopping at intervals. The pre-programmed cycles are recipes found on the face of the blender. They include smoothies, soup, frozen drinks, juice, etc.

This automated setting is convenient for you when blending your oats, as you can use one of the automatic settings to turn it into a smoothie or a fine powder.


  • A budget-friendly blender
  • It has automatic speed settings for easy-to-make recipes.
  • It has a glass pitcher making it a non-stick.


  • It has no extra accessories (Can’t get them separately).
  • Difficult to wash because of the in-built heat system and not dishwasher friendly.


Which is Better for Raw Oats, Blender or Food processor?

If the oats are being put with other ingredients to create a smoothie, you should use a blender. Food processors can also make a smoothie, but it takes a long and systematic process, unlike a blender where you throw in all your ingredients.

Can Immersion Blenders make a Smoothie with Oats?

Yes, they can. It is possible to make smoothie-oats with a hand-blender, but the quantity will have to be small compared to the traditional blenders. You will also have to exercise patience since it is a more hands-on approach.

Can Oats be Used in a Juicer to make a Smoothie?

This is possible, but you may have to soak those oats overnight and maybe add some milk to soften the texture and make it easier on the juicer.

Bottom line

Choosing a blender to prepare oats as a healthy snack can be tasking, but we hope you will move one step closer in selecting the ideal Blender for you with this guide.