Best Commercial Bread Slicer in 2024

How to Choose a Commercial Bread Slicing Machine

While a simple serrated knife can be ideal for cutting bread a home, it cannot be reliable in a commercial setting. If you own a bakery, the best commercial bread slicer is the best way to ensure you serve your clients perfectly sliced bread at all times. Commercial bread slicers come in different shapes and sizes, and can handle all types of breads including bagels and fresh from the oven bread.

With the best commercial bread slicer, you will enjoy slicing perfection every time you slice bread. Most commercial bread slicers are electric and are very easy to use. With just a bit of practice, anyone in the bakery can use it to slice bread. Here is everything you need to know about buying the best commercial bread slicer in the market, including a review of the best three.

Commercial 110v Heavy Duty Automatic Electric Bread Slicer

If you have been looking for the perfect way to slice your bread, your search will be over with this commercial bread slicer. With this bread slicer, you can slice bread for your clients to suit their individual needs. It is easy to clean and efficient in its performance. Whether you need to slice an artisan bred or a bagel, this bread slicer will get the task done. It comes with easy to clean parts, making it easy to prevent the growth of bacteria.

It is fitted with rubber stoppers on the stand to ensure it remain firm on the surface for better control of the slicing process.

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

With the CUSIMAX food slicer, you will never have to worry about how to clean up the food hidden in the crevices. The hidden track design and removable blade make it easy to clean. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes them convenient for cleaning, therefore making your work in the kitchen easier and efficient.

This bread slicer is made from an advanced design that adopts the most advanced bearing and belt drive structure for blade processing. The slicer operation requires no lubricant. Compared to the gear drives, this bread slicer is more durable and easier to maintain and operate.

Since the slicer blade is one of the core components on this machine, the manufacturer has invested heavily on the upgraded 7.5-inch stainless steel 420 cutting blade. It is made using great, sharp workmanship, which helps to efficiently cut food orderly and evenly without food getting stuck.

The CUSIMAX 200W electric slicer is made with a high quality blade that comes with a precise adjustable thickness from super thin to approximately 3/4″ thick for slicing different of food. This makes it ideal for cutting beef jerky, ham, deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, cold cuts, hard cheeses, fruit, vegetable and bread. You can also use it to slice fruits for dehydrating, party platters, appetizers and more.

In terms of safety, this bred slicer comes with 4 silicone anti-skid sucking pads that fasten the machine, making it safe to work.

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SuperHandy 6.7″ inch Stainless Meat, Bread Electric Slicer

The quick collapsible sleek design makes this bread slicer easy to carry/transport and fold up to store. The German Stainless Steel Blade is powered by a 120VAC 60Hz 100 Watt Gear Transmission motor for improved performance.

It comes with a removable 6.7″ (170.18mm) Stainless Steel German forged serrated Blade, by RSG Solingen for perfect performance. The versatility offered by this bread slicer makes slicing through your salamis, meats, hard cheeses, fresh baked loaves of bread, and firm vegetables quick and easy,

The removable 6.7″ inch blade, food carriage, food pusher and food deflector all remove easily and are incredibly easy to clean. This incredibly safe bread slicer thanks to the non-skip suction cup feet that provides ample sturdiness during use. In order to operate the slicer, you must press both the safety lock and power button simultaneously to start the machine for safe and proper operation.

What to consider when choosing a commercial bread slicer

Countertop vs. freestanding bread slicer

Commercial bread slicers are available as either countertop slicers or freestanding bread slicers. Freestanding machines come with casters that allow them to remain stationery on the floor of any commercial bakery or kitchen. These are ideal if you have more floor space than countertop space. All you have to do to use a freestanding bread slicer is to load the bread and leave the machine to do the rest. The convenience makes them some of the best options for busy bakeries.

If you have a lot of countertop space, you can consider getting a countertop commercial bread slicer. This is suitable for smaller bakeries of home use.

Commercial bread slicer configuration

Commercial bread slicers come with different pre-set thickness configurations, which makes it easy to bake and slice breads in different slice thicknesses. Before investing in a commercial bread slicer, it is advisable to read the brand specifications to ensure it is right for your bakery needs. Different models come with 3/8″ (10 mm), 7/16″ (11 mm), 1/2″ (13 mm), or 3/4″ (19 mm) slice configurations. Choosing the right model ensures you get a machine that sliced bread exactly the way you want it to.

When it comes to performance, it is important to choose a bread slicer that has the capacity to handle the demand in your bakery or kitchen. Go for a machine with the highest slicing turnaround per hour to ensure you always have bread available on your shelves.

Maintenance needs

Slicing bread is a process that will produce a lot of mess in the form of breadcrumbs, and it gets worse if you are slicing bread in a commercial kitchen. The best commercial bred slicer should come with easy maintenance needs, including easy to clean removable parts. A crumb drawer is also an important feature to reduce the need to clean up after a day’s work.

For efficient bread bagging, the best commercial bread slicer option is one that has a front-mounted bagging as this saves time and ensures your bread is ready for purchase in no time.

Bottom line

The reason most people buy bread from a bakery is because it comes in perfect slices, it is fresh and it takes away the need of having to bake bread at home. Investing in the best commercial slicer will guarantee your clients keep coming back for more.

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