Commercial Air Fryer Reviews

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Best Commercial Air Fryers Buying Guide

As more people switch towards a healthy lifestyle, air fryers have become increasingly common to find in most households. They are loved for their ability to create crispy, tasty meals using little to no oil and their ability to cook just about any dish. From risottos to fries, and chicken wings to cakes, with the best air fryer in the market, you can make the best dishes for a healthy family.

Air fryers come with industrial fans that distribute hot air in the cooking chamber in very high speed to cook food. This way, it is able to produce crispy, savory meals, just as you would with traditional cooking methods, only healthier.

If you are in the market for a commercial air fryer, the market is flooded with options. These types of air fryers are ideal for large gatherings and families. They make it possible to cook large batches of food fast and conveniently. To make the selections process easy for you, here are commercial air fryer reviews for the best in the market.

 Breville the Smart Pro toaster oven

This commercial grade air fryer features an interior oven light to keep an eye on your cooking. The 10 pre-set cooking functions include toast 6 slices, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, Warm, slow cook, with the ability to cook a 14’’ pizza.  As a convection powered air fryer, it comes with an inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven, speeding the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food.

The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and includes Components like Toaster Oven, 12″ X 12″ Enamel Broiling Rack, 12″ X 12″ Enamel Baking Pan, 13″ Non-Stick Pizza Pan, Wire Rack, Crumb Tray.

NutriChef PKAIRFR96 1800W High Power Air Fryer

The NutriChef family size countertop air fryer multi cooker features a 4.2-quart large capacity slide out basket /pot and it has a total air fry oven capacity of 17 quarts to cook yummy and healthy recipe for the whole gang.

This air fryer can serve as an oil-free air-fry oven for cooking tasty low-fat foods and comes with a drip tray pan, skewer, and forks to serve as a rotisserie oven. It also includes multi-tier dehydrating trays/racks to serve as a food dehydrator.

This oil-less electric air frying machine cooks food with little to no oil at all. The air fryer with dehydrator was laboratory tested to prepare healthy meals more efficiently to achieve tasty and low-fat food w/ benefits.

The icing on the cake is the digital LCD display with touch button controls and loaded with eight preset cooking modes. It also has adjustable time/temperature settings and a convenient access glass door with oven light for hassle-free food prep

The Nutrichef dehydrator air fryer has simple electric plug-in design. Just insert the ingredients into the air fryer, set the time and temperature and let it cook. Perfect for chicken, steak, ribs, fish, shrimp, and French-fries.

Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Air Fryer Mode on this toaster oven allows you to create healthy and delicious food, with deep fried crispiness. Enjoy your favorite fried food without the calories or smell associated with deep-frying. The high-speed fans speed up baking & provide that desired fried finish & flavor.

This versatile 7-in-1 appliance air fries, bakes, broils, and more. Temperature range of 200-450°F makes it easy to achieve a healthy, crispy, fried finish using at least 98% less oil than traditional fryers. Make better-for-you fries that are just as crispy and tasty, roast a whole chicken, or perfect your avocado toast all in one appliance.

Whether you are entertaining Extra guests, or just want to make food for the whole family, this toaster oven air fryer was thoughtfully designed with the whole family in mind. The spacious 25-liter capacity fits six slices of toast or roasts a 5.5lb chicken so you can make plenty of food for the entire family in one go.

For added safety, the toaster oven shuts off when the door is opened. The included broil pan, flat wire rack, air fry basket, and removable crumb tray are dishwasher safe, while the interior walls are nonstick making for easy cleanup.

This air fryer is CETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability, & 1-year assurance provided by Chefman, so you can purchase worry-free!

Types of commercial air fryers

Whenever you are shopping for a commercial air fryer, you will find many options in the market. Some of the most common types of commercial air fryers in the market include:

Manual or digital air fryers

You will have an option between a digital air fryer and a manual one.

A digital air fryer comes with digital controls technology and may include an LED screen, giving you better control of the cooking process. On this screen, you can see the cooking temperature, time remaining in the cook cycle and the selected cooking method. You can easily adjust these settings by using button controls. Digital air fryers are the most preferred commercial models because of how easy they are to operate.

Manual air fryers come with knob controls and are not preferred when it comes to commercial air fryers because they can be complicated to use.

Horizontal or vertical air fryers

The difference between these two types of air fryers is the direction air circulated when cooking. For a vertical air fryer, air is circulated vertically, from top to bottom of vice-versa. The food is usually cooked from the power part of the cooking basket accessible using a handle

On the other hand, a horizontal air fryer is one where air is circulated from left to right, meaning they have more height and less width. It usually comes in a top load option from where food is loaded into the cooking basket. Most horizontal air fryers have a glass pane jus like a conventional oven.

Bottom line

With the best commercial air fryer, cooking for a part becomes a breeze while still allowing you to enjoy the party. Choose any of the three recommendations in this article or the best hosting experience.