Best Fillet Knife for Walleye in 2024

How to Choose the Best Fillet Knife for Walleye

Are you a fish lover looking for the best fillet knife for Walleye? Maybe you are interested to know about the Best Fillet Knives for filleting Walleye for your next meal.

This article will lead you to the Best Fillet Knives to fillet Walleye and other sea fishes, buying guides, features, pros, cons, and more detailed information. We’ll give introduction to fillet knives in short, with their uses in our daily lives. Fillet Knives, as the name goes, is used to fillet fishes, vegetables, other food items as per requirements.

Fillet knives are an example of a fine technology, which is helpful for a fast filleting process and comes with other benefits as well. Whether it is walleye, Pan fish, or, Crappies, the best choice to fillet through a fish is to use fillet knives. You could use traditional fillet knives or electric fillet knives. In the next section, we’ll list the 3 best Electric Fillet Knives available in the market.

Best 3 Fillet Knives for Walleye

Find the best fillet knife for walleye below.

Mercer Culinary Millenia Narrow Fillet Knife

Mercer’s Culinary Millenia Narrow Fillet Knife comes with versatility. The product has multiple features that comply with user convenience.


Some of the features of the Mercer’ Culinary Fillet Knife is very appealing.

Mercer brand designed the Fillet Knife with a high carbon steel blade material, and the handle material is of Santropene. There are 2 sizes of knife size available that adds the option to choose any. One is 8.5 inch narrow fillet knife and dimension in L X W X H is 13 X 4 X 1 inches & the weight is 4.6 ounces. Another size available is 7 inch flexible fillet knife with a dimension of 5 X 1 X 15 inches and weight of 4.2 ounces. The blade shape is plain.

The product color is black. It can be used to slice or fillet variety of foods, including crappies, meat, vegetables, and many more.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable & comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Multiple sizes of product are available.
  • Precise operation
  • Protective finger guard
  • Razor sharp edge


  • Need to sharpen knife more often

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister brand comes with an excellent electric fillet knife. Electric knives are best known for their fast-paced & precise operation. Look for the features of this knife below.


The knife comes with a cord to power for operation. 120V AC power source is required to operate the electric knife, which should be easy to operate at home

The dimension in L X W X H is 1 X 1 X 1 inches & the weight is 1.41 pounds only. There is a serrated blade edge and the blade shape is straight back. The product is best known for its safety lock and easy blade release process.

The product color is yellow, but other colors are also available. The material of the product is blend. It can be used to serve multiple filleting purposes.


  • Multi-color available
  • Easy blade release convenience
  • Safety lock
  • Weighs less


  • Cord length is small.

Hammer Stahl 7-inch Fillet Knife

Hammer Stahl brand comes with an exquisite 7-inch Fillet Knife. They’ve designed the knife specifically to fillet sea fishes. So, it’s one of the best choices for Walleye filleting


Although this Fillet Knife is not electric, it has some appealing features.

The product dimension in L X W X H is 14.4 X 4 X 1.3 inches & the weight is 1 pound only. It’s been on the market since 2015. The blade material is high carbon stainless steel. The product is best known for its flexible blades. The blade sizes available are 7 and 9 inches. Due to the quality product material, it’s durable than most of the knives available in the market.

The handle material of the product is Pakkawood.


  • High quality build material- Carbon stainless steel
  • Ergonomic quad handle- durable
  • Thin blades- results in precise filleting.
  • Razor sharp edge.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Sharpness of the blade is too high.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing a Fillet Knife for Walleye

Following are the things to consider for choosing the Best Fillet Knife:

  • Safety

Safety is a key factor when you buy a fillet knife. With low quality build materials, durability, service quality, and safety won’t be good enough. Choose products that have a simple process to fillet.

  • Quality

Quality of products goes by hand in hand with safety. Choose fillet knives that don’t have any safety issue and the product material is of supreme quality.

  • Maintenance Overhead

Quality products won’t require much maintenance. It’s better to choose product that has a low maintenance overhead.

  • Spare Parts

You might not want to change products every now and then. Best products are those that come with spare parts, for example- spare blades.

  • Easy operation

Users aren’t usually a technical person. There are many fillet knives in the market that can be used by common folks without any concerns of technical knowledge to operate.

Final Thoughts

So, for filleting and other purposes, we’ve listed best 3 electric fillet knives in our article along with their features, pros, and cons. We’ve also provided an ultimate buyer’s guide to help you consider the factors to buy a fillet knife.

Choose the best knife for your walleye. For walleye filleting, you can either choose a traditional fillet knife or electric fillet knife. We’ve listed one electric fillet knife in this article to help you choose for better & faster filleting operation. So, why are you waiting anymore? Go ahead & buy a fillet knife to help yourself in making the next exquisite walleye meal.

One more thing, check the video below to help you further in choosing a fillet knife.

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