Best Electric Fillet Knife for Catfish in 2024

Top 3 Best Electric Fillet Knife for Catfish

A proper fillet knife is highly essential for an enjoyable catfish filleting experience. You can obviously cut through the flesh and bones of the fish with a regular knife. But they can never assure you a precise and even cut for a nice fillet.

You can consider getting an electric fillet knife for preparing precision-cut fillets from the catfishes. equipped with motor and gearing, these knives can enable you to cut through the meat quickly. They can be an excellent pick to prepare a larger quantity of catfishes at a time.

Due to the higher demand for these fillet knives, there are a lot of varieties of them available from different manufacturers. As a result, it can be a bit hard to find the one that suits your requirement. To make things easier for you, we will discuss the three best electric fillet knives for catfish below.

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Product Reviews

The below-discussed fillet knives can be some of the best options for you. Check out the detailed review of the products from below:

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala is one of the popular manufacturers of electric fillet knives currently. They offer excellent products at affordable prices. The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is one of the reasonably priced electric fillet knives that will be an excellent pick for preparing catfishes. Equipped with a heavy-duty motor, it can produce high power to cut through even the thickest bone smoothly. It’s perfect for any busy angler or fisherman.

The size of the Rapala Electric Knife blade is 7 1/2 inches which are just perfect for standard-sized catfishes. It is made of high-quality materials and components to ensure long-term performance. The blade is also made dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning. The knife can be a little bit inconvenient for use on boats and docks. But considering the power and flexibility, it will definitely a worthy investment for a next-level filleting experience.


  • Extremely powerful to deal with large batches of fish quickly.
  • High-quality materials and construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Well-designed grip with finger guard for safety and smooth operation.
  • Can be also used to cut through other meats efficiently.
  • Easy to clean reciprocating blades; dishwasher-safe.


  • It’s a corded model which makes it a bit inconvenient for the boat and dock.

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

The BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is one of the top-rated electric fillet knives that you can choose. The best thing about the knife is its flexibility. It a cordless model, enabling you to use it anywhere from boat to deck conveniently. Operating the knife is also pretty easy with a well-designed ergonomic handle with a looped index finger guard. The non-slip handle offers you an outstanding grip to get the smooth and even cut you’ve always wanted.

The Bubba Cordless Knife features a dual-rivet blade that is coated with TiN stainless steel. There are four interchangeable blades of different sizes to use as required. You can remove the blade for ease of cleaning. There are knife triggers and LED indicators in the handle which are appropriately positioned for ease of operation. You will get a nice carrying case with a separate compartment for the handle and blades to safely carry it around.


  • Arrives with the convenience of cordless operation.
  • Ergonomic handle with trigger, battery life indicator, and finger guard.
  • Interchangeable blades of different sizes to use as required.
  • Powerful motor to cut through the fleshes smooth and evenly.
  • Arrives with a well-designed carrying base with separate compartments.


  • A few users claimed the battery doesn’t hold the charge for long.

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife (Green/Yellow)

Are you searching for a decent electric knife for catfish at an affordable price? The Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife can be a good option for you. It is equipped with a powerful motor that enables you quickly cut hundreds of fishes at once with ease. The robust motor can produce the legendary Mister Twister action to smoothly cut through catfishes, other fishes, ham, turkey, and other meats.

You will get a 7” blade with the knife which is easy to adjust and remove. The blade size is decent to work with even the big catfishes. Besides, you will be glad to know that the blade is replaceable and a bigger 9” blade is available separately. The knife isn’t that grippy but it has a finger guard to assure safety. You can consider purchasing the reasonably priced Mister Twister for a decent and long-lasting performance.


  • Unique and impressive blade design for ease of filleting.
  • Quality construction of blade and handle for durability.
  • The design allows preparing large batches of fishes quickly.
  • The blade is replaceable and the bigger size is available separately.
  • The versatile knife can cut other meats like turkey and chicken.


  • The grip on the handle is not adequate.
  • Some users find it underpowered.

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Fillet Knife (FAQS)

How do you clean an electric knife?

Begin with washing the knife in warm water and then dry it properly. It’s not recommended to dish-wash the knife if it’s not marked safe. Make sure to put the protective cover on before storing.

How do you use an electric knife?

Using an electric knife is very straightforward and it’s almost like using the usual knife. What makes it different is you will not require putting any effort to cut through the flesh.

What should I look for in an electric knife?

Go for the one that is equipped with a powerful motor so that you cut through easily and smoothly. Make sure that the knife is replaceable and the replacement unit is available easily. It would be better if you go for the one that’s cordless for convenience.

Can you use an electric knife to cut raw meat?

Yes, you can use the electric fillet knife to cut through raw meat with ease. They can offer you precision cuts on various types of meat including turkey, beef, and others.


Picking an electric fillet knife for catfish can be a great decision to take your filleting experience to the next level. The above-discussed fillet knife can be some of the best options for you. They arrive with quality, sharp blades, and ease of use. You can go for any of these without any further thoughts.



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