Best Fridge for Vegans in 2024

Top 3 Fridges for Meal Preps For Vegans

If you believe in the power of a happy, tidy refrigerator to promote healthy vegan eating and living, you probably wonder which fridge is best for meal preps.

With the best fridge for vegans meal prep, you can prepare your meals ahead of time. This is especially ideal if you lead a busy life where you barely have time to make food every day. Having your meal prepped ensures you have something to eat even when you do not have time to cook.

For vegan food prep ideas to work, you need to ensure your fridge is at its best function. This is especially because vegans relay on plant based foods, which go bad fast when not properly preserved.

Investing in the best fridge for vegans will guarantee that your meals remain fresh long after preparation. Taking inventory of what is left and what needs to be reimbursed is an ideal way of keeping a consistent flow in you fridge.

To get you started, here are the best three fridges that inspire healthy vegan living.

SMETA 36 Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The SMETA side-by-side fridge offers a total capacity of 26.3 cu.ft, including a freezer Capacity of 9.6 cu.ft in 35.8 x 33.8 x 69.8 inches.

The in-door ice and water dispenser puts freshwater/cubed/crushed ice right in your glass. No button fumbling required. One click will meet your needs. The deep door bins allow you to store gallon-sized or larger items, provide more door storage, and free up shelf space.

This fridge comes with easy-to-clean glass shelves that can be adjusted up or down for proper storage space and easy use.

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

If you prefer a double door fridge, the Midea 3.1 cu. Ft compact refrigerator is the best option for apartment living. It is larger than a mini-refrigerator but smaller than a traditional fridge that takes up space in the kitchen. This unit from Midea is the perfect balance for your apartment.

Its compact size makes it ideal for small kitchen places, bedrooms, dorms, and offices with adjustable legs and a reversible door ideal for compact spaces. This refrigerator comes with a separate compartment for fruits and vegetables, ensuring you can store just about any food. It also has internal walls on the main compartment where the lighting is fixed.

The feature that makes this the best fridge for apartment living is the energy star rating that makes it energy efficient. With this unit, you will not need to worry about diving up your power bill. It also comes with a thermostat for temperature adjustment, and a semi-automatic defrost system.

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

If you are concerned that your fridge will take up too much space in your apartment, the Whynter portable refrigerator is the best option for your space-saving needs. You can cool drinks and food from -8 degrees F and 50 F with this unit, making it ideal for use as a freezer or a regular fridge. This fridge comes with a fast freeze option for rapid cooling of foods to -8 degrees. This is perfect for frozen foods.

It is made with stainless steel handles that make moving this mini fridge easy. This way, you do not need a designated place for the fridge since you can store it away when you need to make more room in your apartment. The interior is made of two wire baskets that are removable for easier time organizing. It also has an insulated lid and walls and is easy to clean thanks to the drain plug feature.

The exterior of this mini fridge comes with coated tough steel available in gray and camo. This makes it perfect for a man cave, for use in a campsite, a morning tailgate, or a long hunting trip. The best part is that this fridge is a dual voltage appliance, featuring an 8ft AC power cord and a 10ft DC cord. This makes it easy for you to plug into a direct power source when around shore power.

The only downside is the 45qt capacity, which means you might need to find a grocery store more often. Also, the unit only comes with one compartment, meaning you cannot use it as a freezer and fridge at the same time. However, its compact size makes it perfect for small apartments.

How to arrange prepped meals in a fridge

To have a successful week of enjoying prepped meals from your fridge, there are some basic guidelines you need to follow to make organizing easy.

  • Always group like meals/items together
  • Ensure you prep all meals in advance, including cooking what needs to be cooked.
  • Always have healthy snacks ready to avoid binging on junk.

When it comes to your crisper drawer, it helps to think outside the box. Only store fruits and vegetables that require that kind of humidity in the drawer. It is best used for easy-to-access snacks or canned beverages. When you store the right fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawer, they will remain fresher for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best fridge for vegans

What does energy rating mean?

Because of energy-saving needs and environmental conservation guidelines, most fridges come with energy ratings scored alphabetically. A+++ is the best rating for fridges and refers to how energy efficient a refrigerator is. Generally, a fridge with a high rating is cheaper to run since they use minimal power, which helps to keep your power bill low.

Therefore, it is smarter to invest in a fridge freezer with a high-energy rating as it will save you a lot of money in the end.

Integrated fridge freezer vs. freestanding fridge freezer – what’s the difference?

A freestanding fridge freezer is a standalone type of fridge that can be used in any space. This one can be placed anywhere there is space for a fridge since there is no designated spot for it in the kitchen. On the other hand, an integrated fridge freezer is one that comes with a designated slot in your kitchen fitting. This is meant to give your kitchen a uniform look.

Apart from aesthetics, there is no major difference in the functionality of either of these fridges.

How much power does the best fridge for vegans consume on average?

An average fridge costs a household an average of $70 to run in a year. However, this is just an average figure as the real consumption depends on the rating and the model you go for.


Once you find the perfect fridge for your meal prepping needs, you will change how you prepare meals in your home. With this guide, you will be able to choose the best fridge for meal prep and ensure you stick to a working schedule.




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