Best Japanese Knife for Filleting Fish in 2024

Top 3 Best Japanese Knife for Filleting Fish

There are different types and qualities of fillet knives available in the market. Amongst them, the Japanese fillet knives or the Deba knives are known for their impressive characteristics. These well-equipped knives can take your filleting experience to the next level by ensuring even and smooth cuts every time.

Are you searching for the best Japanese knife for filleting fish? Let us help you. Below, we will let you know about some of the best options available for you currently. They come from the top and reliable manufacturers and marked as well-performing by the previous users. Keep reading to know the knives better.

Product Reviews

We have chosen these Japanese fillet knives by considering various aspects of the product like their build quality, edge retention capability, and overall performance. Below we will let you know more details about the best Japanese Fillet Knives.

Shun Premier Gokujo Boning Fillet Knife

The Shun Premier Gokujo Boning Fillet Knife is a top-notch fillet and boning knife that is also available at a reasonable price. It comes with a sharp and angled blade that goes through the meat without leaving any ragged edges. Such a design makes it an excellent choice for preparing thin slices and fillets with ease. The double-bevel flat ground blade also makes it highly durable and enables you to move the foods by using it.

The Japanese knife features hand sharpened 16-degree cutting angle on both sides with a razor-sharp edge hammered Tsuchime finish for ease of cutting and releasing the food. Furthermore, it has a proprietary VG-Max cutting core for maximum edge retention as well as 64 layers of ss steel for excellent resistance against corrosion.  The handle of the knife is made of walnut pakkawood to ensure perfect grip for both left and right-hander.


  • High-quality Japanese knife, perfect for boning and filleting.
  • Hand sharpened 16-degree cutting angle on both sides for excellent sharpness.
  • The versatile knife is suitable for various cuts including sashimi, sushi, fillets, and others.
  • Authentic Japanese steel design for easy cutting, releasing, and moving slices.
  • Walnut pakkawood handle that fits both left and right-handers.


DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 6″ – Shogun Series

DALSTRONG is one of the most popular Japanese knife manufacturers in the market. They are an award-winning manufacturer and known for using the best materials. You can consider picking the DALSTRONG fillet knives from the manufacturer. One thing we loved about the knife is its ruthlessly sharp scalpel through hand-finished edge at 8 to 12 degrees. The knives are also nitrogen cooled for flexibility, harness, and resisting corrosion.

You can expect a long lifespan from the DALSTRONG knife as it’s made of a high-quality AUS-10V Japanese super steel cutting core. It’s rated for 62+ Rockwell hardness to ensure extraordinary performance and superior edge retention. Besides, it has an ultra-premium G-10 handle that can withstand heat, cold, and moisture. The handle is also hand-polished to ensure maximum comfort and a fatigue-free experience on long durations.


  • Nitrogen cooled to prevent corrosion, improve flexibility and harness.
  • Blade made of Japanese AUS-10V steel for superior durability and sharpness.
  • Eye-catching full-tang design for robustness and resilience.
  • Hand-crafted at an 8-12-degree angle for impressive sharpness.
  • Hand-polished ergonomic handle for superior control, agility, and comfort.


  • The blades are not highly flexible.

TUO Damascus Boning Fillet Knife 6 inch

TUO is another popular manufacturer of Japanese knives. The TUO Damascus Boning Fillet Knife is a razor-sharp knife from the manufacturer. It’s widely used by chefs around the globe for its excellent performance. Besides the knife is crafted from the premium rose Damascus steel, which ensures long-lasting sharpness, corrosion-resistant, and rust-free performance. The versatile knife is also suitable for dicing, carving, slicing, chopping, and much more activities.

The blade of the Japanese knife is separately tampered with and honed to make it superiorly sharp at 12-15 degrees per side for ease of cutting and precision. It’s also optimized to be wear-resistance, rust-resistance, and long-lasting. Besides the knife has an ultra-premium G-10 military-grade handle which is impressively comfortable and impervious to cold, heat, and moisture. The TUO Damascus Boning Fillet Knife can be an excellent Japanese knife for you at a reasonable price.


  • Premium-grade AUS-10 Damascus steel blade for superior strength and durability.
  • The blade is separately tampered with and honed to hold the sharpness for a long time.
  • Military-grade and ergonomic G-10 handle for optimum comfort and support.
  • Dish-washer safe and stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain.


  • Some users find this knife a bit stiffer.


What can you not cut with a Japanese knife?

It’s recommended to not cut with a Japanese knife on a hard surface like stainless steel sink, benchtop, or cutting boards made for hard substances. Cutting on these may damage the edge. You should cut at a 45-degree angle for the best result.

How long will a Japanese knife last?

When compared with the other variations, Japanese knives are known for their extreme durability. A Japanese knife can last for 10 years to 30 years. Things that can affect the lifespan include blade profile, sharpening technique, and frequency.

How often sharpen Japanese knives?

The Japanese knives usually require sharpening once a week when used regularly. It is recommended to use a honing rod to sharpen the knife. Besides, you will require sharpening around 10 to 16-degree angles for most of these knives.


A proper Japanese knife can take your fish filleting experience to the next level with its cutting-edge performance. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to consider the mentioned best Japanese knife for filleting the fishes mentioned above. As per our research, they pack all the top qualities you can ask for. These knives are well made, superiorly sharp, and equipped with quality handles for ease of use and control.

As we said, you can go for any of these knives. if you want something on a low budget, go for the TUO Damascus Boning Fillet Knife. If budget is not an issue, you can go for any of the other two choices.


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