How Hot To Get Grill For Steak

How Hot To Get Grill For Steak

Grilling is one of the most common methods to prepare your steaks. There are many other food items apart from steak which are also prepared on grill. These include fish, chicken, prawns, crab and other meat items. Grilling is preferred as it is one of the most common yet convenient methods for grilling.

You can opt for any type of grilling whether it be gas grilling or electric grilling. Both give the same impact to your grill and are perfect to achieve your ultimate goal which is tender and moist steak. You can alter the types and kinds of spices you use to make your steak. You can add or reduce the spices as per your preferences. Most of the times, steak is served with side dishes such as roasted and steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, Dijon mustard sauce or any kind of crackers.

Similarly, you can customize the kinds of spices you intend to use to season or marinate your steak. The most common spices used to marinate the steak are kosher salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and olive oil. You can extend the spices or can also serve your steak with salad.

The most important factor which accounts for the preparation of steak is maintaining the internal temperature. The internal temperature of the food accounts for determination if the food is completely cooked or not.

Measurement of How Hot To Get Grill For Steak

Although grilling steak is quite simple and easy but there are certain guidelines which you have to follow to ensure that the food is completely cooked from inside as well as from outside. In addition to this, you have to make a perfect balance of convection and searing to make sure that the outer crust is crispy and crusty while the inner is tender, moist and soft.

You cannot cook food on a stale or cold grill. You have to ensure that the grill is at a perfect temperature to place in your steak and grill it. The question of thought is the measurement of how hot to get grill for steak.

The Temperature Required To Get Grill Ready For Steak

This is one of the most common misconception that very high temperature of the grill is required to grill the steak perfectly. However, this is not true. You only require a temperature between 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to prepare your grill perfectly for grilling steak.

Temperature above 500 degrees can greatly affect the quality of your steak. Temperature beyond 500 degrees can rip your steak of the natural juices. In addition to this, it can dissolve or burn the fat content in your steak resulting in dry steak.

In addition to this, always make sure that you preheat your grill before aiming to grill any food. You should always give at least 10 to 15 minutes to preheat your grill. This is because, the old food will be melted during the preheating process and you can easily brush it off. Secondly, preheating your grill will prepare the grill itself to cook the food rapidly. The scars or charred effect will only be developed once your grill is preheated.

Reasons You Should Pre Heat Your Grill

Pre heating your grill holds much importance in the overall grilling process. Following are the reasons which will certainly influence you that you should always consider preheating your grills.

Cooking Time Of Steak

It is preferred to pre heat your grill before putting in your steak on the grill to reduce the cooking time. If you place your food too early on the grill before it is pre heated then your cooking time will be extended. The longer your steak spends on the grill the tougher it will get and all the juices will ultimately leak.

You might also result in burnt skin of the steak with hard and dry inner portion.

Even Cooking

Preheated grill will cook your food more evenly from every side as the heat provided to the steak will be even. However, if you place the food and then heat the grill, all the heat will be concentrated at the bottom part of the steak.

If the heat is not even, this means if the grill is not preheated then the food part in contact with the grill will be cooked faster than the food part facing upwards resulting in uneven cooking. Next, when you will flip the steak, the upper part will take less time because the grill is heated already.

Charred Effect or Grill Marks

We all aim to secure charred effect on the grill or grill marks. This is a characteristics identification of the grilled food or steaks cooked on grill. Grill marks will certainly not appear if the grill is not preheated. Or if you place your food on the unheated grill, it will take longer of the outer skin might also get burnt.

Grill marks not only enhance the appearance of the steak but also enhances the flavor and taste of the grill.

Food Sticking To The Grill

When you place your food on the unheated grill, your food will ultimately take longer and will also stick on the grill. This can be problematic for food items such as chicken and fish. In addition to this, this might result in leaking of the juices and making your food devoid of flavor.

When you cook next food, you will have to brush out the remnants of your previous food and then cook the present one.


Conclusively, you will have to maintain the temperature to get your steak grilled. The temperature can lie in range of 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, any temperature beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit will lead to changes in flavor and juices of your grill.

You should also make sure that you heat your grill before cooking or placing the food. This is because, the preheated grill will cook your food fast, will create a charred effect on the food, avoid the food sticking to the grill and will also sustain the flavor of your food.


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