How Long To Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties on Grill

How Long To Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties on Grill Properly

There’s no effortless way to ready great hamburgers every time than beginning with excellent patties and grilling right from frozen.


1lb bundle of frozen Hamburger Patties

Salt & pepper

Hamburger buns

Your valued toppings!


Clasp the patties straight out of your freezer. Slash open the pack and utilize a large grilling spatula to carefully divide them apart.

Eliminate any sheet separators.

Spice up the burgers lightly with salt and pepper. Softening for a couple of minutes might make dividing simpler and will assist the salt and pepper bar.

Flame up the grill to huge heat.

Spot the tasty, cold patties on the grill and toss every 3-5 minutes. Keep checking stuff as they sizzle and cook. If you find flare-ups, yell “oh mother!!”

Proceed with flipping patties and cook for about 20 minutes.

Roast the buns right now you might be believing, “I’ll omit this portion, it’s not worth the hassle.” Don’t avoid this portion! It’s worth it. Furthermore, please thaw some butter in the microwave and scrub that on. It’s worth it.

Pile up your burger with your special toppings: mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, pickles, meat, mustard, ketchup, bacon? It depends on you!

If you’re here, you’ve probably purchased frozen burgers and you’re marveling at the decent way to grill them.

The credible news, you’re in the right area!

What Do You Learn About Grilling Frozen Burgers?

New, softened burger meat is commonly the optimal selection for barbecuing but occasionally there’s no option but to grill the burgers while they are yet frozen.

How long to cook frozen hamburger patties on grill? Grilling cold burgers isn’t greatly incompatible with barbecuing them when they’re melted. The only delicate part maybe insulates the patties when they are yet icy. For this, you can utilize a large spatula or butter fork to spy the burgers distant before getting prepared to grill them.

What Equips Are Required for Grilling Frozen Burgers?

Burgers, of course!

Salt and pepper as per taste

Burger toppings of your preference

Hamburger buns

Softened butter

How to Grill Frozen Burgers?

3 Step Instructions

If you’ve anywise utilized a grill, you’ll understand that stuff tends to stick. Once burgers glue, you’re occasionally evacuated with a minced burger patty and a slum to rinse on the grill.

Step 1: Preheat the Grill

Ensure your grill is neat before flaming it up! Built-up diet debris can effect foods to stick and give objectionable tastes to the food you’re cooking.

When the grill is neat and prepared to go, now it’s the moment to get it prepared for grilling.

To avoid the burger patties from glue to the grill, you’ll need to preheat it.

Preheat the grill up to 350 degrees for nearly 10 minutes.

If you’re utilizing a charcoal grill or a vapor grill that doesn’t possess a thermometer, you can utilize the hand test to calculate the temperature of the grill.

To perform this, you’ll need to clasp your hand above the grill at the elevation of a soda can.

If the warmth isn’t too abundant by 7-9 instants, the grill is approximately between 250 and 300.

If it needs 6 to 7 seconds for you to shift your hand, the grill will be near about 300 to 350 degrees.

Any smaller moment and the grill is anywhere from 350 degrees and more.

Be careful when utilizing this method so you don’t burn yourself!

Now it’s ready to utilize!

Step 2: Prepare the Patties

When you are done with the grill preheating, you can go ahead and get the burger patties prepared to be grilled.

If you didn’t insulate the patties ahead of the moment, accomplish so now. You might have to utilize a butter blade or additional utensil to pry the patties distant if they’re chilled together.

Season every patty with salt and pepper and any additional spices of your selection.

Don’t skip to season both sides!

Your burgers are available for grilling.

Step 3: Get Grilling

Have your patties on the grill grate when they are hot and the grill is preheated.

To ensure it grills evenly through, you’re ready to toss it every limited minute.

This could be anywhere from 3-5 minutes, relying on how heavy the burger patties are.

Later tossing the burger the initial time, you can add barbecue gravy (or another sauce of your priority) to maintain the moisture and add spice to the burger.

If the burgers are grabbed in a flare-up, shift them to protect them from getting dry as this can impact the flavor of the patty.

Utilizing a meat thermometer, test your burgers to ensure they’re grilled completely before serving.

Testing the temperature during the meat is yet on the grill can result in a false reading. Eliminate the burger patty for an instance free on the grill and test the inner temperature.

When it attains 160 degrees, you can eliminate the patties from the grill and get them prepared to be served.

When the grill is yet heated and prepared, you can flip your hamburger bread on to provide them with a light toast.

To fulfill this, you’ll have to lay thawed butter on the horizontal aspect of the bread and spot them face down on the grill. Keep them roasting at a low temperature to prevent simmering them.

Presently that the burger patties are ready and the hamburger buns are cooked, you’re prepared to build the burger to your affection.

How to Assemble the Burger?

For the excellent burger, begin by sprinkling the sauce of your preference (ketchup, mayo, mustard, or any other homemade sauce) on the burger buns.

Settle your hamburger patty on the lowest bun.

Thus add the vegetables of your preference (lettuce, onions, tomato, and/or pickles) on the cap of the burger patty.

Fill with cheese, bacon, butter, peanut, jalapenos, or any additional toppings you need and enjoy!

What Temperature Require to Grill Frozen Burgers?

While you grill cold hamburger patties, you must preheat your grill up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes, and grill them at 350ºF until accomplishment.

Ensure the cold hamburger patties attain an inner temperature of 160ºF.

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