How To Clean Rust Off Cast Iron Grill

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How To Clean Rust Off Cast Iron Grill

Grilling is one of the most common ways to cook food. Grilling becomes more appetizing and great experience when you own your own grill. Having your grill might seem an absurd but it is totally worth it. However, owning a grill is not just enough. You should also do every possible effort to maintain it at its best. However, you will encounter multiple problems if you own a grill. One of the main issues encountered on your grill is rusting of grill.

Rusting is a common phenomenon which takes place on your grill. However, good and timely maintenance of your grill will ensure that the grill doesn’t rust and maintenance its original form. If you follow the general grilling protocols, you will notice that your grills will rarely face issues such as rusting and corrosion.

The general grilling protocols include seasoning the grill timely. In addition to this, you should always ensure that you clean up your grill before grilling. For this purpose, you can use an aluminum ball to scrub off the remnants of the previous food. Seasoning the grill will also allow you to clean up your grill well after you are done cooking.

If you ensure that you follow all the preventive measures then surely there will be no, less or absolutely minimum rusting on your cast iron grill grates.

Guide On How To Clean Rust Off Cast Iron Grill

In any case you face rust on your cast iron grill, that signifies that you’ve been doing wrong or have failed to maintain your grill well. However, its never too late. You can still follow some simple steps to clean rust off cast iron grill grates.

Following are the methods use can use to clean off rust from your cast iron grill grates.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most common methods to clean rust off your cast iron grill grates. This is because vinegar is acetic acid and it helps dissolve rust. Rub the surface of your cast iron grills using vinegar and brush. Dip your brush in vinegar and scrub the surface off with full strength. Ensure that the brush you are using is non scratchy and non abrasive. In addition to this, you can also use aluminum ball of wool ball to scratch the surface of grill grates. When the rust begins to dissolve through the vinegar, you can gently clean the surface using a cloth or paper towel.

If the rust still persists you can repeat the same procedure twice or thrice.

  • Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda paste is also one of the most common ingredients you can use to clean the cast iron grill grates. Baking soda can be mixed in water and can also be mixed in vinegar to form a paste of thick consistency. Ensure that the paste is thick enough to stick on the cast iron grill grates.

After applying the paste on the grill grates use a non abrasive material to scrub off the deposited iron on the cast iron grill grates. You can also use a brush for this purpose and gently move the brush in to and fro direction along the axis of the grill grates. If the rust is removed then you can remove the rust by wiping off using a clean cloth or paper towel.

  • Salt Paste

One of the alternate methods is a salt paste if you need another more aggressive material than baking soda or vinegar. You can make a salt paste using kosher salt and water. Ensure that the paste is thick enough to stick on the cast iron grill grates. Apply the paste evenly on the cast iron grill grates and scrub using a wool ball, aluminium ball or a brush. Continue doing so till the rust comes off.

If the first few layers of the tough rust have been removed you can surely switch to the softer methods such as vinegar or the baking soda ones.

Preventive Measures To Ensure Longevity Of The Grill

  • Avoid Scraping

Scraping is one of the potential causes to allow rusting. Many people often overlook this however, it is one of the most important factors you should look after. Never scrape off your grill especially with an abrasive tool as it can lead to the formation of scratches. You can use a non abrasive brush or a spatula to clean off the food remnants you want to remove.

  • Brushing The Grill

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your grills last long is brushing them. Whenever you intend to grill your food, always preheat your grill well. After preheating your grill always brush your grills using a stainless steel brush. Brushing the grills will ensure that there is no dirt, food remnants or other unwanted objects on the grill.

  • Consider The Environment

The environment you live in has a great impact on your grill. If you are close to a sea or live near a place which has pool or a pond then always ensure that you cover your grill. This is because salt from the environment can get easily deposited on your cast iron grill grates leading to vague white patches and salty deposits which are tough to clean. In addition to this, it will also reduce the longevity of your grill.

  • Seasoning The Grill

Seasoning the grill is absolutely necessary. Which ever grill you have, always ensure that you season the grill well. This is because seasoning ensures that the food doesn’t stick of the surface of grill. Moreover, seasoning the grill also allows easy cleaning of the grill after you grill the food.


Conclusively, at first you should take maximum preventive measures to ensure that there is no rusting of your grill grates. Next, if in case your grill experiences rusting then you can use any of the above measures to clean your grill. Always use a non abrasive and non scratchy brush to clean the surface of your grill to ensure that there are no scratches on your cast iron grill grates.