How Long To Grill Bratwurst

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Grilling Bratwurst For Longer Time

How Long To Grill Bratwurst? There are two types of bratwurst. These are pre-cooked and uncooked brats. Both types have different textures and flavors. There is less sausage on the pre-cooked brats. So, these have smooth sausage and require more time and fat to chew. Uncooked bratwurst have more sausage on them. Moreover, uncooked brats are easy to buy from any meat shop.  

Some of the essential steps are:

1st Step to Grill Brats:

Boil The Bratwursts

Parboil the brats on the stove or in a cast-iron pan on the grill before grilling. This will assist to precook the insides of the brats and prevent them from bursting open on the grill and releasing all of the tasty juices. In a pan, place the brats and add a cold liquid 3/4 of the way up the brats. You can use water, broth, or beer for added taste. Slowly boil the brats until an instant-read thermometer reads 150°F on the inside.

Lindsay Mattison, a former farm-to-table cook, explains, “You know, sausage is really a pressure-stuffed casing packed with a high-fat-content mixture of ground pork and spices.” “All that fat renders and releases its juices inside the shell as the combination warms up. That pressure container will very certainly pop if the liquids increase too soon! “Cook your sausages low and slow first,” says the remedy.

Use a cast-iron skillet or an aluminum pan on your barbecue to keep the mess to a minimum. To keep the liquid from boiling, place the pan on the grill’s indirect heat side and cover it to keep the heat in.

2nd Step To grill Brats:

To Finish The Brats, Sear Them

Prepare your gas or charcoal grill for finishing while the brats are parboiling. Check if the brats have attained an internal temperature of 150° using an instant-read meat thermometer. Remove them from the cooking liquid and lay them on the grill’s direct heat side. Allow for a light sear on both sides of the brats, which should take around 5 minutes.

Lindsay explains, “You don’t want to entirely burn the casing, but you do want to give them a golden sheen and a good, sharp finish.”

How can you know when brats are done? When the sausages achieve an internal temperature of 150°, they are thoroughly cooked. The grilling stage is only decorative.

Grilling Brats Suggestions

Bratwurst Shouldn’t Be Purchased Precooked To Grill Bratwurst

Buying precooked brats will almost certainly result in less taste. Many precooked brats have additional flavorings like smoke to make them taste like they just came off the grill. By parboiling and grilling them at home, you’ll get a considerably superior flavor.

Poking Holes In The Casing Isn’t A Good Idea To Grill Bratwurst

Poking holes in the brat’s shell will allow all of the juices and tastes to escape. Because all of the liquids have been expelled, you’ll wind up with overdone meat.

Cook The Bratwursts On A Medium Heat Setting To Grill Bratwurst

If you cook your brats over an excessively high heat, the outsides will cook considerably faster than the insides. If you cook them for too long at a high temperature, the casing will rupture and all of the juices will spill out. A charred casing will occur from grilling at too high a temperature. As a result, keep the heat on medium.

Brats Should Be Prepared Ahead Of Time

You may cook the sausages ahead of time and keep them warm until your visitors arrive. Then, slap ’em on the grill and they’ll make great made-to-order sandwiches. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Is It Necessary To Boil Brats Before Grilling Them

When it comes to whether or not brats should be boiled before grilling, there is no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer to get right to the grill. If you want to be safe and don’t want to rely solely on the grill, boiling them first will ensure that they are cooked both inside and out.

How Do You Cook Uncooked To Grill Bratwurst

Place the brats on the no-charcoal zone or side of the grill for 20 minutes, rotating as required. To make sure it’s cooked through on the inside, don’t open the lid. Sear them for 2 minutes to finish.

Which Method Of Cooking Is Best For Brats

Each method of cooking is best on its own. Each has its characteristics, like for a few brats, an iron skillet is best. On the other hand, large brats in the oven and on the grill are best. But the most common method is grilling for bratwurst. Because it gives a smoky flavor to the bratwurst. So, here we are going to discuss how to grill bratwurst.  

Recipe To Grill Brats 

The grilling bratwurst recipe is as follows: 

Required Time To Grill Brats

Preparation time: 15 minutes  

Cooking time: 20 minutes  

Total time: 35 minutes  

Ingredients To Grill Brats

5 bratwurst  

5 bratwurst buns  

Desired topping ( mustard and sauerkraut)  

Instructions To Grill Bratwurst

1: But the fresh, uncooked bratwurst. 

2: Preheat the grill on low heat for 10 minutes.  

3: Place the bratwursts on the grill’s indirect side. Cook here for 15 to 18 minutes.  

4: Remove it from the direct part of the grill and place the bratwurst on it. 

5: The internal temperature should be at least 155 degrees Fahrenheit. 

6: Grill for 1–2 minutes, or until the sausage begins to brown. 

7: Now is the time to remove the brats from the grill, and toast the buns. 

8: Stuff the buns with brats. Add toppings of your choice, such as mustard, onion rings, or sauerkraut.   

9: Finally, serve and enjoy them with your loved ones.  


You now have the knowledge and abilities to prepare one of the world’s most delectable sausages. You may attempt all kinds of variants on this approach now that you know how to grill brats properly, whether it’s smoking the meat, braising it in beer, or even making your own sausages.

They’ll turn out fantastic if you give them enough time on the grill. Did you like this tutorial? Is there anything more you’d like to know about grilling brats that we didn’t cover? Leave a comment to tell us about it. Remember to pass along this advice on how to grill brats to a friend who is still eating flavorless pre-packaged brats or is adamantly reluctant to perceive anything as an upgrade over the inadequate hot dog.