How To Clean Lobster Tail Before Grilling

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How To Clean Lobster Tail Before Grilling

How To Clean Lobster Tail Before Grilling?  Grilling is one of the exciting activities that people worldwide practice, especially during holidays. 

Lobster tails are one of the dishes that taste unmatchable when grilled. So restaurants have a high demand for grilled lobster tails, but why spend so much on a restaurant when you can grill the lobsters at home on your grill. You have to follow simple steps to guide you through preparing and grilling the best lobster tails.

In this article, we will be telling you how to clean lobster tail before grilling because it is an essential part of you going to grill lobster tails.

Cleaning And Preparing Lobster Tails Is Convenient

Preparing lobster tails for grilling is easier than you may think. Cooking lobster tails indeed seems a challenging task but don’t let presumption resist you from trying. Once you can defrost, clean, and cut the lobster tails, cooking will be easier and Swift.

Ways Of Cooking Lobster Tail Before Grilling

Before you start with the cleaning process, it’s essential to know that there are different methods of cooking lobster tails. All the methods will brown both the meat and its shell and cook it to perfection. The difference is only in the technique of cooking. Forming is the three main methods of cooking lobster tails.

Boiling The Lobster Tails

One of the popular ways to cook lobster tails is by boiling them. All you have to do is dip lobster tail in water end turn on the flames. It will cook them quickly, but certain concerns like losing some of their flavors. So if you are in a hurry, boiling the lobster is recommended. But if you have plenty of time and are willing to taste its flavors, then consider the following two ways of cooking lobster tails.

Sautéing Lobster Tails

When you sort them in a skillet, you will tend to have the most flavors from their shell. All of its flavors will be preserved until it reaches the dining table.

Grilling The Lobster Tails And To Clean Lobster Tail Before Grilling

Greening is one of the best ways to cook love details. If you are using a charcoal grill, there will be something much more than just cooked lobster tails. Charcoal grills will provide a smoky and charcoal aroma to the dish, enhancing its flavor to the next level. It cooks the lobster tails to perfection while bringing brown to the meat and its shells. 

Cleaning The Lobster Tails Before Grilling

Let’s start with removing the lobster tails from the freezer and cleaning it for the grilling process.

  • Firstly you have to take out a lobster tail from the freezer and allow the package to defrost overnight. It will be a slow process, so be patient. It will be easier to clean them once they are mostly thawed. 
  • Once the lobster tails are defrosted completely, open the package and transfer them into a bowl or a container. Place the bowl in your kitchen sink area and rinse them with cold water continuously for about 11 minutes. Reducing them with water for this long time is vital as it will remove most of the iodine from the lobsters. 
  • Afterward, keep them in the cold water for about half an hour. Then discard the water and refill the bowl again. Give them a good rinse and make sure that all the lobsters are not frozen at all
  • Then place them on a paper towel to drain. This winds up the cleaning process, and now you are good to go, and now you are good to go for marinating them and placing them on the grill.

Cleaning the lobster tails thoroughly is very important because of the iodine element and defrosting it. So repeat rinsing it with water at least two to three times while leaving it in water for a half-hour in between. 

How To Clean Lobster Tail Before Grilling

First, you need a lobster tail. You can buy them from the store or catch your own. Your choice!

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your grill is heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you’ve got your grill prepared, it’s time to prepare the lobster tail.

You’ll need a knife and a cutting board to do this. Cut the lobster tail in half lengthwise with the shell still on it. This will help keep some juices from spilling out while it cooks on the grill.

Next, set one half of the lobster tail cut side down on a piece of tin foil and place both halves next to each other, so they’re touching but not overlapping. Fold up the sides of the tin foil around each half of the lobster tail, so they’re fully encased and won’t be exposed to any fire as they cook.

Finally, put them on your heated grill for 20-25 minutes, or until they’re cooked through!

Preparing A Lobster Tail For The Grill

To start, you’ll need to prepare your lobster tail for the grill. Get it out of the shell by cutting down the back of the lobster’s head with a large knife. Gently use your fingers to pull off any sharp bits on the skin.

Next, make a slit down the middle of the tail and remove it from the shell. You can either cut them in half or leave them whole, depending on how many people eat with you. Place them on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet before seasoning them with salt and pepper.

Now that they’re seasoned, it’s time to cook! All you have to do is set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the baking sheet in there for 15 minutes. This will prevent any bacteria from forming during the cooking time while also preparing the lobster tails for grilling.

Once they’re done cooking in the oven, let them cool before transferring them onto a grill grate over medium-high heat with some butter on top. Let them cook for about five minutes per side until they’re cooked through—a nice glistening red is what you should be looking for when making sure they’re done cooking.


Lobster tails taste the best when cleaned and grilled properly. By the end of this article, you must know how to clean the lobster tail appropriately. So you will be confident now to try out cleaning and grill the lobster tails at home and save yourself from spending a lot at the local restaurant. Enjoy this seafood item with your family and friends after cooking it yourself. You can read articles regarding marinating the lobster tails and grilling them to work on the further two elements of the cooking process of lobster tails.