How Long To Grill Prime Rib Steaks

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Grilling Prime Rib Steaks

How Long To Grill Prime Rib Steaks? A prime rib roast is one of life’s few pleasures. This supreme cut of beef is a Christmas favorite and a delicacy, but it’s also one of the most costly meats available. The appropriate cooking process is required to properly handle this and get the most out of your investment. This means putting it on the grill to make use of the grill’s excellent roasting capabilities while also adding flavor from a little smoke.

What You Will Require To Grill Prime Rib Steaks

A three-bone rib roast can fit on most full-size barbecues, but a bigger roast will take up a lot of room—and because this is an indirect cooking method, the grill area has to be at least double the size of the roast. Before you go out and get a roast, make sure you measure the area.

You will also need the following items in addition to the prime rib roast:

Charcoal for your barbecue

Foil of aluminum

Meat thermometer that is accurate

Prime board (large)

A razor-sharp knife

A tasty prime rib rub

Aluminum pan (disposable)

Depending on the amount of doneness you wish for and your specific grill, this procedure will take 15 to 20 minutes per pound. Calculate the amount of time you’ll need using the prime rib cooking time chart. This technique requires a thorough understanding of your grill and fire, as well as the willingness to make temperature changes. It’s also a great initiative to check the interior temperature regularly.

Rib Roast Trimming To Grill Prime Rib Steaks

You may have your roast trimmed whatever you desire by your butcher. Butchers typically remove the bones from the roast before re-tying them. You may place seasonings between the roast and the bones, which benefits this procedure. The bones can be kept in situ and cut removed later if necessary.

If you wish to trim the roast manually, the idea is to expose as much of the meat as possible so that spices and smoke can reach it. It’s not as crucial to have flavorful fat as it is to have flavorful meat. Over the top of this roast, there is usually a thick fat cap that You may easily pull away. This will allow you to get down to business with your flavors.

Rib Roast Seasoning To Grill Prime Rib Steaks

The most important component here is salt; the meat would lack taste without it. Consider the bulk of the roast rather than the surface area when deciding how much spice to use.

Olive oil is the finest place to start when seasoning a rib roast. While this cut of meat has a lot of fat, a little application of oil can help the surface brown and keep the spices in place. A mixture of oil, herbs, salt, and spice, such as the herb-Dijon prime rib paste, is a good approach. The mustard gives a lot of flavor depth to the dish.

To hold the roast in place, focus the seasoning on the meat rather than the fat, apply it liberally, and handle it gently.

Recipe For Grilling Perfect Prime Ribs

  • Before you start anything, make sure your grill is perfectly clean, and there is no residue left from the previous session.
  • Open all the grill grates if you are using a gas grill to let all the gas out. ( Sometimes the grill contains the left out gas, which can cause an explosion.)
  • We recommend using an automatic grill that contains an ignitor inside it. However, if you have a grill that does not have an ignitor in it, go for the manual method and turn on the grill.
  • Now preheat the grill to the required temperature.
  • If you have placed the steaks in the freezer, take them out and let them come to room temperature. However, we recommend bringing fresh meat. It always gives the best flavour.
  • Now, the next thing is to season the steaks properly from both sides. While seasoning it, try to press the salt and pepper into the meat.
  • Take a bowl and chop some garlic in it. All you have to do is to trim the sides of the garlic and make some paste.
  • The next step is a little bit tricky, but if you follow the instructions properly, you will get the best results. So, now you have to take a small skillet and heat it mildly. Slowly add four tablespoons of oil while heating it, and then add garlic. Once you add garlic, you reduce the flame and wait until the cloves turn brown. Use tongs to toss it because it will burn and give an unpleasant taste if you don’t toss.
  • Remove the skillet from the oil and let the oil cool down.
  • Make another garlic paste and add it to the same oil you used.
  • Now the main grilling part. Now you have to put the steaks on the grill and cook it properly for at least 8 minutes. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep the ratio of grillings like 5 minutes from the front side and 3 minutes from the backside.
  • Now your rib steak is in its final stage. Now you have to pour two generous spoons of paste that you have made on the top side of the steak and a little bit on the downside too.
  • Grill it again for a while and then take it out from the grill and let it cool down. Make sure you cover the dish in this resting time to keep the steak warm and juicy. If you forget to put the lid on, your steak will turn stiff, and the flavour will be lost.
  • Now, it is the serving time. You have to put the stake on the cutting board and cut the steak into 1-inch slices. Make sure you are cutting those slices in a clockwise direction.
  • Now your steak is all ready to be served with anything you want. You can serve them with mashed potatoes or veggies of your choice. Moreover, you can also serve them with garlic bread or French fries.

The difference between Prime Rib And Ribeye 

If we talk about the difference between these two steaks, we will not find many differences because the meat used to grill both of the things come from the same undercut of beef. However, they are cooked and grilled using different recipes. That’s the only difference between these two steaks.


A rib steak is famous because of its natural juiciness and its flavour, and you would not be able to grill it perfectly even if you skip only one step. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the real flavour of the beef ribs, you have to read all the instructions and follow them accordingly carefully. Moreover, we also recommend trying this for yourself first and then serving it to others; you might not be able to grill it perfectly on the first attempt. But if every step is followed correctly, nothing is impossible. We are now sure that you have a a good idea about how to grill prime rib steak. Happy grilling!