How Much Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

How Much Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

What is the Right Amount of Charcoal to Use for Grilling? Across the world, there are various types of fuel people utilize for preparing meals. Nevertheless, charcoal remains a perennial preference since antiquity. Numerous factors contribute to this popularity.

For instance, food cooked/ grilled upon charcoal has a unique Smokey flavor, obtains lesser fat content, helps you eat lean protein, and the counting goes on and on. Nevertheless, knowing How Much Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling? And how to light up the charcoal grill efficiently to assure maximum benefits. 

So stay tuned if you are also one of those people seeking an ultimate guide about charcoal grilling. This article will get to know all the essential information about the topic. So without any further due, let’s get into the content.

All You Need To Know About Charcoal Grilling

How Much Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

There is one general rule of thumb in this case. And that is to remember the fact that the more charcoal you use, the hotter your grill gets. Or we can say in simple words, “The More, The Merrier.” 

However, it is always a good idea to use about 30 briquettes for a small-sized portable. Yet we can not give you an exact answer in this case as the cooking process, and the material you are cooking decides the number or quantity of charcoal you will need for your recipe. 

So start with a little. You can always add as much charcoal as you want to during the grilling process. Just make sure to light up the grill properly.

An Efficient Way To Light Up Your Charcoal Grill

 Now that you know everything essentials regarding charcoal quantity while grilling. Let’s discuss the correct way to light up your charcoal grill, as it is an equally important aspect.  

Light up your charcoal grill with lightning fluid.

Things You Will Need To use Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

  1. Charcoal
  2. Lightening fluid
  3. Grill
  4. Grates
  5. Match stick or lighter

Process To Light Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

Step 1: Arrange Your Coals

Please take all of your coals, put them in the grill, and arrange them to form a pyramid shape. Now hold a stick and start crushing big chunks of charcoal into smaller pieces. Remember that smaller amounts of charcoal are always easy to light as they catch fire quickly. 

Step 2: Pour The Lightening Fluid

Now spread your crushed coal evenly on the entire grill surface and pour your lightning fluid upon it. Stay sure to coat every part of the charcoals with lightning fluid. Different types of lightning fluid possess a distinguished variety of instructions. So make sure to read the packaging very carefully.

Step 3: Wait to Use Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling

The next step is effortless and fun as you don’t have to do anything but. Give the fluid about 30 to 40 minutes to penetrate deep into the charcoal. You can always use your phone or perform any other fun activity during this period.

Step 4: Light It Up

Now it’s time to light up your charcoal grill finally. So hold your matchbox or lighter and give fire to the charcoal. You can put a rechargeable fan near the grill to fasten the process a bit.

Step 5: Add Grates

Once your charcoal is fully lit and has started to turn white, pour some grates on top of it. And that is it, and you are all done with lightning the charcoal grill.

Tips To Follow While Grilling Your Food and To use Charcoal

  1. Stay sure to take off your contacts if you wear them before going close to a charcoal grill. The heat arising from burning charcoal can cause your connections to melt( as they are made up of a particular type of plastic). Hence it can cost you to suffer from some severe eye disease.
  2. Wear cooking gloves before you go near the charcoal grill as it tends to be hot
  3. Always use high-quality charcoal as well as a cooking utensil
  4. Guide or instruct your pets and kids to stay away from the grilling site as it can sometimes cause long-term losses.

Step By Step Instructions To Put Out A Charcoal Grill Facts

There are two techniques for putting your charcoal out. You can either be patient or you can do it right away.

One way isn’t better compared to the next, it’s a question of inclination.

You can leave nothing to chance and stand by 48 hours, or you can speed up the cycle to 10 brief hours.

As you read more beneath, you’ll see that the speedy way permits you to skip Stage 2, which simplifies this more.

Stage 1: Shut It Down With Charcoal After Grilling

At the point when you’re prepared to put your barbecue out, the initial step is to close the top, so it covers the blazes.

Close any ventilation ports in the cover and put it on the barbecue, permitting it to sit until it’s cool. That requires around 48 hours.

Need to stifle the charcoal? Attempt this!

You can chill your barbecue off by eliminating the briquettes from the barbecue.

Utilizing heat proof gloves and long utensils, take the charcoal briquettes out and drop them into a metal container of cold water.

Stage 2: Dispose Of Ashes And Charcoal After Grilling

Assuming you settled on the fast strategy for putting out your charcoal barbecue recorded above, you can avoid this progression.

When the 48 hours are up, you can remove the remains and briquettes of charcoal to discard them.

Get a huge piece of aluminium foil prepared before eliminating the remains and charcoal. Scoop the debris out with a metal scoop and spot it in the foil.

Assuming any briquettes can be rescued and utilized later, put them away until further notice.

When you have the barbecue liberated from charcoal and debris, wrap the foil up and discard it in a metal holder.

Stay away from plastic compartments since even the littlest sprinkle of coal can cause them to dissolve and create some issues.

Stage 3: Clean The Grill With Charcoal After Grilling

When the barbecue is clean out of the greater wreck, you can clear the remainders of cinders out of the barbecue.

Get your barbecue brush and some water and prepare to clean.

The cleanser is discretionary, yet, if it has been some time since your barbecue is clean, you might need to snatch some.

Remove the mesh and scratch it off with the barbecue brush, involving water on a case by case basis to relax stuck-on food and flotsam and jetsam.

Scour the rest of the barbecue with the brush, taking consideration to clean around the vents since development can block ventilation during the following barbecuing meeting.

Assuming you utilized a cleanser to clean the barbecue, flush it completely whenever it’s cleaned. You can allow it to dry!

When the barbecue is dry, throw the rescued charcoal into the barbecue (assuming you’ll use it again soon!) so they’re prepared for the following time the barbecue is started up.

Close the barbecue and put the cover on and it’s all set! 

You should be aware of what to do with the charcoals after grilling. This will prevent any kind of future mishap from occurring. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, food cooked on a charcoal grill is always delicious. However, knowing some essential things, such as How Much Charcoal Should I Use When Grilling or how to light charcoal grill correctly, are crucial things to know.

Hence we have formed an ultimate guide for you that contains the answer to the above-discussed questions and another must-to-be-known information. However, keep reading and implementing all of the precautions mentioned above.


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