How To Grill Squid Filipino Style

How To Grill Squid Filipino Style

Guide to Grilling Squid the Filipino Way A lot of individuals hesitate to sample squid initially, worried it won’t taste good. The question on their minds often is, “How do I make squid delicious?” It’s well-understood that culinary processes demand both time and proficiency. Yet, it is possible to achieve a delectable grilled squid using minimal ingredients and a bit of dedication. Follow this detailed guide to learn the steps for grilling squid in the Filipino tradition.

What is Grilling And To Grill Squid Filipino Style

Grilling is a cooking technique that involves cooking food over direct heat from below, usually with the use of a grilling pan. The heat source for the cooking process is usually gas, charcoal, or wood.

Why Should you Grill your Squid

There are many benefits of grilling your squid. The most important benefit is that it’s healthier. Grilling your squid will make the meat more tender and juicy because you’ll be cooking it at a lower temperature for a shorter amount of time. Additionally, grilling your squid will keep the natural oils from escaping and leaving with the smoke. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, flavorful seafood without all the added fats and chemicals that are typically found in processed food.

Another reason why people should grill their shrimp is that it’s easy to prepare and does not require lots of time or special ingredients. It doesn’t take long for this dish to cook either–just about 10-15 minutes! You don’t have to worry about buying expensive ingredients either–the ingredients needed for this recipe can usually be found at any grocery store. Just remember that when you’re grilling, use plenty of salt, pepper, and olive oil to season your squid so that it tastes great by the end of cooking.

How to make Squid Taps log

Grilling squid is often a challenge. Most people don’t know how to properly make it and end up cooking the squid until it becomes rubbery. There are many ways you can make your grilled squid taste great with just a few ingredients, time, and effort.

To cook your pork or seafood on a grill in the Philippines, you have to soak the meat in vinegar first.

1) Soak 1/4 cup of white vinegar into 1/4 cup of cold water for 10 minutes to remove oxidation from the meat.

2) Prepare your sauce by mixing together two tablespoons of soy sauce, two teaspoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of olive oil. You can add ginger and garlic for flavor if desired.

3) Marinate the pork or seafood in this mixture for a few hours before grilling.

4) Preheat your grill at high heat before using it.

5) Grill both sides of the meat or seafood until they are golden brown and cooked thoroughly.

Other delicious Filipino Grilled Squid Dishes

There are many ways you can prepare your grilled squid, but here are some of the most popular and delicious. You can try these with your grilled squid.

– Grilled Squid in Malayan Sauce

– Grilled Squid with Garlic

– Grilled Squid with Creamy Tomato Sauce

– Grilled Squid with Tomato Relish

Recipe Of Similar Dishes To Grill Squid Filipino Style

Squid is an inexpensive and versatile seafood option. So, there are many dishes that can be made with it. Here are some dishes that you can make with squid:

*Grilled Squid Filipino Style-This dish has a spicy marinade infused with garlic, ginger, and other spices to make the squid taste great! The marinade makes the squid juicy and flavorful.

*Squid Pancit – It’s similar to lumpia, but instead of frying it in oil, you will grill it first before serving. With this dish, you won’t need any additional ingredients as it is all about just using the squid itself!

*Sangria Squid – This dish is like a light sangria for you and your friends! You will make a light salad dressing that contains white wine vinegar, olive oil, lime juice, honey, and herbs to give the sauce a subtle citrus flavor. Then you will use your favorite seafood such as shrimp or scallops to give the dish a savory kick.

Your filets should sizzle when they come into contact with the meshes. If not, raise the hotness or permit your barbecue more opportunity to preheat. Rockfish needs around 3 to 4 minutes for every side on the barbecue, contingent upon the thickness of the filets. Remain near the barbecue, yet pass on the filets undisturbed until you are prepared to flip them or move them to a serving platter.

The most difficult second when barbecuing fish is the flip part of the way through. But assuming you have noticed each prep venture en route, the flip will be one of the most fulfilling minutes as the barbecue ace. You will have a fish spatula to do the flip.

This flimsy, adaptable spatula has the ideal point to shimmy between the filet and the barbecue grates if there is any staying.

In spite of that, there should not be a lot staying if your barbecue was hot and your filets were dried: The filets will pull away from the barbecue grates when they are fit to be flipped.


Grilling squid is a common Filipino dish that is very easy to learn and is a delicious alternative to cooking. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, including using bamboo skewers or banana leaves. The above recipes are just a few of the many dishes you can create from grilled squid.

However, if you try to search it on the internet, you will get multiple other dishes as well. So, now it’s your turn to switch on your grill and start cooking it without any hesitation. But grilling is an art. It’s because you are cooking food at a temperature that is much higher than a normal stovetop. The food can burn if not grilled properly. So there are various things that you need to understand before starting the grill. This article is a specially rated photo that tends to explain to you about the grilling process and all the things involved in it. If you are a newbie then this article will be much more helpful for you before starting your first grill. 

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