How to BBQ Beef Ribs On Gas Grill

Searching for an Absolute Recipe of How to BBQ Beef Ribs On Gas Grill?

Barbecue ribs are the most lovable street food for all. Beef ribs grilled on the gas grill are so yummy with donkey flavor. There is however no requirement to wait for a day to cook the beef ribs. Instead, these ribs are easy to cook within 5 to 6 hours. If you are trying it for the first time, you do not need to be bothered. Because in this article, I am going to touch on how to grill barbecued beef ribs on gas grill.  

What Are the Different Types Of Beef Ribs

There are different types of beef ribs. So, you should have a look before cooking the beef ribs on the gas grill.  

1: Beef short ribs  

2: Back ribs 

3: Chuck short ribs 

1: Beef Short Ribs 

Beef short ribs are short because they come from the short plate of the cow. Short ribs are more tender and brisket-like than back ribs. Moreover, these types of ribs have more meat as compared to the back ribs. Beef short ribs are taken from the bone down toward the stomach part.  

2: Chuck Short Ribs 

Chuck short ribs are also located down toward the stomach part like the short beef ribs. These ribs are full of meat with short bones. This meat is present on the top of the bone.  

3: Beef Back Ribs 

Beef back ribs are different from the other two types of ribs. These rib cuts are taken from the prime rib areas that are present at the top of the rib cage. These ribs do not have much meat as compared to the other ribs. But the quality of meat is excellent. Therefore, these ribs are used more than others. Moreover, these ribs are more expensive than other ribs. Back ribs are widely used in barbeques. 

Which Types of Beef Ribs are Better for Grilling

Short beef ribs are better suited for grilling barbecue beef ribs. One of the reasons is that these ribs are full of meat with short bones. So, try the short ribs for grilling barbecue beef ribs.  

How to BBQ Beef Ribs On Gas Grill 

To cook the juicy, tender, and delicious BBQ beef ribs, follow the next steps. 

Step 1: Wash The Ribs 

First of all, buy good-quality short beef ribs and wash them thoroughly under cold water. Then, let the ribs dry. 

Step 2: Marinade The Short Beef Ribs 

Make a marinade by mixing red wine vinegar, soya sauce, beef broth, etc., in a large bowl. In addition, you can also add hot sauce and honey. Put the short beef ribs in a zip-lock bag and pour the prepared marinade into it. Then, put the Ziploc bag in a bowl and place it in the refrigerator for 4 hours to get flavorful bbq ribs.  

Step 3: Preheat The Gas Grill 

Preheat the gas grill to a medium-high until the temperature reaches 350 to 375°F.  

Step 4: Grill The BBQ Beef Ribs 

After marinating the ribs for 4 hours, drain them from the bag. Then, turn the one burner of the gas grill off and leave the others off. Place the ribs over direct heat. Cook each side for 5 minutes on direct heat. Turn the temperature down to 275°F and grill on indirect heat for 30 minutes with a smoke pouch. 

Step 5: Wrap The Ribs In A Foil

After grilling on the indirect heat, wrap them into a foil. Then, place on the indirect part of the grill and additionally cook for half an hour. The internal temperature should be 265°F.

Step 6: Serve And Enjoy 

When you unwrap the foil pouch, the ribs will be soft and tender. Now, serve and enjoy the most wanted bbq beef ribs.  


The recipe for bbq beef ribs is as follows. 


Preparing time for short beef ribs is 4 hours. And the cooking time is 2 hours.  


3 Ibs boneless beef ribs 

1|2 cup soya sauce  

Half cup of beef broth

Half cup of red wine vinegar 

Three tablespoons of honey  


  1. In a large bowl or a dish, whisk all the ingredients together to prepare a marinade.
  2. Put the short beef ribs in the marinade and keep them in the refrigerator for 4 hours. 
  3. Preheat the grill to high-medium heat and cook for 10 minutes on indirect heat at 375°F. 
  4. Now, it’s time to cook on direct heat for 30 minutes. 
  5. Then, wrap beef ribs in foil and cook them for half an hour. 
  6. Serve and enjoy them. 

Important Tips to Store and Freeze BBQ Beef Ribs

  • Beef stays perfectly well in the refrigerator for approximately three to four days. So, carefully wrap your BBQ beef ribs and store them.
  • If you however want to freeze, you can wrap the ribs in foil. Then, put the ribs in a freezer bag and store them easily for up to three months.

Frequently Asked Questions on Grilled Beef Ribs

Q.Is it necessary to boil ribs prior to grilling?

Ans. If you want to experience tender and juicy ribs, then the best way to do so is to grill it at an optimal low temperature. However, many people boil or oven steam beef ribs before cooking or grilling as well. This allows the meat to remain tender and moist, full of juices. For this, put the ribs in water along with some salt. Cover and simmer for around 40 to 50minutes for good results.

Q. How to check whether the beef ribs are done or not?

Ans. In order to check the doneness of beef ribs, carefully insert a toothpick in the meat. If it’s cooked, perfectly meat would be tender and juicy. Consequently, you can check with a thermometer too. Generally, when the temperature reaches a maximum of 203 degrees Fahrenheit, ribs get perfectly done.

The Bottom Line

Well, though beef ribs are loved less compared to pork ribs, they are absolute perfection to any meal’s menu. Grill finger-licking beef ribs by following the guide mentioned earlier on how to BBQ beef ribs on gas grill. Then, enjoy with your favorite sauces and sides.

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