How To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

How To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

Constructing a Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill? For those who don’t shy away from a bit of manual work and are eager to create their own BBQ grill, opting for a Santa Maria style could be the perfect route. Unfortunately, many of us fall short due to a lack of proper knowledge and skills. Attempting this task without proper instruction can often feel like navigating without a map.

We will pull you out of that darkness with this article. Your Santa Maria-style BBQ grill will be ready to use in no time. Using this article, you will find out how to build a Santa Maria-style BBQ grill.

Building A Santa Maria Grill

It is important to have Santa Maria-style grill plans when building your grill. Here you will find a list of items that you need, as well as the steps you need to take to build a Santa Maria grill. You need not worry; we will show you exactly how to build your own Santa Maria grill. 

Requirements To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

What item you will need:

  • A welding machine
  • Metal cutter
  • Protective helmet and face shield
  • Clamps
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal sheets 
  • Stainless steel net
  • Metal table legs
  • Metal rods

You should determine the size of the grill before purchasing any of these supplies. To make the process foolproof, you can plan most of it on paper. You must first decide whether you want a closed-in flame or an open flame.

This has benefits and drawbacks. With four sides to your grill, you have more control over the heat, resulting in a higher temperature than you would receive with three walls. 

With three walls, you can access the wood and insert without moving some things around. Since Santa Maria has such an easy access system, this may not be a big deal. The Santa Maria grill insert can simply be lifted using the crank handle. 

Step 1: Measurement To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

Measuring your metal sheets with a measuring tape will enable you to determine their length and width. Mark clearly where you want the sheets cut to the size of the building by drawing lines on the sheets. 

To start, you should measure the grill’s base and mark it. After you have the base in place, you will need to measure the sheets that will make up the lengths and widths of your project. 

Step 2: Cutting To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

Use your metal cutter to cut the sheets to size, following the lines you marked in the previous step. Also, you’ll need to make grooves for the layers of the barbecue to sit in. To determine how wide these grooves need to be, measure the grid’s thickness.  

Step 3: Welding To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill 

Lay the long sheet or sheets over the edge of the base. You should make sure all edges are perfectly align before you begin welding. Those three corners must be welding in that order: corner one, center two, and corner three. Continue welding the remaining sides the same way.

Step 4: Put The Legs In Place To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

Legs are another welding project. You can either do these after you flip the grill over or you can do them at this point with the grill upside-down. To weld the sides onto the grill in the latter option, you would first weld together the base sheet and the four legs. 

Step 5: The Rotating Mechanism To Build A Santa Maria Style BBQ Grill

Both sides of the grill should be supported by two equal-length rods. Make sure the rods are centered. Anchor the rotating rod here. This can be reinforced by building a triangle. You would then weld supporting points on either end of the barbecue. 

The chain will be attached to one end of the newly anchored rod. When working with chains, you have to be mindful of their length. You should be able to roll it down into the flame and roll it back up again safely. Thorough weight testing is crucial here. As you use the grill, it will be put through its paces.  

he primary explanations behind meat like chicken, fish, or hamburger adhering to your barbecue grates are that the meat isn’t hot, or that your barbecue grates are either grimy or need more oil.

If your flame is not hot enough or the meat is not cooked enough, it tends to stick to the barbecue. It can also happen due to an insufficient amount of oil on the grill as there will be nothing preventing the chicken from sticking.

  • Oil The Meat

Oiling your barbecue or cooking surfaces is very important but still, people fail to remember that that is only one part of the situation.

Applying a thin layer of oil to your chicken can assist with guaranteeing that the tissue of the meat doesn’t stick to the barbecue surface.

Use a paper towel to dry out your chicken. Apply your seasoning of choice, and afterwards use a barbecue brush to apply a slight layer of olive oil to the meat.

Move the chicken to the barbecue. Assuming your chicken has skin on it, then, at that point, put that layer on the barbecue first. This is because that side will in general have less meat that can stick to the meshes.

When you have passed on this side to cook for a couple of moments, the opposite side ought to have begun to dry a little which thus makes it doubtful to adhere to your barbecue when you flip it.

Cook the chicken for 4.5 minutes on each side before flipping. Then continue cooking for a further 4.5 minutes.

If the chicken adheres to the meshes, permit it to cook for another 30-60 seconds before attempting to flip it once more.

  • Clean Your Grill

You must realize that cleaning your barbecue after every use is a task and not one that you should skip in any situation.

But, most would agree that with each use your barbecue creates layers of dirt and synthetics that can affect your meat on each extra use.

Permit your barbecue to chill off somewhat after every use, yet clean it while it’s still warm with the goal that the oils and soil are somewhat looser. Clean it with a dirty cloth and lathery water. Make certain to permit your meshes to dry completely before returning them to your barbecue, if not you will leave them inclined to create rust.

Features And Precautions For Safety

Finally, safety must be ensured. The greatest danger comes from sharp edges. These should be sanded down. When you barbecue, the rotating handle will likely become hot. You should insulate it to prevent it from becoming dangerous. You can cover it with wood. We already discussed the chain. The chain must be properly welded. A pressure test should be performed just to be sure. 


While there are some steps involved in building a Santa Maria grill, the process is certainly doable. You should allow additional time for this project if you are not proficient in welding or other related skills. Diagrams are very helpful in this process. High-quality tools will make your life easier if you can get your hands on them. All the best for your project!


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