How To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan

How To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan

How To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan? Grilled food is the tastiest item on the menu for a non veg lover. But not everyone is up for visiting the restaurants. People opt to grill food at home, so grilling pans are available in the market. The modern world has introduced nonstick grill pans that don’t let the food residue glued with the Pan. 

Cleaning The Messy Grill pans 

When you have cooked something in a grill pan, it needs to be cleaned before grilling something else. So how would you do that? Read out this article which will guide you through ways to clean non-stick Pan and maintain it properly. 

Preparing your grill Pan 

Whether you agree or not, cleaning the grill pan depends on how well you prepare it. For example, if you moisturize the Pan well before placing the food on it. Then the oil won’t let the food stick with the grill and act as double protection with the non-stick layer of the Pan. Grilling on a medium or low flame will prevent the Pan from overheating and burning the food that may stick with the Pan. So prepare your grill pan by moisturizing it properly and preheating it before starting the grilling process. 

Ways To Clean Grill Pan

It’s good to prepare the grill pan well before grilling, but still, there will be some food residue in some cases; if not, then the grease will be waiting for you. So we have gathered five best ways you can use to clean even the challenging mess from a grill pan. 

  • Skip the Dishwasher

First of all, forget the idea of placing the grill pan into a dishwasher. They’re simply not made for cleaning grill pans. Non-stick grill pans have a non-stick layer that should be handled with care so that it won’t scratch off. 

Dishwashers use high heat and harsh conditions to clean the dishes, but it can be effective on a nonstick grill pan. The slippery coating could deteriorate under such conditions. 

According to some top grill pan experts, the dishwasher is not suitable for cleaning the grill pans even if they say dishwasher safe as different materials have various properties that may be affected if placed under the harsh conditions of a dishwasher.  How To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan?

  • Use Hot Soapy Water To Clean To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan

If you develop the habit of rinsing the pans immediately after using them, then the nonstick quality of the grill pan could assist you. It won’t allow the debris to stick with the Pan for a while after the grilling process is over. You can clean the grill using medium hot water mixed with soap. It will remove all the debris and rinse the Pan with water afterward. 

Use a good quality dishwashing soap and a microfibre cloth to clean the debris off the grill pan. Another practical idea is to pour soapy water into the grill pan and leave it until you return to clean it; the soap water will prevent the debris from drying and sticking with the grill pan. 

  • Avoid using Metal Scrubs To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan

Restrain from using any material made of metal. The reason behind it is that when you rub the metal scrubs against the Pan, it will scratch the nonstick layer and cause lines on the Pan. Eventually, the Pan will wear off. 

  • Use Baking Soda To Clean To Clean Non-Stick Grill Pan

Baking soda is a popular cleaning agent, and many people use it for different purposes related to cleaning. It’s the best alternative to harsh acidic substances to clean the dishes, especially when dealing with something that has a fragile nature. Baking soda even removes the burnt-on grease from the Pan.

  • Make A Clean Cocktail 

It sounds funny, but you can also make a clean cocktail by mixing ½ cups vinegar and 1 ½ cups water and adding it to your grill pan. Leave the grill pan in this liquid for a while and wash them with water, dishwashing soap, and a microfibre cloth. 


Cleaning the grill pan is simpler than you think. All you need to know is these effective tricks to clean it; make sure that you don’t leave the grill pan for hours after grilling because it will dry the grease that will be way more difficult to clean. Always practice powering liquid soap water into the grill pan while placed with unclean dishes. Enjoy grilling and cleaning the Pan afterward!


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