Best Air Fryer Apple Fritter Recipe

Apple fritters can be also called the fried donuts made of diced apples. The deep-fried apple dices, mixed with cinnamon offer you a priceless taste along with the unique aroma. That is why apple fritters are one of the most liked options in Roman and English cuisine.

It is a fruit-based item, so the daily intake of apple fritters is not a bad idea if you love to do so. Though, the case of taking apple fritters every day asks for maintaining the small quantity intake. Remember that the excess of everything is bad.

Best Air Fryer Apple Fritter Recipe (Cake Like Inside)

The necessary ingredients of a fritter can be milk, salt, butter, and flour, etc. The recipe we have presented below is the easiest recipe for apple fritters with effortless cooking.

How to cook the best air fryer apple fritter

In addition to the following ingredients, you will need two bigger apples. You can pick the green or honey crisp apples for the recipe. Before proceeding to the recipe, you should peel the apples finely, core them, and dice them into small pieces.

Let’s have a look at other necessary ingredients of this wonderful recipe.


  • ¼ cup sugar (granulated)
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1-½ cup flour (All purpose)
  • 1-½ teaspoon cinnamon (ground)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 Eggs
  • Vegetable Oil (Preferably canola oil)
  • Parchment paper

Along with the main ingredients, there is a further need for the following ingredients, with which you will prepare the yummy butter glaze for topping.

  • ¼ cup butter
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup sugar (powdered)
  • 1 tablespoon milk (If preferred

Always mark your checklist before starting the cooking, so that there may be no deterrence that can ruin the flavor of your dish, in case of the absence of any necessary item.


First of all, we need a medium-size bowl for whisking the ingredients together. Add the salt, cinnamon, baking powder, flour, and sugar to the bowl and keep whisking until the content is well mixed.

Use a spoon to spread the content on the sides of the bowl as in the center there becomes a well-like deep space. Pour the milk into the center of that mixed powder, and also add vanilla, eggs, and lemon juice to it. Mix everything again so finely that the dry powders and liquid ingredients may be combined evenly.

Once you get a smooth textured paste therefrom, it is time to fold the diced apples in.

Your air fryer should be preheated at a temperature of 400°F for approximately three to four minutes. Do not remove the basket during the air fryer is preheating. The next thing you need to do is to line your air fryer basket with parchment paper with care. If the piece of your parchment paper is bigger than the size of your air fryer basket, the better way is to cut the exceeding paper out so that there may be no overlapping or multi-layers inside the basket.

It is time to lubricate the basket from the inside (on the parchment paper). You can brush the cooking oil evenly on the surface or use the oil sprayer for the purpose. Do not apply a thick layer of oil.

Pour one-fourth of the batter on the basket surface. Though the number of fritters you can make at once often depends on the size of your air fryer basket.  Do not overcrowd the basket for quick cooking, because it will not let the fritters cook perfectly and you can ruin all the flavor instead of being quick.

On placing a sufficient number of fritters in the basket, you need to apply some oil again on the surface of the fritters. Use a brush or oil sprayer for the purpose.

You are all set to start cooking now. As the temperature is set to 400°F, set the time for about 5 minutes. Upon periodic checking, if you feel that the fritters are have acquired a golden brown color on the surface you can reduce the cooking time up to a minute. Do not decrease the time to less than four minutes.

Cooking is not yet done, flip the fritters upside down and repeat the cooking time once again.

Meanwhile, the air fryer is cooking your delicious apple fritters, you should prepare the butter glaze for final touch-ups. Use a small saucepan for the purpose and heat the butter in it for a couple of minutes. Do not overheat it. Once it starts getting brown, remove it from the stove and let it slightly cool. Convert the butter to a bowl and add the sugar, milk, and vanilla to it. Keep the mixture beating until it is stirred well to get a smooth texture.

Take a cooling rack and place some parchment under the rack. Place the cooked fritters on it and apply the butter glaze evenly on the surface. The parchment paper beneath will help to collect the butter drippings.

Your delicious apple fritters are ready to be served.


You can serve the yummy apple fritters with several sauces of your taste. The caramel sauce is the most liked sauce with apple fritters.

 Health Benefits

Eating an apple is good for several serious diseases such as cholesterol and blood pressure. The fiber contained in the apple supports the digestion system and helps the appetite. Similarly, the antioxidants found therein are known the help in preventing cancer risk.

 Possible Health Risks

The recommended calories intake for an adult man is approximately 2500, while for adult women around 2000. An apple fritter can contain about 500 calories, so the excess eating of apple fritter can disturb your healthy living.

Final Thoughts

Apple fritters should not be served as a main course item. The calories found therein can exceed the daily value of your nutrition intake. That is why we suggest you have an eye on the nutrition chart before you decide how much apple fritters you should eat per day.

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