How To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

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Cleaning Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

How To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates Weber? There is not one but many types of grills. The coating and types of grills also accounts for the flavour of food. In addition to this, it plays a great role in the maintenance of the food and the type of seasoning you should use. The type of the grill coating plays a great role in the seasoning. This is because, certain grills such as cast iron grills require time to time seasoning due to many reasons while porcelain seasonings only requires preheating.

Maintaining your grill ensure longevity of the grill and ensures that the grill doesn’t corrode. You should clean your grills time and again as they can be subjected to corrosion, rusting, debris and dirt contaminants. There are different methods to clean your grill grates weber. Amongst all the methods one of the methods to clean grill grates weber is coating them with a layer of oil which can be also used as seasoning. This creates a barrier between the grill grates and the outside environment and hence, prevents your grill from any further damage.

Steps On How To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

Amongst many other types of grill grates, grill grates weber are one of the types which are coated with porcelain. These porcelain grill grates are coated with porcelain coating which is smooth and slippery. Majority of the times, porcelain grill grates do not require seasoning rather they just have to be preheated.

Following are the guidelines steps on how to clean porcelain grill grates weber.

  • Materials Needed

You will need few materials to clean your porcelain grill grates weber. The materials required to clean porcelain grill grates weber include warm water, dish washing soap, two gallon bucket, rags, soft bristle brush, and a soft surface.

  • Steps To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

At first, fill the bucket with warm water and add the squirt of dishwasher liquid. Next, remove the grill grates from the grill and clean if off with a splash of warm water. Now place the grills on the thick piece of cloth or a soft surface to protect the ends of the grill.

Now dip your rag into the bucket if warm water and scrub the surface of your grills slowly and gradually. Do not scrub with hard hand as this can cause scratches. Make sure you fig in all the cracks to clean the grill deeply. If the residues on the grill are hardened than remove them with a brush containing soft bristles.

Splash warm water and allow the grill to air dry. Allow the grill to air dry or you can also pat it dry with paper towel or soft towel.

Do It Yourself Method To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

  1. Vinegar And Water Solution

Although there are many methods and chemicals available for cleaning the porcelain grill grates weber but when you are short of chemicals you can try multiple do it yourself methods to clean the grill grates. Following is one of the most commonly used do it yourself method to clean porcelain grill grates weber.

Mix equal volumes of vinegar and water and pour it into a spray bottle. You can either spray the solution onto the grill grates or dip your brush into the solution before scrubbing. Next, start scrubbing your grill grates diagonally with the help of the brush.

This mixture is a natural grill degreaser and will cut of the grease and oil deposits on your grill rendering them shiny and new.

  1. Baking Soda Method

For this method you need one cup of baking soda, half cup of water, a soft brush and a nylon cloth. To start with combine water and baking soda to form a thick paste. Next, you have to apply this paste slowly and gradually on the grill grates and scrub gently with soft nylon brush or any non abrasive agent. After you are done scrubbing the grill grates, now wash the grill grates with lukewarm water and air dry it. Do not start cooking on the wet grill grates. You can also use a dry towel to dry out the grill grates.

Advantages Of Using Porcelain Grill Grates Weber

There are multiple types of grill which are made from various types of material but the porcelain grill grates are the most advanced and are widely used. Iron cast grill grates are also used but they require extra care and maintenance. Porcelain grill grates are widely used due to their multiple benefits over iron cast. Following are the advantages due to which porcelain grill grates are used over iron cast grill grates.

  • One of the key advantages of porcelain grill grates is that they provide a greater surface area than any other type of grill including the cast iron and stainless steel grill grates.
  • Another best reasons to use porcelain grill grates is that they do not corrode and are resistant to rust. This is because they are coated with porcelain which creates a barrier between metal underneath and the outside environment.
  • Porcelain grill grates weber are easy to clean. The food does not stick on the porcelain grill grates Weber due to its slippery nature and if it does, it is easy to take off the residue and easily.
  • The food cooked on the porcelain grill grates will be even and smooth due to the smooth surface of the grill. However, this is not possible with cast iron grill grates.
  • The cast iron grill grates require proper seasoning with oil having high smoking point while the porcelain grill grates Weber does not require any seasoning rather it need to be heated only before cooking food.


Conclusively, porcelain grill grates weber are easy to clean due to ease these days. There are many chemicals available nowadays in market which can be used to do so however, while you are short of chemicals you can also make a do it yourself scrubber. There are many advantages of porcelain grill grates over cast iron and due to all these advantages, it is preferred over cast iron.