Best Air Fryer Pork Belly Recipe

Foods that really test the digestive capabilities of our stomachs include meats. The proteins in meat make it tough to digest. However, the nutritional benefits of meat for the human body are undeniable. Among various types, pork belly stands out as one of the priciest cuts of meat. This is primarily due to its widespread popularity across different areas, leading to a limited supply and consequently, prices skyrocketing.

The best part of the story is that neither the pork belly comes to you with any preserving additives nor it is cured. The fact prevents the over-application of nitrites or sodium. That is why the pork belly is considered a more healthy meat option.

Best Air Fryer Pork Belly Recipe (Crispier and healthier)

From region to region, you can find a large number of recipes that can be used for cooking the pork belly. In addition to its health benefits, various recipes bless it with a taste that is out of the world. Even compared with the tasty bacon, the pork belly dishes have larger fandom around the world. We have come up with one of the most amazing cooking recipes for your favorite pork belly dinner plate.

How to cook the best air fryer pork belly

With a crispy skin, the air fryer-cooked pork belly recipe we are going to share with you is the simplest recipe ever that requires minimum time for final cooking and you can grace your dinner table with this wonderful recipe using several servings ideas.

Important tips that you should know before proceeding with the recipe are that boil the skin side down first otherwise it will start curling. To prevent the same follow order.

Similarly, punching the holes into meat helps it absorbing the spices better that enhances the taste incredibly on cooking.

Moreover, if you are not in a hurry, we recommend you to stay for about 15 minutes after cooking. That helps the skin to stabilize and it does not shatter on cutting.

The ingredients are sufficient for cooking 1 kg quantity of the pork belly. You can add up the salt of spices according to your taste and choice as a variation.


  • ¼ Teaspoon Chinese spice powder (5 Spice)
  • ½ Tablespoon vinegar
  • ¼ Teaspoon sea salt (For meat rub)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt (For skin rub)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt (For recipe)
  • 1 Teaspoon sugar
  • 3 cups water

Let’s now move towards the cooking method.


Before proceeding to the air fryer you will need to boil the meat in a frying pan with salt sugar. Add the water to the pan and include sugar and salt therein. Let it boil and then place the pork belly in it. Place the skin side down first and let it cooked for about 8 to 9 minutes. Once done change the upside down and repeat the time for cooking.

When both sides are cooked for the said time, you can take it out to place on a rack for cooling. After a short time, dry it using some towel of paper.

Take something that can make holes in the skin of pork belly. That can be a fork or a meat skewer. Start punching the holes all around the skin. There should be a lot of holes everywhere. Take care that the holes should not be deep enough to touch the meat.

It is time to coat the skin with vinegar. Brush it all around and sprinkle half salt all over. Take a break and let the pork belly wait for 10 minutes. After that brush the skin again with vinegar and sprinkle the rest of the salt.

That’s all for today. Now you can put it in the refrigerator to rest for a minimum of 12 to 48 hours. As a result of the absorption of salt and vinegar, the skin will release water from time to time. You have to check it after a short and long while so that you can keep wiping that water off the skin.

When you need to cook it, mix the spice powder and salt and rub it on the sides and bottom evenly.

Finally, it is time to switch the air fryer on. You need to preheat it for a few minutes. Place the pork belly in the basket and let it be cooked at a temperature of 392°F. You now have 40 minutes to do other jobs meanwhile the air fryer cooks your crispy pork belly for you.


Do you like it in a sandwich? Adding cucumbers, soy sauce, and coriander along with some carrots pickle will be a great idea to offer you a highly delicious pork belly sandwich.

You can use soy sauce with cucumber and jasmine rice for dipping which will be awesome indeed.

Trying with English mustard or normal mustard also tastes out of the world.

Health Benefits

Pork belly is the source of high-quality proteins as well as other minerals that are good for your body. It also provides you the fat-soluble vitamins. Pork belly contains about 50 percent of mono-saturated fat. These fats help you reduce your belly fats, as well as the good cholesterol, is produced. It also resists severe diseases like cancer.

Possible Health Risks

Eating pork can increase the risk of trichinosis, if under-cooked. Eating any kind of meat can be dangerous for health if it is left under-cooked so spending a couple of minute extra is not a big deal if you feel that your dish in not yet ready for serving. Always eat well-cooked meat either it is pork belly or lamb.

Final Thoughts

Pork belly is well-known as the best fat cut among all. Excessive use of which may cause a severely adverse impact on your health. The risks you can face because of excessive use are very serious illnesses such as metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

Life is the name of balance and as soon as you become able to balance the things such as your food, work, and emotions, etc. the life becomes beautiful. So, we suggest you a balanced intake of different foods so that you can enjoy health and joy with the exclusive taste of pork belly.

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