How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill?

How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill?

Are you curious about the proper method for utilizing a smoker tube with a gas grill? You’re in luck! It’s important to master the optimal technique for employing a smoker tube on a gas grill. Grilling with gas not only offers ease but also enhances the experience of outdoor cooking. Choosing a gas grill from a reputable brand often ensures consistent heating.

There is no burnt food or flare-up by using it. You may easily adjust the amount of heat as well as you want to. Grilling over a gas grill is also better than grilling on a wood or charcoal grill.

In this blog, we will learn about how to use a smoker tube on a gas grill and some other basic things about it.

What do you mean by a Smoker Tube for a Gas Grill?

A smoking tube for a gas grill might be a metal container that is drilled with holes. These holes are made for house smoking pellets to smoke on the gas grill. The smoke coming from the pellets can make your food while infusing it with its special aromatic taste.

When you do not have a pellet grill, then pellet tube smokers could be the best option for you. Along with it, wood pellets are very compact and compressed as compared to wood chips that are used in a smoker box.

As a result, wood pellets that may be used in smoker tubes burn gradually and create a lot more smoke than a smoker box along with wood chips.

Benefits of Using a Smoker Tube 

Pellet tube smokers may also be used for cold-smoking foods like turkey and cheese. The hurdle with cold smoking might be able to expose your food to the smoke without even heating it. Only this issue can cause a lot of problems for you. For instance, melted cheese may contaminate your grill.

You do not have any need to purchase an expensive smoker or pellet grill that comes along with a pellet tube smoker. Because you can easily make different varieties of smoky foods. These smoky foods may include not only traditional BBQ but also some bratwurst, prime rib, ham, and even turkey, indirectly heated on your gas grill.

Moreover, there is also an important matter of safety for you. Putting wood chips directly onto the heat source of your gas grill can be a very dangerous act. As it may cause fires and all sorts of possible hazardous damages.

On the other hand, pellets are safely held inside the smoker tube. Therefore, it becomes highly unlikely nowadays that they may ignite and turn into flames.

How to Use a Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill?

Now it’s your turn to discuss how you may use the smoker tube on your gas grill.

  • Two-Zone Indirect Heating Setup

Does not matter what kind of grill you are going to use, it is very important to learn the art of controlling your temperature for an extended time for successful smoking. Everyone wants that temperature to go above 300 degrees F or the flesh to be exposed to direct flame.

A two-zone indirect heating setup is the perfect way to avoid it, that is having a Hot Zone and a Cool Zone on your grill. For this, you have to turn on at least one burner to give heat and cook the food on the other side.

An aluminum pan that is filled with water must be placed between the food and the gas burner. This water pan may help to absorb extra heat and stabilize the temperature inside the grill.

If you are thinking that by placing a water pan your meat may get steam. Do not worry! It will not steam as the water is not hot enough to boil. So it acts more as a temperature regulator.

Method of Using Smoker Tube on a Gas Grill

It is an easy method especially when your grill comes up with a built-in smoke box. Another option is to make a DIY tube smoker with some online steps and tips. But it is recommended to buy a pellet tube or investing in the Weber smoker box can be a good option.

  • Soak Wood Chips in Water 

Various brands need a certain amount of water for soaking. It is better to soak the chips for half an hour to an hour. Because soaking keeps the wood chips from catching fire and gives you flames instead of smoke.

In addition, it also gives you longevity so that you may smoke longer. However, it might be your personal preference, but you may like using hickory, apple, oak, and pecan wood chips for their effective flavors. As they never go out when you light them up.

  • Evacuate the Chips and Load your Smoker Box

Preheat your grill for 10 to 15 minutes on high flame. And at that time you can brush your cooking grates clean if you have not done it already. Then place a tube on one of your gas grill burners. It must be the burner you may leave on during indirect grilling.

When your box starts smoking, turn off one or two of the main burners. This will set your grill up for indirect cooking.

  • Control the Temperature 

Now control the temperature of other burners so that your internal temperature must remain between 225 to 250 degrees. In case you want to grill at a low temperature, you have to turn off the main burners and leave one burner on for just the smoker.

Now add steak, burgers, or chicken to your cooking grates on the unlit burners. Then close the lid and start cooking. Keep in mind that the closer the steak is to the tube smoker, the smokier flavor it may absorb.


We hope this post may give you a better understanding of how to use a smoker tube on a gas grill. We have provided all the important information that may help you meet your grilling time with success and pleasure.

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