How To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

How To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

How To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill? Having a gas grill at home is no less than a blessing from God. Let’s say they have a countless number of benefits to offer. For instance, the gas grills consume fuels that are way cheaper than charcoal. Moreover, it is more effortless to clean, and most importantly, enhances the overall taste of your dish. 

On the other hand, briskets are a delicious food found on earth. But what’s tastier are the briskets cooked upon a gas grill. But wait, you don’t know how to cook briskets on a gas grill? Well! Don’t worry, as we have got you covered from all sides. 

In this article, you will find an ultimate guide about it. So without any further due, let’s dig into the article. Please have a look.

Prepare Your Grill By Seasoning It

This is critical for new grills because it protects them from damage caused by long-term continuous use. Basically, you only need to coat the chamber and the grills in cooking oil, then do a “dry run” without placing anything in there.

The oil will cook into the surfaces of the smoker when you use the seasoning method, providing a protective covering that will extend the life of your wood pellet barbecue. After you’ve finished, let the smoker rest for around 24 hours before using it for cooking meals.

Preheat Your Grill

In comparison to other types of grills and smokers, Pellet smokers are quite easy to preheat, which is something that many people like. In fact, they may be used in the same way as an oven would.

To begin, just connect your wood pellet grill into a nearby electrical outlet, switch it on, and select your preferred temperature based on the sort of meat and how you want it cooked. Barbecue smoking, for example, necessitates a temperature of roughly 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

After that, simply wait for your grill to warm, which should take around 10 minutes. After that, after the grill has been adequately warmed, you should hear a faint roar from it.

All You Need To Know About Briskets

How To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

Knowing the correct way of grilling briskets is crucial to assure excellent taste. Here is an ultimate way to cook briskets on gas grills more efficiently.

Ingredients you will Need To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

  1. Beef briskets: make sure to get the highest quality one
  2. Brisket rib of your own choice
  3. Water, beer, or juice: whatever you prefer
  4. Buns

Tools You Will Need To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Temperature gauge
  3. Wood chips
  4. Aluminum pan
  5. A cooler bigger than your brisket

How To Cook Briskets On Gas Grill

  1. Stay sure to have plenty of Blue Rhino Propane- a long frill time awaits.  An extra tank is a good idea.
  2. Trim the larger fat chunks and the fat cap from the briskets
  3. Dampen all of your briskets with a bit of water and then add a generous amount of rub to surfaces. Salt all surfaces as well if it is not included in your rub. Some cooks like to inject their briskets with broth and brine. However, it isn’t required. 
  4. Now, wrap your brisket in a plastic bag/ or place it in a container 
  5. Refrigerate it overnight
  6. Prepare your grill for grilling. Pour water, juice, or beer in an aluminum pan and place on the grill’s hotter side. Add the wood chips. A homemade aluminum pouch placed in the hot sider will work great. Nonetheless, you can also go for a portable smoker box or your grills smoker box( if it has one). The choice is entirely upon you.
  7. Preheat the grill to around 225 to 255 degrees. 
  8. Place your briskets on the part of the grill where the burner is very low. Cook it at 225 to 255 degrees with the closed lid.  Do not forget to watch the cooking temperature throughout the process. 
  9. Use a thermometer and insert it into the center of the thickest part of the brisket to determine the actual length of time required and monitor progress.
  10. Keep an eye on wood chips and the liquid in your pan as you barbecue. Replace as needed
  11. Flip the brisket once, about midway through!

More About Briskets

  1. To cut some time off the cooking for more tender briskets, tightly wrap your briskets in aluminum foil when their internal temperature reaches 150 degrees.  The technique is known as the Texas Crutch and will help the brisket to get past the infamous stall, where progress slows down. 
  2. If you choose to wrap, the bark of the brisket may end up soft. You can harden it a little by finishing the brisket unwrapped over direct heat for a few minutes on each side. 
  3. At this point, remove the briskets from the grill when its internal temperature reaches 200 degrees or above. (Note_ some cooks consider 203, while the others prefer  196 as perfect temperature. Trials and errors will aid you in deciding the best temperature for yourself.)
  4. Let the brisket stand for a few hours until its internal temperature drops to 100 to 150 degrees. 
  5. Store the briskets in an insulated cooler to keep them warm for a more extended period
  6. Lastly, slice across the grain, serve with whatever you want. We suggest trying on a toasted bun with a little bit of barbecue sauce.
  7. And voila, you are all done with the process, so enjoy your meal

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, cooking briskets on a gas grill can be a difficult task, but only until you encounter the right guide for yourself. 

The same is why we have incorporated all essentials of it in the article above. So, now that you know how to cook briskets on a gas grill, you are all ready to make your next meal.

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