How to Cook Kielbasa in Air Fryer

Wondering how to prepare kielbasa in an air fryer? It’s actually quite simple. Continue reading to discover a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to quickly cook your Kielbasa.

The Kielbasa, also known as polish sausage is a delicacy from Poland. In the USA, they are usually available in U shape and can be made of different types of meats. It is actually nothing but a variation of the sausage. Like any other sausage, you can prepare the kielbasa in various techniques. However, the air fryer offers you some advantages.

The air fryer allows you to cook the kielbasa in the shortest time without using oil. On the other hand, you can cook them perfectly without burning as you will be in control of the duration and the temperature. Furthermore, the air fryer cooks them evenly by circulating hot air from every angle.

How to Cook Kielbasa in Air Fryer

Your air fryer is an excellent tool for making kielbasa. With this tool, you can enjoy your meal of Kielbasa at any time. If you want, you can prepare it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a very short time with an air fryer.

This delicious dish is easily prepared in a variety of ways. Also, if you want it can be made with other ingredients like potatoes, sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts, onions, or peppers. Moreover, it can combine well with other foods, such as pasta, shrimp, and even sandwiches. You can easily make this dish by spending a few minutes.

For this recipe, you will require some ingredients potatoes, olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper, red pepper, smoked sausage, and onion, etc. Make sure to collect the ingredient before you begin.

Here are what you need to do:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is wash the potatoes and the red pepper properly. Then peel the onions, and rinse them in the water.

Step 2

Then chop the potatoes, onion, and red pepper well. Cut the kielbasa into a 1/4 inch grained disk with a knife and attach them to the bowl. Remember that don’t forget to peel off the shell of the kielbasa if it has skin/cover that can’t be eaten. Spray everything with a little spray olive oil, and toss lightly.

Step 3

Now, add a bit of garlic salt, seasoned salt, and pepper. Then, add the barbecue sauce and mix them again gently.

Step 4

Now turn on your air fryer and keep it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around 3 minutes to preheat. To make sure the food doesn’t get stuck in the basket, you can spray the bottom of the basket with a non-stick oil spray.

Step 5

Once your preheating is done, add the prepared kielbasa to the air fryer basket in one even layer. Make sure that there is a little space between the pieces. ​Don’t add them in multiple layers as it can cause uneven cooking.

Now cook them at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for around 25 minutes. Be free to adjust the time to more or less if requires. Stop the air fryer halftime to flip the kielbasa, potatoes, and peppers through cooking.

Step 6

Add the BBQ sauce with the kielbasa, serve on a plate or large bowl. Now, enjoy your meal with your family or friends.


How Can You Tell if Polish Sausage is Bad?

There are three things to keep in mind when checking if Polish sausage is spoiled. First, if your Polish sausage turns gray in the fridge, it’s a bad sign for your Polish sausage. And the second is if your perfectly cooked sausage is thin and if it has a weird, sweet-sour fun taste. Then you have to realize that it is wasted and you should just throw it away.

And the third is that it turns into a strange texture and becomes too slippery or too hard. These three sights and smells above tell you that your Polish sausage is spoiled.

What Makes Polish Sausage Different?

Polish sausage is a very tasty choice for you. You can eat Polish sausage with a combination of dried, lightly dried, cooked, smoked, raw, white, red, and various herbs. There are hundreds of traditional ways to make Polish sausage. Usually, Polish sausage depends on people’s tastes and occasion. Because certain types of Polish sausage were specially made for some special occasion.

How Long is Polish Sausage Good for?

All sausages are perishable except dried sausages and so you must keep them in the fridge. Polish sausage usually stays good for a week after opening. In addition, pre-cooked Polish sausages stay in the fridge for up to two weeks if not opened. Also, uncooked fresh sausage can be stored in the refrigerator for one to two days. But after cooking, the sausage should be refrigerated for three to four days, or it will spoil.

How Long does Polish Sausage Last in the Fridge?

According to the USDA, pre-cooked Polish sausages stay in the fridge for up to two weeks if not opened and one week after opening. The remaining sausages can be stored in the fridge for two to three months. When you are ready to use the frozen sausages, place them in a bowl or plate on the lowest shelf of your fridge and wait for them to melt. Fully melted sausages will be soft and easy to separate.

Do You Eat the Skin on Polish Sausage?

Polish sausage casings hold the meat and spices inside and sausage casings are used to bring them into a shape so that they can be cooked. There are natural sausage casings and synthetic varieties and most of them are edible. Although most Polish sausage lovers cook with sausage casings. But, removing a sausage cover gives you delicious access inside, allowing you to use the filling for other recipe ideas.


The air fryer is one of the best tools to prepare your food nicely and efficiently without much effort. As you see above, it is very easy to cook your kielbasa in the air fryer. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. If you are going to try it out, please let us know about the outcome through the comment.

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